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Why Is “Girl Speak” So HARD?

maggiewaveSo many of us think of Girl Speak as “hard” – and often, my clients, readers and Love Forever Teleclass members start our conversations by beating themselves up about how hard they’re finding Feeling Messages and Poetry.

Here’s what I said to one of my clients, Darlene (after making sure she “Slathered Herself With Love” whenever she found herself “beating herself up…”:

We’ve ALL started like that!!!

It takes practice and practice to get good at something – and the language of the “head” is what More…

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Rori’s Novels – Download And Start Reading For Free Right Now!

tiltheadIf you’re looking for a new “read” – download my novels for free (Link fixed!)!

They’re both on Amazon in paperback and kindle (under my “pen names” Rori Gwynne and Kay Woods) at regular (high) prices…

…this is a special for my blog community…

Finding Sarah is my personal true story (warning: there’s violence, sex and inspiration), and The Dream Man is my contemporary romantic fantasy (romance and sex!)….

Finding Sarah

sarahcoverme4 amazon(This is the cover you’ll see on Amazon – I’ve changed it for you…)


Click here to download Finding Sarah–>>

The Dream Man

dream man

Click here to read The Dream Man romance novel–>>

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Greta Hassel’s Night Of Love

Just wanted to let you know about this – Greta is SO amazing, and what she and Dennis have going together is SO worth “getting some of” –…Love, RorA Holiday Night of Lovei

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See Our New Dog Nell!

Go here to see Nell “before” – and follow her story, including video of her daring rescue over 7 months ago on the streets of Los Angeles! (as I type, she’s laying on the floor beneath my chair):

We almost felt bad taking her from Liz, Nell’s amazing foster-mom of Cause 4 Paws – and now Liz will be able to foster another deserving dog, and Nell gets to settle into our family (even our cat, Boston, likes her!)

Love, Rori

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A Love Quote

031- 250“When life gets you down, improvise as if crawling was part of the choreography.” ― Iveta Cherneva

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Hysterical Saturday Night Live Take-Off On Relationship “Gurus”

I couldn’t figure out how to eliminate the ad – but wanted it to show up here on the page….

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Valentine’s Day Has Come And Gone…

I thought it would be interesting to completely ignore Valentine’s Day on this blog about Love! I got SO many emails about today from so many relationship writers (including mine…) – I just wanted to let it sit there and wind down, and see what you all made of the day for yourselves…

You are all so inspirational, and I feel so grateful for your willingness to tell your stories about your childhoods – and I’m just mouth-open, heart-open reading all the comments over the last two days.

So – now that the day’s come and gone, here’s my favorite Valentine’s Day post, and let’s do it together – I’ll love me and you love you, and we’ll not have expectations or ideas about the MEANING of this “occasion.” No man enters into this. It’s just between me and me and you and you, and let’s see how that works!

Okay – Valentine’s Day can thrill us or torture us. We can pretend we don’t care, or we can go into a funk, or we can enjoy what we have if we’re in a relationship or have a good date, or we can make Valentine’s Day a day of love for US.

We can make it a spa day or a manicure day, or a lunch with ourselves day, or a lunch or movie with our girlfriend’s day, or a sit home with a More…

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If He “Can’t” Get Married After 2.5 Years – What About The New Man Who Showed Up?

angerHere’s a great letter about men, money, and commitment:

“Hi Rori, I am in a difficult situation and hoping you could help on it. I have been in a relationship with a man for 2.5 years. Initially I intended it to be one of my circular dating people. But he told me he was serious about me and proposed a year ago. Since then we have been getting very close and have made the relationship really good.

In day to day life I have very little issues with him, do love him and feel that I have worked very hard and he has given as much as he can to the relationship. We hardly have any fights, and get on very well and spend a lot if time together.

The problem now is that he is not in a financial position to be married, and I agree with him on that. He says he doesn’t know when he will be financially ready to be married, but says he loves me, and comments about spending his life with me. Recently, a colleague of mine asked me out and I thought he meant it as going out as friends.

This man is very important and also a nice man. I have known him for 4 years on and off but never been friends or anything else with him. The problem is since I went to a party with him( with many more colleagues there), he seems to think I am now going out with him and keeps texting me. His texts come More…

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You Can’t Do The Wrong Thing With The Right Man

gained weightOMG – This is so great!

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More Room For Us All Tonight – Cinderella Time

Just wanted you to know – we’ll be upgrading the blog tonight, Sunday at 8pm PDT…

…and (though I hope you won’t notice a thing) there may be some times from 8 to midnight when your comments won’t go through.

If that happens, please try again – and after the migration is done at midnight, the blog’ll move much faster for us!

Instead of turning into a pumpkin at midnight – we’ll turn into something way more streamlined…

Love, Rori

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