Be A Rori Raye Trained Love, Dating & Relationship Coach!

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If you’ve ever wondered… how you could make money and feel fulfilled through your natural ability to give life, love and relationship ADVICE to help women all over the world – here’s your chance!

You can become a Love, Dating & Relationship Coach – personally trained by Rori Raye…

Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training 2015 will begin on July 6th, 2015!

The Pilot Program of 2013 was amazing – producing incredible Master Coach Teachers and new Rori Raye Trained coaches with developed, full private practices.

RRRCT 2014 turned nearly all 22 students into new coaches with websites, clients, and confidence.

RRRCT 2015 – Winter Session is already (at only the half-way mark!) producing great new coaches who now have completed websites, are coaching private clients, are working on programs and products of their own – and have a PLAN for going bigger and creating a long-term professional business success.

Just contact Melanie, my RRRCT Administrator, right here – and she’ll personally email you to answer all your questions about the program – including the special bonuses available, and how to enroll:

The Rori Raye coaching method is teachable – and we’ve proved it three years in a row.

From the 2013 Pilot Program, RRRCT 2014, and now RRRCT 2015 – Winter Session, there are now new Rori Raye trained coaches, doing brilliant work all over the world in five different languages. Each new coach has a completely distinctive “brand” within the “Relationship Advice” niche, is writing great, unique and attention-getting content for her web presence, and has a marketing plan in place.


RRRCT 2015 Schedule

Module #1 – The Rori Raye Fundamentals – 7 Weeks:321 white teethwhite cropped

  • January 19th, 2015 – Winter Session – full/closed
  • July 6th, 2015 – Summer Session


Module #2 – Business Siren – BIZ – 6 Weeks:

  • March 23rd, 2015 – Winter BIZ Session – full/closed
  • August 24th, 2015 – Summer BIZ Session
  • March 21st, 2016 – Business Siren BIZ


Module #3 – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach – 7 Weeks:

  • June 3rd, 2015 – Winter Session – full/closed
  • October 5th, 2015 – Summer Session


*While it’s not necessary to sign up for all three at once (though you save over $800 if you do!), the RRRCT rules require that: In order to call yourself a Rori Raye Trained Coach, in order to use all my Rori Raye Tools and methods in your work and writing – all three modules must be completed.

Once all three Modules are completed – you’re instantly eligible for the next, purely optional and promotional step of Certification.

Here’s How The RRRCT Training Modules Are Structured:

Module #1 – The Rori Raye Fundamentals

manual-logoThe Fundamentals, is a 7-week course that starts you on your way to being an accomplished, successful and Certified Rori Raye Trained Love, Relationship and Life coach!

Over 7 weeks, RRRCT – The Fundamentals will teach you The Six Coaching Elements: They’re so unique, fun, original and like nothing else out there – you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll be able to convert potential clients who show up to “try you out” into devoted paying clients.

You’ll be able to gather and convert clients because you’ll be able to get them incredibly fast RESULTS!

The “style” of coaching you’ll learn at RRRCT is so unusual, I call it “cinematic.”

You’ll learn to both have a “structure” to follow (using The Six Elements), get and keep “control” of a coaching session with total confidence (where you can give advice and teach) – and yet develop instantaneous trust by giving your client an EXPERIENCE with you.

You’ll take her into emotional places, into situations you set up, into imaginary dialogues with men that feel SO REAL to her she can learn incredibly fast – by actually DOING.

Here’s how RRRCT – The Fundamentals Works:

rori for business siren1. Every Monday of each week, for 7 full weeks, I’ll teach two identical classes by teleseminar – one at 11am Pacific Time, and one at 5:30 Pacific Time. This is so you can attend a class live – no matter where in the world you’re calling or Skyping “in” from.

In Monday classes, I’ll “Demonstrate” the Tools, Elements and Concepts we’ll be focusing on for that week – and work with each of you personally, one-to-one. Class will last from 90 minutes to 2 hours – depending on how many students are on the call for me to work personally with! Then…

2. During the week, you’ll be practicing one-to-one with my brilliant Master Coach Teachers in “Clinic” Teleseminars. Your Teachers will “drill” you through the 6 Elements and a multitude of Tools, and expand your abilities and confidence with that week’s work.

3. You’ll also have audio recordings and teaching videos to listen to and watch, chapters in the RRRCT Manual to read, and Rori Raye programs to review each week.

4. The cost for the 7-week Rori Raye Fundamentals is $2500. ((In addition to the Training, the Fundamentals is “front-loaded” with special and bonus materials – including my Love Forever client program, my Make Him Fall For You ebook, and special Rori Raye book and program access.

At the end of 7 Weeks – you’ll know my Fundamentals and be ready to start Business Siren – BIZ.

The next Rori Raye Fundamentals session begins July 6th, 2015!

Just contact Melanie, my RRRCT Administrator – and she’ll write back to give you the information and personal attention you need to decide if RRRCT is for you.

Your next step to becoming a Rori Raye Certified Coach is:

Module #2 – Business Siren – BIZ

manual-logoAs soon as you’ve completed The Fundamentals, you’re ready to enroll in BUSINESS SIREN – BIZ. Here’s an idea of what you’ll learn:

1. BUSINESS SIREN – BIZ is a 6-Week course all about building your business, getting your “brand” and “niche” nailed down, and getting yourself out on the web with a real website.

You’ll learn how to write great “content” that will make prospective clients want to hire you, how to film videos to create even more interest and promotion – and I will personally go over every word you write and every video you make – teaching you absolutely everything I know.

2. I personally teach BUSINESS SIREN -BIZ classes, and Master Coach Teachers help you with everything from website tech to writing, videos and program creation in special “Clinics” throughout each week. This way, I’ll be working with you one-on-one throughout the 6 week program – live – in teleseminars, and also personally through email. Together, we’ll get your coaching business and website up-and-running by the end of 6 Weeks.

4. You’ll also get:

  • Full access to the BIZ – class recordings of the 2013 RRRCT Pilot Program!
  • Downloadable BUSINESS SIREN – BIZ Manual
  • Personal teaching, guidance and assistance from me and your Master Coach Teachers to get your website “Client Funnel” completely set-up. We are all familiar with both the free website platforms, and WordPress. We will teach you how to connect technical systems together into your “Client Funnel” – regardless of the platform or webmaster you choose.
  • Personal “Branding” and business training from me, one-on-one, to get you set up, marketing yourself, coaching clients and fully rolling before Training even ends,
  • Bonus programs from Ryan Eliason, my own business coach for over 10 years


5. By the end of 6 weeks of BUSINESS SIREN – BIZ – you’ll be completely set up on the web, with a full client “funnel,” including your “freebie” offer and newsletters for subscribers. You’ll have a marketing plan in place, a “brand” and instructions and directions for continually moving forward.

6. The cost is: $2300


Just contact Melanie, Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) Administrator, right here – and she’ll personally email you to answer your questions about how RRRCT can work for you:

Your next step is:

Module #3 – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach

RRRCT – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach is a 7-Week course where you’ll:

manual-logo1. Learn to use The 6 Elements through any number of unique situations and scenarios your potential clients are likely to want help with.

2. Work one-on-one with Rori to:

>Solve any challenges you have with individual clients,

>Get help turning “free sessions” into paying, committed clients,

>Reduce “no shows” of free sessions,

>Charge what you’re worth (way more than you think!),

>Develop “programs” to sell and grow your business, and

>Promote yourself to get more potential clients and customers into your “Funnel”

3. You’ll get:

  • Downloadable RRRCT Manual, videos, audios and access to RRRCT 2013 recordings.
  • Scenario “Cheat Sheets” and everything you need to be and feel confident as a Rori Raye Trained Coach and be prepared for continued promotion and mentoring through Certification
  • You’ll be taught by me in two identical classes at the beginning of each week, and practice with your Master Coach Teachers throughout the week


4. The requirement for RRRCT – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach is completion of The Rori Raye Fundamentals.

5. The cost is $1700.

Sign Up For All Three Modules At Once, and Get An $800 Discount!

In 2015 – 2016, you can get the discounted price of $5700, by investing in all three modules at once. If you like, you can even speed up the Training by taking the “modules” consecutively – and be able to call yourself a Rori Raye Trained coach within 6 months!

Of course, you can also choose to pay as you go, at the listed prices for each module.

Please let the RRRCT Administrator know if you’re interested in applying for RRRCT 2015-2016 – she’ll get you the information and personal attention you need, secure your space and get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What material will I have access to in the RRRCT 2015-2016 program?

In addition to the hours of RRRCT video, audio and live, personal, one-on-one work with Rori Raye, you’ll also have access to the over 150 hours of recordings and 16 hours of video from the live classes with the Pilot Program of 2013, access to the Love Forever program, Make Him Fall For You ebook. and bonus books and programs.

From Jenn Jolie –

2. How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this Training?

Because I’ve been through a rigorous coach training myself, and been a practicing private coach now for eight years as well as developed an entire “Rori Raye” method of coaching with a huge catalog of programs – Relationship Coach Training is rigorous, demanding, and time requiring.

You don’t need to have any formal training of any kind, or be a therapist or coach to be qualified. I believe if you have natural talent in connecting with people who need you, tremendous compassion for yourself and other men and women, a working knowledge of my Rori Raye Method and a strong desire to give advice, help women find love, and have meaningful, fulfilling work – you’ll be GREAT!

And if you are a therapist, or in the helping professions as a bodyworker or teacher, or perhaps a teacher of performing or fine arts, or a beauty professional – and you’d like to ramp up your professional possibilities and be referred clients by me – this Coach Training is a perfect match for you.

If “giving advice” comes naturally to you, and you feel you have a good sense of where people you meet and talk to are really “coming from” – coaching is a logical career track.

If you have the patience to listen to people who’re in pain and need your help – without quickly jumping to judgment of them or trying to instantly impose your ideas onto them – then Rori Raye Relationship Coaching fits you. Because this “method” is all about focusing on the process of loving and allowing love in – even though the Tools bring quick results – patience and compassion are key.

Don’t worry too much about your confidence level – confidence is something that gets built through practice, and there’ll be lots of practice in the Training. Also, you’ll be working directly with me. I won’t soft-soap you or let you get off without actual experience I can see and hear.

*If you’re most interested in the Relationship Coach Training as a personal development experience – and aren’t sure you actually want to create a business as a coach – please let me know. I’d love to have you in the RRRCT class of 2015, and we can discuss if Business Siren – BIZ is necessary for your needs.

3. What if I’m not sure if I have anything to offer to women who are struggling with relationship issues?

Think about this: Your personal story is crucial here. It’s crucial to the kinds of clients you’ll attract, and it’s crucial to your marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean it has to “look” a certain way. What many women need is someone who can HEAR them. Who can identify with them. Who’ve traveled the road they’re traveling and come out in a better place.


If you’ve survived and escaped an abusive marriage or relationship – you can help other women do the same…

If you’ve recovered from a painful divorce or breakup and are now working out dating – you can help other women do the same…

If you’re great at Feeling Messages and feel good with YOURSELF – your skill will be incredibly valuable to women who desperately need to find their inner “poet”…

If you’ve passed through traumatic events of accident and abuse, are healing and feeling good with yourself – your story alone will help women, and the skills and compassion you’ve learned will shine the light on a fresh path for them…

Women need very specific skills to let love in and be happy, so don’t be deterred from a dream of having your own business as a professional Rori Raye Relationship Coach by something you “think” about what that “requires.” Coaching wasn’t even a profession a few years back. Now it’s still one of the fastest growing professions there is. Coaching Schools are popping up everywhere. If it’s what you want, and you’re drawn to the Rori Raye methods and programs, and they work for you – and you enjoy working WITH the Tools…we’ll be a good match.

What’s important is that you have some sense of how you see yourself using your Coach Training out in the world. That you’re able to visualize yourself having an entrepreneurial private business as a private “love” coach. That you believe enough in your abilities and talents and stick-to-it-ness to embark on this rigorous, five-month training that will help define your gifts and strengths, “brand” you and your unique talent and ways of working with people who are soon to be your clients, test you, and get you started.

4. What if I’m not in a relationship now?

You might think that it’s necessary to be married or in a great relationship in order to be a “credible” relationship coach – and that’s just not true.

Mama Gena – hugely famous and successful “love” and “female empowerment” guru in New York City and world-wide – didn’t skip a beat when her marriage ended (and it wasn’t a pretty story). She’s just as famous and just as successful and still fills her huge events at high prices.

I can name you several relationship and love coaches I know (and I’m sure you know many of them, too) who aren’t in any kind of relationship at all, and are still in big demand. We ALL know that therapists hardly ever have the kind of personal lives we’d admire – and yet, they can help other people brilliantly.

Many exceptional Rori Raye Trained Coaches are single – and helping their clients to date and find love brilliantly and quickly.

What RRRCT Certified Coaches Say About RRRCT:

From Dominique –

dominique“As the first Rori Raye Certified Coach, albeit honorary, as I’ve only been through her program as a Master Teacher, I feel especially thrilled and honored to have been given this title let alone being asked to assist in the 2013 RRRCT Pilot Program last year and again this year.

I LOVE what Rori has created. She has put together an AMAZING and amazingly comprehensive program which will take you through not only what it takes to be an AWESOME coach who can truly make a difference in the world, teaching you all the tools and skills needed, she also walks you through ALL of the business aspects as well, teaching you how to create your website, how to write, as well as put into place strong marketing for optimum visibility. And so much more.

She is totally hands on, guiding you every step of the way, and with the Master Teachers as support, you have no option but to emerge from this intense yet hugely rewarding training program a changed woman as well as a great coach.

I so enjoy being a part of RRRCT and look forward to teaching and guiding many more classes to come.

If you’ve at all considered becoming a Rori Raye Coach, than I encourage you to just DO IT. You will feel so thankful and delighted you did. Your outlook on life and love will shift in some very profound ways.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

xxoo Dominique
Sex and Heart

From Tatia Dee at

From Helena Hart at

From Leigha lake at

From Carrie Stanfield at
carrie stanfield“Becoming a Certified Rori Raye Coach has opened huge doors for me. My coaching career got its start about 8 years ago when I was a Communications Coach for International Business Professionals. I loved working with my clients as “their partner in success”. I had always had an interest in love, marriage, and dating relationships and secretly wished I could be a relationship coach. When I came across Rori Raye’s pilot coaches training in 2013, I felt like I had just struck gold! I barely made the deadline to register!

Throughout the training, Rori shared all of her secrets and taught us how to use her tools to transform any client’s situation. From “Day 1” we jumped in practicing, coaching and role-playing and this quickly helped me to gain confidence and develop my skills as a coach. I learned how to “create in the moment” and work with clients. I am now able coach any client with any situation. I feel so blessed to say that my job is transforming love lives.

One of the things about this training that really made a difference for me was how Rori worked with me individually to help me develop my own brand and style. It was through the RRRCT training the my unique “Alluring Type B Woman” brand was developed and without a doubt, I know that my brand is the thing that has set me apart from every other relationship coach out there on the internet today.

If you’re thinking of becoming a relationship coach or adding a coaching credential to your other professional credentials, then I would strongly encourage you to invest in this training and become a practitioner of the Rori Raye method. I know you’ll be pleased with the results of your training! -Carrie”

5. Why are you teaching us your coaching method?

I want to have a real legacy, to make sure that my methods reach out to women all over the world for many years to come – and it seemed to me that the best way to make this happen would be to train new coaches in my methods, and help them reach out to women all over the world.

6. What if I feel that I am “tech challenged?” Can I get help on getting my website up and running?

It is essential to get a basic website set-up and hosted on your own domain name, before Business Siren – BIZ begins, and RRRCT will give you the information and direction you need to help you do that.

You will, however, need to either get a simple, basic WordPress site, and help loading it onto your site (RRRCT has a referral list), or set up a website for free on WIX or Squarespace.

RRRCT recommends that, if you’re serious about becoming a successful, professional coach “guru,” you get a WordPress site that will keep you independent, and be flexible and powerful enough to last you forever.

7. What is the cost of the RRRCT 2015 program?

If you choose to pay for each module as you go, the total cost is $6500. If you pay for the entire program at once, the cost is $5700, a discount of $800.

Module #1 – The Rori Raye Fundamentals – 7 Weeks: $2500

  • July 6th, 2015 – Summer Session


Module #2 – Business Siren – BIZ – 6 Weeks: $2300

  • August 24th, 2015 – Summer Session


Module #3 – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach – 7 Weeks: $1700

  • October 5th, 2015 – Summer Session


8. Do you offer a Certification Program, and what is the benefit of becoming a Certified Rori Raye Coach?

After you complete all three RRRCT Modules, you’re eligible for Certification! Candidates for Certification will be admitted on a case-by-case basis and Certification acceptance is not guaranteed.

In order to certify you, I need to be absolutely sure I would send any woman who came to me for coaching to YOU. That I would refer clients to you without blinking an eye. That means I have to choose Certification candidates wisely – so that I can ensure your success.

***The “Certification” process includes:

  • Your own Coach Page on, inclusion on the Coach Directory on both and my Rori Raye blog at, personal client referrals from me (I get several requests for coaching every single day…), interview, partnership and “summit” invitations I receive and pass on to you – for a full YEAR after you’re Certified.
  • A Guest Post on
  • I’ll record a phone interview with you, and share it with my personal readership list and blog.
  • 2 hours one-on-one with me. I’ll be tracking you and your progress by working with you privately, and generally making sure you’re ready to rock!
  • The Certification can begin as soon as you’ve finished all three modules of RRRCT, and we’ll work personally together at your own pace.


Once you’re Certified, you can put that “badge” on your website.

I’m also going to want to encourage you to teach workshops and classes in your area, and give you marketing ideas to do so.

9. Is RRRCT licensed or certified by any coaching federations or organizations?

RRRCT has no affiliations with or accreditation by any coaching organization (though I’m familiar with most of them). AND – if you are a practicing MFCC or MFT in California, RRRCT is a California Continuing Education Provider, and you’ll get credit for the maximum hours allowed for your required CE. Just let Melanie know, and she’ll get you the paperwork!

10. Will there be any “in-person” training as part of this program?

Although there is no “in-person” part of the training, I am offering a Live Weekend with me in Los Angeles, in early 2016, for all women entrepreneurs.

We’ll work on your live speaking and video presentations (we will do all this in the Training, too, creating a unique 3-point presentation for you in regular class – but this weekend is extra, LIVE and in-person with me).

I’ll teach you how to be amazing in front of a video camera (we’ll film your presentation), we’ll work together on your website and content, I’ll interview you (we’ll film it), I’ll answer questions and work on creating new products you can sell. Basically, I’ll be mentoring you personally all weekend. The cost of the weekend will be: $2500.00 (plus your transportation to Los Angeles and lodging, of course).

You’ll be able to speak to RRRCT Pilot Program 2013 and RRRCT 2014 alums about these “add-ons” so you can make the most informed decisions.


Enrollment is beginning NOW and ongoing – so please let my assistant (and RRRCT Administrator) know if you’re interested in applying for RRRCT, and she’ll secure your space and get you started.

I look forward to knowing you, teaching you, coaching you, and propelling you to success in the best career in the world: Helping women have the love and relationship they want and deserve.

RRRCT 2015 Schedule Of Modules

Module #1 – The Rori Raye Fundamentals – 7 Weeks:

  • July 6th, 2015 – Summer Session

Module #2 – Business Siren – BIZ – 6 Weeks:

  • August 24th, 2015 – Summer Session

Module #3 – Become A Rori Raye Trained Coach – 7 Weeks:

  • October 5th, 2015 – Summer Session

Can’t wait to know you, work with you, watch you become a successful life, love and relationship coach – and to refer clients to you!

Love, Rori