Be A CoachRori Love, Dating & Relationship Coach!

If you’ve ever wondered how you could make money and feel fulfilled through your natural ability to give ADVICE – here’s your chance!

You can become a Certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach!

Here’s What The 2014 Class Of Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) Will Look Like For You:

Training starts July 7th, 2014!

The Pilot Program of 2013 was amazing, and all 20 Trainees have come further than anyone expected (everyone has a website up and working, is taking clients referred by me, and is, in my opinion, one of the better coaches in the world – already!)

The Rori Raye coaching method is teachable – and we’ve proved it in the Pilot Program.

In addition to the hours of video, audio and live, personal, one-on–one work with me, in the Class of 2014, you’ll also have access to the over 150 hours of recordings and 16 hours of video from the live classes with the Pilot Program of 2013.

Because I’ve been through a rigorous coach training myself, and been a practicing private coach now for eight years as well as developed an entire “Rori Raye” method of coaching with a huge catalog of programs – Relationship Coach Training is rigorous, demanding, and time requiring.

I need to be absolutely sure I would send any woman who came to me for coaching to YOU. That I would refer clients to you without blinking an eye. That means I have to choose candidates for RRRCT wisely – so that I can ensure your success.

You don’t need to have any formal training of any kind, or be a therapist or coach to be qualified. I believe if you have natural talent in connecting with people who need you, tremendous compassion for yourself and other men and women, a working knowledge of my Rori Raye Method and a strong desire to give advice, help women find love, and have meaningful, fulfilling work – you’ll be GREAT!

And if you are a therapist, or in the helping professions as a bodyworker or teacher, or perhaps a teacher of performing or fine arts, or a beauty professional – and you’d like to ramp up your professional possibilities and be referred clients by me – this Coach Training is a perfect match for you.

If “giving advice” comes naturally to you, and you feel you have a good sense of where people you meet and talk to are really “coming from” – coaching is a logical career track.

If you have the patience to listen to people who’re in pain and need your help – without quickly jumping to judgment of them or trying to instantly impose your ideas onto them – then Rori Raye Relationship Coaching fits you. Because this “method” is all about focusing on the process of loving and allowing love in – even though the Tools bring quick results – patience and compassion are key.

Don’t worry too much about your confidence level – confidence is something that gets built through practice, and there’ll be lots of practice in the Training. Also, you’ll be working directly with me. I won’t soft-soap you or let you get off without actual experience I can see and hear.

About your love life: You might think it’s necessary to be brilliantly married or in a great relationship in order to be a “credible” relationship coach – and that’s just not true.

Mama Gena – hugely famous and successful “love” and “female empowerment” guru in New York City and world-wide – didn’t skip a beat when her marriage ended (and it wasn’t a pretty story). She’s just as famous and just as successful and still fills her huge events at high prices.

I can name you several relationship and love coaches I know (and I’m sure you know many of them, too) who aren’t in any kind of relationship at all, and are still in big demand. We ALL know that therapists hardly ever have the kind of personal lives we’d admire – and yet, they can help other people brilliantly.

Think about this: Your personal story is crucial here. It’s crucial to the kinds of clients you’ll attract, and it’s crucial to your marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean it has to “look” a certain way. What many women need is someone who can HEAR them. Who can identify with them. Who’ve traveled the road they’re traveling and come out in a better place.


If you’ve survived and escaped an abusive marriage or relationship – you can help other women do the same…

If you’ve recovered from a painful divorce or breakup and are now working out dating – you can help other women do the same…

If you’re great at Feeling Messages and feel good with YOURSELF – your skill will be incredibly valuable to women who desperately need to find their inner “poet”…

If you’ve passed through traumatic events of accident and abuse, are healing and feeling good with yourself – your story alone will help women, and the skills and compassion you’ve learned will shine the light on a fresh path for them…

Women need very specific skills to let love in and be happy, so don’t be deterred from a dream of having your own business as a professional Rori Raye Relationship Coach by something you “think” about what that “requires.” Coaching wasn’t even a profession a few years back. Now it’s still one of the fastest growing professions there is. Coaching Schools are popping up everywhere. If it’s what you want, and you’re drawn to the Rori Raye methods and programs, and they work for you – and you enjoy working WITH the Tools…we’ll be a good match.

What’s important is that you have some sense of how you see yourself using your Coach Training out in the world. That you’re able to visualize yourself having an entrepreneurial private business as a private “love” coach. That you believe enough in your abilities and talents and stick-to-it-ness to embark on this rigorous, five-month training that will help define your gifts and strengths, “brand” you and your unique talent and ways of working with people who are soon to be your clients, test you, and get you started.

*If you’re most interested in the Relationship Coach Training as a personal development experience – and aren’t sure you actually want to create a business as a coach – please let me know. You might make an amazing teacher for my next Trainings, and I’d love to have you in the pilot program.

Because there will be so few spaces in RRRCT for 2014 – I’ll likely be interviewing you by email and skype before I accept you into the program and begin to “mentor” you.

Here’s how the program is structured (for now!):

Relationship Coach TRAINING:

***5 months (20 weeks) of coaching training –

  • Over 80 hours live with me in person by teleclass – 2 hours twice each week for 20 weeks, at times convenient for you wherever you are in the world,
  • Over 60 hours of live teleclass “clinics” each week with Master Coaches I’ve trained to help you personally,
  • Over 20 hours of video and audio I’ve created for the training,
  • Full access to the class recordings of the 2013 RRRCT Pilot Program!
  • 400 + page RRRCT Manual,
  • Website set-up help with my personal, genius webmaster Steve Warwick
  • Personal “Branding” and business training from me, one-on-one, to get you set up, marketing yourself, coaching clients and fully rolling before Training even ends,
  • Bonus programs from Ryan Eliason, my own business coach for over 10 years

***When you’ve finished the training, you can say you’ve been trained by Rori Raye! AND – you can then move on to:

Relationship Coach CERTIFICATION:

***The “Certification” process includes:

  • Your own Coach Page on
  • Inclusion on the Rori Raye Coach Directory
  • 2 hours one-on-one with me. I’ll be tracking you and your progress by working with you privately, listening to recordings of you coaching your own clients, and generally making sure you’re ready to rock.

Once you’re Certified, you can put that “badge” on your website.

I’m also going to want to encourage you to teach workshops and classes in your area, and give you marketing materials to do so.

You’ll also have a chance to become a Rori Raye Master Coach and help me teach new classes!

To Recap – You’ll get this from the “Training”:

*5 months of live teleseminars, videos and audios - Includes weekly “Teaching” modules, live practice “clinics” with me, extra practice clinics with my Master Coaches, Q and A sessions, personal “branding” time with me. You’ll be coached by me…AND you’ll be coaching ME!

  • You’ll get one-on-one work time with me each week where I’ll help you with your coaching and your business of coaching.
  • You’ll have business coaches and my webmaster Steve Warwick helping you set up your web presence and jump-start your practice.
  • You’ll learn the entire Rori Raye system and methodology – and exactly how to USE every Tool in all my programs with your clients.
  • You’ll learn my personal “6 Elements Coaching Procedural” – so you’ll know how to access all my Tools, know exactly when to use each of them, and never get lost in coaching session.

You’ll get this from Certification:

*Client referrals directly from me. You’ll have your OWN page on and be in the Directory of Relationship Coaches.

*Two full hours of one-to-one work with me by Skype or phone to solidify your coaching skills and propel your business and marketing forward.

Why do I want to do this?

I want to have a real legacy, to make sure that my methods reach out to women all over the world for many years to come – and it seemed to me that the best way to make this happen would be to train new coaches in my methods, and help them reach out to women all over the world.

From my experience with the Pilot Program – this has already happened! There are now 20 new Rori Raye trained coaches, doing brilliant work all over the world in 5 different languages. Each new coach has a completely distinctive “brand” within the “Relationship Advice” niche, is writing great, unique and attention-getting content for her web presence, and has a marketing plan in place.

I’ll be doing some videos about how this is going to look and work – so stay tuned.

**A small note: When I went to CTI for my coaching training, I put off the certification process, thinking I’d get to it eventually – but I never did get certified! – so certification is NOT necessary. It just adds a promotional level to your practice (yes – it can be very helpful to get referrals from me…but not necessary), and gets me involved as your mentor even more personally.

The Cost of Relationship Coach Training:

The cost for the 2014 Training is $4997.00, and the cost for Certification will be $1000.00.


***Training will start July 7th, 2014 – and go through November (ending before Thanksgiving).

Enrollment is beginning NOW – so please let my assistant (and RRRCT Administrator) know if you’re interested in applying for RRRCT, and she’ll secure your space and get you started.

I’ve created a series of informational, directional, and homework-filled emails, plus Early Enrollment Teleclasses, access to RRRCT materials, and access to me – as pre-RRRCT preparation. This way – the earlier you start, the more of a head-start you’ll have on the “business” end of your future coaching practice.

I look forward to knowing you, teaching you, coaching you, and propelling you to success in the best career in the world: Helping women have the love and relationship they want and deserve.

Love, Rori