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Monica Lewinsky Challenges Us To Change The World For Everyone

If you’ve ever felt what Monica’s felt… Regardless of the mistakes she’s made or you’ve made… Ask yourself: who’s doing the bullying of you? Is it someone else, or is it you?

If you’re a teenager being mocked and snickered at by your peers all around you, if you’re being bullied and harrassed and embarrassed on More…

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Emma Watson And Feminism At The United Nations

I loved this.

1. About Emma personally that is so helpful to see (for me): She’s totally, completely in her emotional self. She’s shaking, clearly nervous and anxious – and she doesn’t try to hide it. It adds power to her presentation. And credibility. Instead of making her look weak, it makes her feel strong to us.

 2. What she says about the world (again, for me): There can be no human justice or sense in the More…

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Be A Rori Raye Relationship Coach

Hi, This is Rori….

On July 7th, 2014 – you can be one of a small group of women to study with me to become a Rori Raye Relationship Coach by Thanksgiving….

If this is tickling your mind – perhaps it’s a nice addition to the work you’re already doing, or the career change you’ve been dreaming about but couldn’t quite put your finger on.

If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and are ready to roll! – write to She’ll get you enrolled, and make sure I personally know all about your gifts and dreams so I can mentor you quickly and help you hit the ground running as a professional coach.

For more about Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) logistics, costs and details on how the Training will work for you, go here:

Being a coach is the hottest profession there is right now – and being in RRRCT  guarantees you my personal time and attention, plus hours of videos, audios and written RRRCT Manual included – AND you’ll get the Rori Raye brand name totally behind you business-wise.

I consider this a mentoring moment for me, where I teach everything I know to you, and help you build a great coaching career – filled with clients and personal satisfaction.

RRRCT 2014 is likely to fill up fast, so I wanted to give you an early-head-start before the news gets out.

*I’ll be giving you “jump-start” help – emailed direction and homework every week, immediate access to RRRCT materials, personal email access to me, and two “Early Enrollment Teleclasses”-  if you’d like to secure your spot and get moving right away. Just let know if you’d like to start early.

Go here to find out how, by Thanksgiving this year, you can be a practicing Rori Raye Relationship Coach:

The RRRCT Pilot Program of 2013 was amazing. Everyone successfully learned to coach clients using my “cinematic” methods, and everyone got up and running on a blog/website.

More than six new RRRCT coaches are already what I’d consider “superstars,” with many clients, a secure web presence, personal client referrals from me, programs being created, and invitations to interviews, article publishing and partnership connections around the web.

It’s my job at RRRCT to mentor you to carry on my work personally helping women all over the world – as I turn my potential future coaching clients over to you so I can focus on RRRCT and writing – and to help you have great fun,  personal fulfillment, and financial security while you’re doing it.

Love, Rori

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How Ryan Eliason (My Personal Coach) Can Help Your LIFE In His New FREE Webinar Series

ryan_eliasonThis post has nothing to do with love – unless you believe, as I do, that what you do for a living, and how you view the world and choose to live in it is really all about love…

My own personal coach since I began my journey as Rori Raye (over 10 years ago) is Ryan Eliason – he’s seen me through every business move I’ve made, and most of my personal issues, too.

And now, he’s the only business coach with audio, video, written and live business trainings I recommend for entrepreneurs – especially if you’re just beginning and don’t know how to start.

I send all my new Certified coaches to Ryan, and he contributed a program to my Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training for all my RRRCT students out of the goodness of his heart. More…

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Hope Springs

OMG – I LOVED this movie!

You don’t need me if you’re in this situation – just do what Meryl Street does!

She lays it all on the line, lays her heart out there, says the truth, doesn’t blame him…and won’t settle for less than she wants – a whole, real marriage.

Go see it, or rent it as soon as it comes out.

Some things I got from this:

My mother called me several times after she saw it to ask me what I thought. After I saw it and talked to her about it, her comments were nothing near what I expected. She said…

“He’s an ignoramous!  What would she want with him? How could he reject her like that?  He’s stupid?”

And I realized that this is what we all think… More…

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On Monday, July 30th at 11am PDT, Listen To My Interview With Patricia Raskin

intimacyI did this for fun, and because I thought you might like to hear me and give feedback on it here (I so seldom do these things….but I like Patricia…)

Patricia Raskin’s Positive Living

Have the Relationship You Want – Rori Raye

July 30, 2012 – 11am PDT

IN THE FIRST HALF HOUR of her program on July 30th at 11 am PDT, join nationally recognized multi-media talk show host and award winning producer Patricia Raskin, as she interviews Rori Raye, relationship expert who has helped thousands of women experience success in their love lives. She will discuss her book “Have the Relationship You Want” ; A Step By Step Guide to Transforming Your Love Life Overnight. Learn More »

Missed the Live Shows? Past Episodes are available On Demand and Podcast Ready.

Listen Live toVoiceAmerica Variety 

Be sure to tune into
Patricia Raskin’s Positive Living

Log on to

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Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher And Cheating

cheatingI thought this was a fascinating article:

There’s so much I have to say about it – mostly it’s about:

There’s a level at which we women accept things – things we might not have ever thought we could accept, but things we kind of go along with, feel okay about, weigh the trade-offs of, make temporary decisions about, let time pass and hope weirdness will go away around, make excuses about, justify, reassure ourselves about, act cool around – until we aren’t okay with them anymore.

Sometimes the line is so small – no one else understands what was the “straw” that broke things for you.

Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves when the moment was when it was “okay,” and when the moment was when it was “not okay.”

It all turns into a blur, but a bad-feeling blur.

I don’t know what happened here for Demi – and I don’t believe (though I can’t know) that Ashton would have divorced her.

I don’t think there was any reason he’d want to leave her – I think he had everything he wanted, his cake and eating it, too – and is likely very offended that all of a sudden things aren’t “okay.”

When a man veers from “This is okay and acceptable in my relationship” to being a jerk who hurts a woman…sometimes it’s a very small thing, for him.

When you’re a celebrity – I don’t know how they do it.

There are no secrets you can keep.

No bargains or allowances you can make that people won’t eventually find out about.

No compromises that don’t come back to haunt you.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be humiliated – and we’ve seen many well-known women go through it majorly publicly – and I think, all of a sudden, we women have made some kind of a pact with each other.

We’ve kind of decided now, as a group, famous or not, that betrayal is not the straw that breaks the relationship. It’s not even about the sheer “jerkiness” of it. It’s the spirit  of the betrayal, and it’s the fallout.  Once everyone knows, it’s just not possible to carry on.

We’ve decided that we can no longer be the “good wife.”  I think that’s done, now.

Even if we love a man and want to carry on and patch it up – and he’s not trying to get out of the relationship or marriage – we just can’t do it anymore.

As the author of the article, Tracy Quan says, the key is when a woman feels “undermined.”

And that kind of says it for me.

The whole point, for me, of a romantic partnership is to assist each other to grow as a person.

And if what a man does affects a woman in a way that makes her have to choose whether she’s better off growing as a person by leaving him or by staying with him – and it seems that, no matter what else there is good and wonderful in the relationship, leaving him is the path to growth…then that’s the right road.

We could say, then, that staying with Bill Clinton was the path of growth for Hillary Clinton.  That, despite everything, the humiliation of his betrayal, all of it – he still was committed to her personal growth in a way no one else was.  That’s how she say it, and so she stayed – and I don’t think anyone would argue with her results.

Does this mean that we should stay with a man of power because it seems like the road to growth?

I’m not saying financial growth – I’m saying personal growth.  Growth as a person.

We can ALL see that Demi can surely meet many, many men who would support her personal growth, and that starting fresh is the way to go here.

So – the take away from this is – even though we’re not celebrities, with all kinds of obvious options – when a man who isn’t even betraying us is NOT supporting our personal growth – is that the time to leave?

Sometimes it’s subtle.  Sometimes the line is really, really blurry.

And I think now, that so many women are leaving so many men they might have stayed with before, is a great time to feel our own priorities and pressing needs.

Now’s the time to say what we want, practice warmth and love instead of fear and suspicion – and trust ourselves to leave when we’re endangering our well being.

Love, Rori


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Lady Gaga, Sex and Demolishment

lady gagaHere’s an excerpt from an article I found online:

Lady Gaga and the death of sex

An erotic breaker of taboos or an asexual copycat? Camille Paglia, America’s foremost cultural critic, demolishes an icon

“…Furthermore, despite showing acres of pallid flesh in the fetish-bondage garb of urban prostitution, Gaga isn’t sexy at all – she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution? In Gaga’s manic miming of persona after persona, over-conceptualised and claustrophobic, we may have reached the limit of an era…”

Here’s the whole article:

And here’s the comment I tried to make on the article:

Sorry – not a big fan of anyone who’s about “demolishing” others. More…

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Celebrating Independence Day – What’s So Good About Being Independent?

The 4th of July is about our independence from England…But more than that, it’s about the creation of our own country.

If there could be a metaphor about love here filled with the kind of love advice that talks about being independent and inter-dependent in a romantic relationship…would that look like cannons, and battle, and sparklers and conflict?

Or would that look more like the coming together of battle leaders and statesmen to negotiate an experiment in how to run a country without a king or queen. How each person (theoretically) could have a bit of power to make the big decisions and somehow be represented.

Or maybe it’s everything: Conflict, passion, attack, surrender, leaders and followers, negotiating, statesmanship, creating union, creating freedom, creating a new model for life, making decisions. Standing on your own two feet. Believing in yourself. Believing in each other. Plus romance, sex, laughing, sitting around…

So, let’s just call this independence from tyranny, and at the same time, creation of a harmonious new union More…

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Before Breaking Dawn – Let’s Revisit Twilight’s New Moon

Okay – I’m trudging through this saga picking up so many scenarios to work with…I like the movies so much better!

And the reason why the books don’t work – in my opinion – is that we only hear, see and feel Bella’s experience.  So when our hero finally makes an appearance in “New Moon” – he’s already lost his glow.  He’s lost his hero status.

Yes, I get the Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights thing.  Yes, I get the teenage thing here.  And we women are very capable of filling in the holes – but this hole-filling is exhausting.  I wanted my hero Edward the way he was in the first book – always there.

And…that leads me to the fantasy, and the really terrific thing that Stephanie Meyers, the author of these books, helped us and so many girls out More…

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