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An Interview With Rori – Speaking From The Heart

rosestemHere are some bits and pieces from an interview I did years ago:

I was asked: “What about the words you say you teach people to use?”

Here was my answer:

The words and body language and all the other tools I developed and teach look very different on different sides of the relationship dynamic.

I talk about choosing to be the masculine energy partner or the feminine energy partner, and that there has to be one of each in a relationship – regardless of gender or who chooses which role, but that you have to choose.

Masculine energy is about thinking, about action – making decisions, being in charge, delegating tasks, just generally doing, and feminine energy is about feelings – about expressing More…

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The Theme Park Of YOU – EngineeringLand

navigating loveHere’s another installment on my “The Theme Park Of You” Concept (hopefully, it’ll eventually be made into a book or program…):


This is the fix-it part of you.

The part that does examining, analysis, doing, accomplishing, constructing, building, calculating…

This is the boy part.

This is the tinkering, the planning part.

Don’t be afraid of it!

It’s necessary. More…

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What A Man Really Wants – Your Modern Siren Hotness

sexyguybackSo what does a man want in a woman more than anything else?

As a man over 40 recently said to me “A man wants a woman who can give him a boner.”

Sounds so crass. So basic. So what we’ve always thought and feared about man, doesn’t it?

And yet I believe him.

So what exactly does this mean for you?

If you’re in your 20s and he’s in his 20s that means that almost any woman he sees can give him a Boner.

He’s free to roam about the country. He’s free to roam about women-kind. And what he needs from you More…

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Be On My Private List….

navigating loveOops! If you tried to sign up to my Private List here on this post before 4:45 pm PDT – the brilliant new tech wasn’t working – so you didn’t actually get signed up, and you didn’t get to download “Navigating Love” – so please try again:

I’m about to create some new programs, interviews, reports – all FREE to my Private List – so be sure to get on it and pick up “Navigating Love” to start–>>

To Get Free Teleclasses, Live Events, Special Programs, Bonuses, New Love Tools, AND – Instantly start reading my “Navigating Love” ebook for free

Love, Rori

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What To Do When He Says…

save relationshipHere’s a letter from Ann, who’s facing a very common dilemma you’ll surely face in a developing relationship, a long term relationship, or Circular Dating – especially when you’re just starting out with the Rori Raye Tools:

The Question:

“Rori, I’d like to thank you for the advice you’ve given me along the way. The longer I live by it, the better my life gets! Not just my love life!

I’ve had a few incidents now where guys ask me why I don’t get in touch, saying that I ‘wait’ for them to initiate.. and I don’t really know what to say. Have any other women encountered this problem? Thank you, Ann”

My Answer:

If a man looks at you, bewildered (or even judgmental) and asks why you “don’t get in touch” – just say the truth!!

(Try this only one line at a time – however you’re feeling it – instead of trying to fit it all in…): More…

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Feel It…Don’t ACT From It…

blacklabyrinthWhat propels you?

I totally get “anxiety”- just from being in Manhattan these two weeks.

There’s so much going on outside your apartment window – it’s hard not to feel a sense of “urgency” about nearly everything .

It’s hard not to pick up “vibes” from everyone else and feel them, and think they’re yours.

It scrambles with your head – and it makes you want to “fix” instead of “be.”

That’s why, for me, NYC is the ultimate “Circular Dating” platform.

I also have to say this: For me, most New Yorkers are absolute Zen Masters.

They should be fraught with anxiety, buzzing, all shallow, all “Listening To More…

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A Great Article For Expressing Love

rachelNewThis is so great – I wish I’d written it…:

“I love watching you…”


You can find Rachel Mary Stafford at

Love, Rori

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What Do You Do If He Says He’s “In A Bad Place”?

questionmanThe Question:

“Hi, Rori, My man of over a year has always been very attentive, loving, etc. but backed way off last month. he contacts me daily but seems disconnected, hasn’t said I love you in a month-not even on valentines day. (He gave me a card but signed it from my cats)

Where I used to see him 3x a week, I now see him 1.
He says he is “in a bad place” and “can barely function” right now. He seems depressed/stressed More…

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Siren Salon In NYC on Monday, May 12th!

modern sirenI’ll be in NYC from May 2nd through the 16th, visiting family – and re-making and re-remembering my personal New York experience of over 30 years ago…living in museums, taking art class, Feldenkrais class, MELT class…whatever suits my fancy…AND seeing clients, friends and members of the Rori Raye/Modern Siren community on the east coast!

To make it easier for me to schedule, I’m creating a “Modern Siren Salon” evening (only 10 women, only 5 spaces left) on Monday, May 12th, from 6pm to 10pm EDT.

It’ll be the way I used to do my “Goddess” evenings: We’ll sit in a circle, and everyone will work with me one-on-one. We’ll work on your personal situations and scenarios, and on waterwheel roriskills like Poetry, Feeling Messages, Scripting, Listening, Being Present, and opening up your heart…

((The cost will be my regular fee for a one hour session ($350.00)…))

Just write if you want to come to the “Siren Salon” on the 12th…and she’ll get you set up.

Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Love, Rori



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Why Are Relationships So “Hard” These Days?

rollercoasterThe Question:

So many people are having so much difficulty finding and maintaining relationships. Why is it so hard these days? How can you say it doesn’t take work?

My Answer:

A relationship is a team.

Seems obvious, but really – it’s often the first place a relationship breaks down. Being in a relationship means giving up some of the freedom of a single life.

You don’t get to be romantic with anyone else but your partner, you don’t get to not think about More…

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