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Controlling Isn’t Where It’s At

neckingcoupleThe Question:

“Rori, I was inspired by just your newsletter about surrendering. I have been raised to be strong and in control and seems that that has rolled into my relationships and ultimately destroyed many of them.

I even have people tell me I am to controlling in relationships as well.

My question is, I have fallen madly in love with really who I believe is the man of my dreams..finally.

This was a fast paced relationship with all the right things going for it. Communication was our strongest suit. Anyway, one day he just didn’t call or tell me why he needed More…

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Is He Just A Friend?

newThe Question:

“Rori, I need some major advice. I’ve been seeing this guy since July, we go out together we go to eat, we talk everyday – all day while he at work – but now all the sudden he says he looks at as if I was just a friend and not someone to be in a relationship with.

So what do I do after putting all this time and effort into him. He knows that I’m in love with him. More…

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Get Free Coaching From My Amazing New Coaches NOW!

IMG_0618closerHi, This is Rori,

Get great coaching from my new, amazing RRRCT Trainees Right NOW!

These new coaches are available to you right now because they’re in the Business Siren-BIZ Module of RRRCT. There are another 10 new coaches who’ve graduated from the RRRCT – Fundamentals Module, and they’ll be available to you in August – when they take “BIZ.”

After they graduate from Training as Rori Raye Trained Coaches  they’ll be free to charge regular fees for coaching – but right now – you can get coached for FREE!

You can try every one of these amazing new coaches (they all use my Tools and techniques, they’ve practiced extensively coaching me and the RRRCT Master Coach Teachers during live class hours, so I KNOW they’re good) for one free session each!

And, if you quickly fall for one of them (I know you will) – you’ll be able to continue with that coach at a hugely discounted rate.

Here’s the list – go to their websites and contact them each to schedule your free appointment (they each have a “Contact” page, or give you their email addresses so you can write them).

Many have Subscriber boxes already – with Newsletters and Freebie reports – so if you see one – be sure to sign up and pick up the “Freebie”!

Heather Allison:

Andrada Dan:

Korina Fleur:

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Michelle Manley:

Megan Prentiss:

Sami Wunder:

And here are a couple of Business Siren-BIZ trainees in other fields – who also do private consultations via phone and Skype:

Jenny Dufton:

is a yoga teacher in Cornwall, England.

Dr. Aimee Johnson: is a veterinarian in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Have fun discovering these great new coaches and Business Sirens who can help you, personally and amazingly, anytime you need – or want – to talk to an excellent, qualified, Rori Raye trained coach.

* Also, I would love your feedback! Please consider writing me after you’ve checked out the coaches websites, and worked with them in sessions, and let me know:

1. How their website, photos and writing appealed to you. What made you call some first, and others later?

2. How did the session scheduling go for you? Were they responsive and available?

3. How did the coaching go? Did you feel cared for, non-judged and, most important – helped?

Oh – and if these women inspire you to become a Rori Raye trained coach, too – let me know!

I know any coach who’s been trained by me in RRRCT can give you faster results than any other coach out there…so if you’d like to become a coach yourself and join this elite, very special group of powerful coaches, go here to check RRRCT out (we start Fundamentals on July 6th!):

Try these coaches out for free – ALL of them if you like! – and be helped and inspired…

Love, Rori

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3 Options If You’re With A Man Who Doesn’t Love Love You

angerThe Question:

“Rori, I have been dating Don for seven months. He makes me feel like the focus of his life. In fact he says he thinks of little else but me all day long. He takes me out often, pays for dates, and we have a lot of passionate cuddles.

We haven’t had sex, although there is a strong attraction between us. I told him it felt right to get to know each other first and he has respected More…

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A Devastating Breakup Out Of Nowhere…

traintracksThe Question:

Marlene said, “I just broke up from a four year relationship. He became angry one morning and said the relationship was not working for him.

No fights. No arguments.

I moved out. He will not see me or talk to me.

Says I hurt him. He still loves me, but is moving on. What now?”

This is devastating. Four years.

It ends just because he gets angry one morning.

My Answer:

Marlene, I believe you believe this happened suddenly. More…

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A Dream Job With Dream Men

wild animals togetherThis is exactly what we’re working on in my Have It All Teleclass Membership – How Being A Girl can work for you in business. This great story is from Sarah:

Dear Rori,

I’m using all your tools for my personal relationships challenges. Currently slowly removing attachment from my ex-fiance and fighting neediness surrounding being childless and single. I’m circular dating in my personal life. This feels wobbly still….

And also in my work life… It feels a bit weird though….

I am an Engineer and I work in a factory surround by about hmmmm 200-ish men. So More…

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Can I Love Someone Who Doesn’t Care For Me?

relationshipThe answer is, simply, for me, a resounding NO.

Yes, I can feel “love” in the form of Chemistry and Lust (not a “bad” thing!)

Yes, I can feel “love” in the universal sense of us “all being one.”

Yes, I can feel “love” in the way I feel for a child or a homeless person on the street, or a pet.

Yes, my heart can feel like it’s pouring out of my chest.

And, No – I can’t “love” someone in a romantic relationship way all by myself.

That takes two people both behaving in loving, emotionally intimate ways with More…

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What’s The Most Important Thing Holding You Back From Having It ALL?

david-1Hi, This is Rori, and I’d love your help!

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this:

What – in your personal experience and the experiences of your friends and family – do you see as the biggest problem around being successful at work, and still having a great love life?

Here are some questions and ideas to help you help me with this:

How has work, business, earning a living, and being successful gotten in the way of your love life?

How has a man gotten in the way of your success at work?

Do you ever feel worried that being successful in business will intimidate men and wreck your love life – so you stop yourself in business before you even start…?

Do the men you meet make you feel “unfeminine” for being so good at business?

Do you feel more like a man at work than like a “girl” and find it icky..?

(Or – if you LOVE taking charge, being independent, working at all hours hard as you like, making good money and – then find yourself frustrated with men...)

Let me know if love and money seem like opposites to you..

Let me know how you really feel, down deep, about the possibility of Having It All – work AND love?

If there’s one thing that stands out for you, that’s making “Having It All” seem impossible for you – please let me know the details!

Also – please let me know if I can use your answers in my new ebook – The Business Siren Handbook…(I’ll use whatever name you ask me to use…)

Love, Rori

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Vote For Yourself And Have It All!

0608262920-sidewglassessmallI’m going to use voting as a Tool to feel more powerful – so let’s look at it from the personal perspective of your entire life – not just your love life.

Let’s say that voting isn’t about politics – it’s about empowerment. It’s about believing that you count. Just you, one person, one woman.

We get so caught up in feeling like part of a “group” – where we have little influence on others, and yet the “culture” of the group infuences US.

And then we narrow that down even further, and:

*We feel a man has influence over us, but we have none over him.

*We feel an environment has control over us

*We feel a boss, a co-worker, a client, a customer, money has control over us and we’re nearly powerless before them.

Every minute, we start to feel more and more helpless – more and more like an “effect” of what happens, rather than “at cause.”

We start to feel like a vapor instead of solid.

With a manJust the fact and the feeling that we love him or desire him makes us feel weak.

And then we react to that in different ways.

We can react to feeling weakened by our desire by running away from him.

And if running away doesn’t work, because he feels actually even more inspired to chase us – then we push him away.

We push him away by closing our hearts, by treating him as if he’s an irresponsible, unworthy child who needs our guidance, and by unleashing all our stored up anger and fear on him.

Not registering to vote, and not showing up to vote for ANYTHING are the same – on a huger scale.

We feel powerless. We feel unimportant.

It’s so easy to quote statistics to PROVE we’re powerless in the world, just as we can easily quote statistics to prove there are no good men out there and that most marriages fail.

We can talk ourselves out of power.


Let’s talk ourselves INTO Power. Into believing we HAVE Power.

To feel empowered with a man:

*We have to believe in our own desires – that they are WORTHY, that they are GOOD.

*That, just because we’re a woman, we DESERVE and are entitled to HAVE our desires.

*And from there – when a man shows up who actually wants to help us have what we want in love and life – we can agree with him!

*We can RECEIVE the love he has to offer. We can TAKE what he gives. We can feel our power to influence HIS life – without even trying.

In the world, in our work – to feel empowered:

We need to feel we not only have choices, but that we can be “okay” – even “good” – no matter WHAT happens.

That we can make lemonade from lemons, paths to “happy” from garbage heaps, and get directions from inside ourselves instead of hoping they’ll show up in big letters on a wall in front of us.

We’d all like to be told: Turn left here->

And yet – we can’t ever be satisfied and happy that way. We’ll grow resentment and anger, and feel even more helpless by the minute if we’re always looking for road signs out there to follow.

So start with small things to begin believing that you make a difference in your world.

See how when you water a plant and take care of it, it grows. See how – instead of following tragedy and pain in the news, you read about and watch things that inspire you, make you feel creative, and make you want to take ACTION for yourself (I love home-decorating shows because of this).

See how when you love an animal or a child, just from the overflowing radiance of your heart, and not from a desire to GET love back, it blossoms.

See how when you give love to YOURSELF, you bloom. And see how when YOU bloom, everyone around you blooms, too.

Your man blooms, your boss blooms, your work blossoms, your connections increase. And as they bloom and increase – their feelings for YOU bloom and increase. The begin to show love to you more.

So, register in your heart, your home, your circle of friends, your surroundings at work, your desk, your building, your man’s face, your wardrobe…everything – to vote!!!! And vote for YOU!!!

Make a decision that you count, no matter what anyone has ever said to you.

I know that decision-making is a challenge for so many of us. We’re riddled with “What-ifs” and looking for a clear answer.

The truth is – there’s hardly ever a clear answer. We can’t know the outcome of anything we decide. It’s not all clean and neat like that.

What we have to do is decide anyway. We have to VOTE. And we have to learn how to feel if that vote is being cast for US – or for someone else.

For someone else’s dreams and wants and needs instead of our own.

For someone else’s momentary pleasure and a moment of a lessening of fear for us.

Voting is not about fear – it’s about POWER. It’s not about doubt – it’s about going with your gut.

It’s about “casting” your vote for YOU – Throwing it directly at the target that is yourself.

Vote for yourself ALWAYS! As if your vote would be the deciding vote – because it is..

Knowing what’s going to actually SERVE you best is how you gather the information you need to make decisions and cast your vote for yourself in all kinds of situations.

Some of these decision-making experiences involve “technical” knowledge. How to set things up. How to move things around. How to organize and number.

And ALL of these decisions rely on your feminine energy to feel organic and true for you. To feel the impulse coming from your Inner Girl, instead of from the head of your Inner Boy.

To learn how to access BOTH your Boy energy and your Girl energy so you can get your boy busy acing the technical, mechanical aspects of your life – and do that based on the intuition and instincts of your girl energy – check out my new Have It All teleclass membership program. We begin on Tuesday, March 10th at 5:30pm PDT.

Follow this link to learn more about how to Have It All:

There are already five “Have It All” studio recordings in the program now – you can download them instantly. They’ll kick-start your “Having It All,” and set us up for the interactive work we’ll be doing together in the live teleclass calls.

Come join me, get your “Have It All” questions answered – AND your BUSINESS questions answered, too – everything from website design and function to asking for promotions, to promoting your own, entrepreneurial business with good marketing strategy and Tools…anything.

Hear me talk live about being a Modern Siren in an EXPANDED way – as a Business Siren who “Has It All.”

Don’t give up on ANYTHING. Keep your dreams of love alive, vote for yourself, and I’ll keep giving you Tools to make it all happen.

Love, Rori

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Who’s Running Your Life From The Inside?

10-6 love yourselfI want you to start noticing how you’re running your life.

Are you running your life always trying to make something happen – or are you running your life just leaning back and letting other people do stuff for you?

Are you waiting for someone to get you?

Is your boy energy not in use?

Are you making excuses? Is your boy making excuses?

Then I want you to look and see what is your boy doing or not doing that is showing up in the men you’re seeing out there…

Whatever is going on with your boy energy inside you, that is what’s showing up outside in the men More…

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