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When Long Distance Actually Means Nothing At All

returnsThe Question:
“Rori: I write this with a heavy heart, because it is breaking in pieces like a hammer to a piece of glass. I was in a relationship with a guy in another state… well last night while we were texting, I told him I had all my ducks in a row & it would be just a little longer & I would be there. He texted me back, saying, NOT to come now because he was moving to another state with his brother  & his brothers girl.
I asked why I couldn’t come too & he said it was their house. I text back that I would find a place close to them so we could see each other when ever he wasn’t working. No answer. I then texted him again asking if he was there? No answer.


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Don’t Let “Safe” Make You Sorry in Love

IMG_0618closerWe are all driven by so many forces within us to make ourselves feel “safe.”

It’s all old stuff.

Old ways of coping with pain and grief, and frustration, and with the message we’ve been handed, over and over and over and over again – that we can’t have what we More…

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Free Teleclass With The Great Tatia Dee!

From Rori: Oh – You’re in for a treat! And for free!

Go to this teleclass with Tatia Dee – she’s amazing. Not only is she a fantastic coach and an incredibly accomplished and powerful woman – she’s one of the most kind-hearted, gentle, smart, funny and fun people I’ve ever known. Clients are making a bee-line for Tatia, so take advantage of anything she does for free now, at the beginning of her career. Love, Rori

From Tatia Dee:

tatia home 2Do you feel like you’ve gotten off course from being a feminine & alluring woman?

Are you being more masculine than feminine and can’t seem to get the right balance?

Are you ready for a change in your love life?
Whether you’re in a relationship, married, single, dating or divorced

I’ve got a great way to experience an immediate difference in your love life.

It worked for me, and I know it’ll work for you too!

It’s My 7 Steps To Irresistible.

You’ll Learn How to:

– Attract better men (and know what to do about unavailable men and FWB (“friends-with-benefits”).

– Renew the feeling of feminine confidence

Stop Clinging to a man

– Get More Dates

Keep His Attention

– Change yourself and inspire your man at the same time.

Be gentle with yourself & him, and

Live from a place of love no matter what’s going on in your life.

So Please Join Me On:

Monday evening, June 8, 2015 at 5 pm PST 8 pm EST

For My Free Women’s Love Coaching Webinar

I’ll share my 7 Steps To Irresistible and answer your questions during the Webinar.

Click this link to register now:

See you at the webinar!

tatia bannerTatia Dee

Certified Rori Raye Life & Relationship Coach

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A New Tool To Instantly Feel Better & Draw Him In

angerIf you’re urgently struggling with issues with a man, and it’s making it hard for you to get everything you want, know that you can solve this – step-by-baby-step.

When things get huge, and a man is acting – maybe even suddenly – in a way that’s painful and frustrating, it’s tough to see how to start chipping away at the problem so things will work out the way you want – but you can do it.

All you need is a place to get started, some new skills and support.

Have you ever felt at the absolute end of your “rope”?

Like things can’t get any worse and you don’t know what to do first to set your More…

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A Schoolgirl Crush, Or The Real Thing?

maninbottleHere’s a letter from Alice that may sound very extreme to you – and it’s a common, everyday experience that so many women are having.

It may seem like the height of “being taken for a ride.”

And yet, to Alice, it feels like love and potential.

It feels like “he’s afraid of commitment.”

The truth, for me, is more like:

There is no one and nothing to blame – AND – there’s nothing here for you.

“Hi Rori,

I have read the blog, the emails, I am working through some of the programs and learning some things, but I still have trouble figuring out what to do about my current situation. Since I emailed you last, things have gotten a lot worse, and my heart is breaking.

I met this man online at the beginning of March, and the connection was instant. We More…

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Did He Go Back To His Ex Because You Didn’t Pursue Him?

10-6 love yourselfThe Question:

“Rori, I had this great guy in my life, when we first met he said he is separated and likes to make a family.

We went out on few dates, in the last one he said I think you deserve a better man than me, then he started not to call so much then stopped calling. I used the Circular Dating advice.

Then I did not contact him for 5 weeks , then I called him and we started talking again, I felt he got better.
a two weeks later I found out that he got back to his old lady and he said I think we better become friends… More…

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Circular Dating When Your Man’s Got Job Problems

targetingThe Question:

Have dated Brian for 14 months. He lost his job due to a take over (not his fault all upper management lost their jobs) and was unemployed for 5 months which caused havoc with his finances as he pays hefty child support. We survived this period and I did not lend him money, but helped him extensively (probably too much) to get another high paying job.

Unfortunately due to his type of position and high income needed the best job is in another state. We have continued long distance, speak several times a day and he either flies me to him or comes here More…

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Does Plenty Of Fish Work For Anyone? Or Is It All “Booty Calls”?

carvingHere’s a letter about – a dating site (free – and known often as POF) that some women I’ve spoken with have great personal stories around, and others see this way:

“Dear Rori,

I feel that I so so need to correct you on this Plenty Of Fish website, You are very seriously jeopardizing your Reputation on referring this website!!!!!

I have been on this website 2 separate times, I gave it enough time to literally hang itself….

I shall explain it to you briefly. I am a good and true Christian LADY, even with what my profile says, I still got men that only wanted a booty call.

Everyone knows this except for you.

I Love your emails you send me, and they are right on when it comes to meeting a GOOD and true More…

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More On Circular Dating

moviedateJust to clarify – Circular Dating is not about dating.

It doesn’t even need to INCLUDE “dating.”

Circular Dating is a therapeutic tool for interacting with men out in the world and using my tools.


That can look like an encounter with the butcher at the market. A short conversation with a man at Starbucks. Or an actual date.

It’s about learning to open your heart, feel steady when your heart is open, trust yourself and stay sane.

Targeting Mr. Right – my program on Circular Dating – explores ALL possibilities of CDing – from More…

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Strong On the Inside and Soft On the Outside – How it Works

flowerheartJust got this letter from Cami – who’s having a great experience:

“Hi Rori,
Just wanted to check in with you. So last night we had a very good night for the most part. But a lot of it I have to attribute to where I am right now. I feel more centered and strong.

I have also started doing yoga again more regularly and just taking care of ME more. I know I have a looong way to go to get to where I want to be, but I am working on it.

I am finding the leaning back tool to be very very helpful. We met after my yoga class at my favorite sushi restaurant and sat at the bar. It was so nice to just sit next to him and talk and enjoy. But there More…

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