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Links to Free Rori Raye Video Clips on YouTube

Oh my! – Alicia did all this research and gave us a list and links of all my free video clips on – it will help you so much if don’t already have the programs…You can go to Alicia’s comment – where all the links are live (comment starting #135) or just take a look at the list below:

All the clips are around two minutes. Watch these or email this post to your friends.

Toxic Men Videos (click to get the full playlist)

  1. Toxic Men DVD Sample
  2. Being Stuck on Not Changing
  3. Is He a Toxic Man?
  4. Detox Your Love Life
  5. Feeling Secure with Your Man
  6. Relationship as Therapy

Modern Sirens Videos
(click to get the full playlist)

  1. The Road to Love
  2. Lure of the Siren
  3. Be the Lighthouse
  4. Your Feelings and Him
  5. Strong and Steady
  6. Declare your Independence
  7. Modern Siren DVD Sample

Targeting Mr. Right (click to get the full playlist)

  1. Step into your Power *MUST WATCH
  2. The Diva Creed *MUST WATCH
  3. The Price of Commitment
  4. You Are The Target
  5. Targeting Mr. Right DVD Sample

Commitment Blueprint (click to get the full playlist)

  1. Commitment Blueprint DVD Sample
  2. Light His Fire
  3. Up Your Status
  4. Create More Intrigue
  5. How He Falls
  6. Now and Forever
  7. Are you Exclusive?
  8. The Magic Moment
  9. Men and Exclusivity
  10. The Loving Feeling

Alicia – again, thank you so much for this!

I’ll try embedding them here, too – one at a time…but going to youtube rocks! Love, Rori

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