What Do You Do If He Says He’s “In A Bad Place”?

questionmanThe Question:

“Hi, Rori, My man of over a year has always been very attentive, loving, etc. but backed way off last month. he contacts me daily but seems disconnected, hasn’t said I love you in a month-not even on valentines day. (He gave me a card but signed it from my cats)

Where I used to see him 3x a week, I now see him 1.
He says he is “in a bad place” and “can barely function” right now. He seems depressed/stressed
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Siren Salon In NYC on Monday, May 12th!

modern sirenI’ll be in NYC from May 2nd through the 16th, visiting family – and re-making and re-remembering my personal New York experience of over 30 years ago…living in museums, taking art class, Feldenkrais class, MELT class…whatever suits my fancy…AND seeing clients, friends and members of the Rori Raye/Modern Siren community on the east coast!

To make it easier for me to schedule, I’m creating a “Modern Siren Salon” evening (only 10 women, only 5 spaces left) on Monday, May 12th, from 6pm to 10pm EDT.

It’ll be the way I used to do my “Goddess” evenings: We’ll sit in a circle, and everyone will work with me one-on-one. We’ll work on your personal situations and scenarios, and on waterwheel roriskills like Poetry, Feeling Messages, Scripting, Listening, Being Present, and opening up your heart…

((The cost will be my regular fee for a one hour session ($350.00)…))

Just write Melanie@CoachRori.com if you want to come to the “Siren Salon” on the 12th…and she’ll get you set up.

Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Love, Rori



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Get Notes From The Universe

031- 250It’s been years, and I still read every note, every day. Go get yours from Mike Dooley–>>

…this one knocked me out:

“Rori, I keep telling ‘em that it’s a jungle out there; that time and space isn’t a place for “scaredies”; that toes are stubbed, hearts are broken, and dreams can seem to be shattered into a million pieces. I tell ‘em that the illusions are so captivating, they won’t even remember who they really are. And that the emotions can be so painful, at times they might fleetingly wish they had never been born.

But it’s like, that just makes them want to go even more.


The Universe”

Every day, when a”Note From The Universe” shows up in my inbox – I stop everything I’m doing and read it…I have yet to be anything but moved by them…

Love, Rori

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Happy It’s Over And More…

stopHere’s a great letter and some gems of advice…

From “Happy It’s Over”:


I was in the similar situation I read about in one of your newsletters: He may have well been sleeping over his ex’s house because he was there frequently (for help, of course!) and couldn’t stop talking about her.

He said “Two adults can do whatever they want to.”  Hmmmn, rule for HIM and not for me, apparently. He liked it both ways. My devotion and his freedom. And when it wasn’t his EX he
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Be A Rori Raye Relationship Coach

Hi, This is Rori….

On July 7th, 2014 – you can be one of a small group of women to study with me to become a Rori Raye Relationship Coach by Thanksgiving….

If this is tickling your mind – perhaps it’s a nice addition to the work you’re already doing, or the career change you’ve been dreaming about but couldn’t quite put your finger on.

If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and are ready to roll! - write to Melanie@CoachRori.com. She’ll get you enrolled, and make sure I personally know all about your gifts and dreams so I can mentor you quickly and help you hit the ground running as a professional coach.

For more about Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) logistics, costs and details on how the Training will work for you, go here:


Being a coach is the hottest profession there is right now – and being in RRRCT  guarantees you my personal time and attention, plus hours of videos, audios and written RRRCT Manual included – AND you’ll get the Rori Raye brand name totally behind you business-wise.

I consider this a mentoring moment for me, where I teach everything I know to you, and help you build a great coaching career – filled with clients and personal satisfaction.

RRRCT 2014 is likely to fill up fast, so I wanted to give you an early-head-start before the news gets out.

*I’ll be giving you “jump-start” help – emailed direction and homework every week, immediate access to RRRCT materials, personal email access to me, and two “Early Enrollment Teleclasses”-  if you’d like to secure your spot and get moving right away. Just let Melanie@CoachRori.com know if you’d like to start early.

Go here to find out how, by Thanksgiving this year, you can be a practicing Rori Raye Relationship Coach:


The RRRCT Pilot Program of 2013 was amazing. Everyone successfully learned to coach clients using my “cinematic” methods, and everyone got up and running on a blog/website.

More than six new RRRCT coaches are already what I’d consider “superstars,” with many clients, a secure web presence, personal client referrals from me, programs being created, and invitations to interviews, article publishing and partnership connections around the web.

It’s my job at RRRCT to mentor you to carry on my work personally helping women all over the world – as I turn my potential future coaching clients over to you so I can focus on RRRCT and writing – and to help you have great fun,  personal fulfillment, and financial security while you’re doing it.

Love, Rori

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Why Are Relationships So “Hard” These Days?

rollercoasterThe Question:

So many people are having so much difficulty finding and maintaining relationships. Why is it so hard these days? How can you say it doesn’t take work?

My Answer:

A relationship is a team.

Seems obvious, but really – it’s often the first place a relationship breaks down. Being in a relationship means giving up some of the freedom of a single life.

You don’t get to be romantic with anyone else but your partner, you don’t get to not think about
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The Theme Park Of YOU – TIMELAND

maggiewaveTIMELAND – You as TIME


We are all shaped by memory.

Lovely images, frightening images, images that make us want to jump and scream and hit and hurt and run, and images that make us want to kiss and hold and fly.

We all have these, and we have them from our real lives, from our imaginations, from stories we
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Is It So Bad To Want To Feel Good?

10-6 love yourselfI’ve been reading all about Gwyneth – and all I can think is: How sad that thinking about this is how I’m spending my time and energy here on this beautiful planet.

And then I think – wow – whatever she’s thinking or feeling or saying, Gwyneth is determined to say that she’s focused on the beauty and not
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FREE Teleclass Monday The 31st With Leigha Baker!

leighabakerLeigha Baker – a great Rori Raye Certified Coach (and you know her, too, from her sweetness and smart advice here on the blog) – will be doing a FREE teleclass on Monday, March 31st…Here’s the info – http://leighabaker.com/bring-him-back-free-teleclass-march-31/ – and take advantage!

(Oh – and remember to sign up for her free “3 Secrets To Get Your Man Back” report so you can get some help and Tools in advance – it’s terrific…):

From Leigha Baker:

Here’s Your Invitation To Join Me On Monday March 31st at 6 PM PST – For A FREE One Hour “Bring Him Back” Teleclass!

“Learn How You Can Quickly Turn Your Relationship Around And Compel Him To Come Closer Than Ever.”

What if…you could stop a man - your man - from pulling away?

What if…you could easily and quickly draw your man so close he would want to be with you on
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How To Circular Date If You’re Separated

maninbottleThe Question:

“Rori, I don’t feel ready to be in a new relationship with anyone because of my feelings for and long-time commitment to a man I’m now separated from (hopefully temporarily) – and still want to Circular Date and online date as you teach.

I’ve signed up for Chemistry.com and eHarmony, saying that I’m separated. I wonder how I say upfront that I am only interested in a ” coffee date” and I’m not truly available. I just don’t want there to be any misunderstanding with
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