Luvskool For Newlyweds In Los Angeles With Greta Hassel

greta hasselI love Greta. She’s a brilliant/genius therapist/coach – and together with her new husband, Dennis Cohen, they’re an amazing team. They’ll be doing a workshop in Los Angeles on November 22nd.

I know we’re not much about “Newlywed” here – and just in case you’re in a relationship, in Los Angeles, and want some hands-on help where you don’t have to DO anything! –  Here’s the info:

Luvskool for Newlyweds:  A Day of Play, A Night of Love, A Lifetime of Bliss!

Saturday, November 22, 2014  9:30 am – 10:00 p.m. 

Remember your Honeymoon Glow?

Would you like to maintain, strengthen, or even revitalize it!  YOU CAN, with this fun, experiential
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When Asking Questions Is Actually “Prompting” – And Won’t Go Well With Him….

030-220Some men  (actually, MANY men… often MOST men… and now I’m beginning to believe ALL men…) dread the feeling of “questions” coming at them

It feels like an interview.

Often, like an interrogation.

Often, like an interrogation from their mother.

He says: “I’m off work tomorrow…”

You say: “Oh, are you going bike riding?”

And he freezes. Per usual. No answer. No intake of breath. Just….falling off the earth…
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Be A Rori Raye Relationship Coach – Enrollment Open!

Hi, This is Rori….and you can begin actually coaching clients and building your professional coaching practice – as a Rori Raye Coach-In-Training – starting January 19th, 2015 – just two months away!

Enrollment is now OPEN for RRRCT - Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training – beginning January 19th, 2015 – AND: The earlier you enroll – the more of my personal time you’ll get, and the quicker you can begin working with the materials before class starts!

Starting January 19th, there will be only a small, select group of women studying personally with me in RRRCT – Rori Raye Fundamentals, and getting personally mentored by me to be a successful coach.

If the idea of becoming a professional relationship coach triggers ideas and dreams inside you – let me know! Perhaps RRRCT can create the career change you’ve been imagining about but couldn’t quite put your finger on.

If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and would to talk with Melanie, the RRRCT administrator - or me!- write to or just use this form:

* Email
First Name

This way, I can personally know all about your gifts and dreams so I can mentor you quickly and help you hit the ground running as a professional coach.

For more about how Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training (RRRCT) works: logistics, costs and details on how the three “Modules” of the Training will work for YOU, go here:

Being a coach is the hottest profession there is right now – and being in RRRCT guarantees you my personal time and attention (live by teleseminar!), plus hours of videos, audios and written RRRCT Manual included – AND you’ll get the Rori Raye brand name totally behind you business-wise.

It’s my job at RRRCT to mentor you to carry on my work – personally helping women all over the world – as I turn my potential future coaching clients over to you so I can focus on RRRCT and writing – and to help you have great fun, fulfillment, and financial security while you’re doing it.

Love, Rori

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What Voices Are You Listening To?

zeke1Our brains, our thoughts, our heads – are a constant swirl of voices, of thoughts, of words, of patterns, of old cycles, of buttons being pushed and reacted to – it’s a never-ending cacophony of voices.

The only question is: What voices are you going to listen to? Which voices are you going to entertain? Which voices are you going to feed?

Because it’s never going to stop.

The voices just go and go and come and come – it’s a pattern – like we’re a computer run wild. Running wild through our memories, through all the thoughts we’ve ever had, the experiences we’ve ever had – just like a computer, picking up data and
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When Fear Is Stopping You – And You Don’t Even Know it…

The Gatekeeper croppedTo me, fear is always at bottom.

I deal with my fears holding me back every single minute of every day…

When I listen to my mother talk (sweet and wonderful and supportive and loving as she is and has always been – I was and am very lucky) – nearly every single thing she says feels to me like a worry or fear.

And that’s in the cells of my body.

It’s hard for me to make decisions, or even know what I want because fear, down deep, sends me off in so many directions.

I often can’t “instantly” tell which feelings and “wants” are inspired by my dreams, and which by my fears.

It’s the sinking in and making choices to be BRAVE and Courageous – every single moment – that’s key for me.

The decision itself (or the thing I’m deciding about) isn’t so important.

In fact, the decision and the “thing” are most often irrelevant – because  “things” tend to work themselves out the way they work out (and often they’re guided by my subconscious thoughts and feelings – the ones I “don’t know”).

It’s the feeling of peace that comes when I listen to my deepest self that makes the difference.

And as you practice this, too, and get used to it, you’ll begin to notice how that feeling of “peace” feels different from the confusion that happens when you’re listening to something more at the surface – in your head and “old pattern voices” – where the fears live.

Love, Rori

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The Best Way To Use This Blog

rosestemI want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience in the community by getting your own needs for safety and expression met (rather than simply being helpful to others in the community).

I actually have a set of guidelines (over in the sidebar) that officially BANS ALL advice giving (except for me, and the professional coaches I’ve allowed on the site to give advice) – so that everyone can feel free to
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We Get To Choose What We Feed

rori with seals nycThe Question:

“Rori, I thought being vulnerable meant expressing all feelings i.e. ‘I am angry’  ‘I am sad’ ‘I am famished’ ‘I love to hear your voice before drifting off…’  – good and bad?

…is it better to only use feeling statements that are positive?  – not ‘That feels bad’ or ‘I don’t like that’ – – more like ‘Yum’ or ‘Cool’ – and not talk about WORK  – or Medical Issues  – or deep subjects like politics or the environment, or mourning a death, or missing my mother… or…”
My Answer

It’s good to say the TRUTH at ALL times – AND – the truth is many things, even in one given
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Get The Guy Today! Free Teleclass With Valarie And Carrie

Note from Rori: You are absolutely going to want to be on this call today! Valarie and Carrie are AWESOME! And it’s an amazing thing to see what these Rori Raye Certified Coaches can DO for YOU, with their RRRCT training and day-to-day experience coaching tons of women to successful results in love and relationship…you’ll get a whole new point of few, new advice, get your questions answered, and really feel HEARD… Just go to either of their great websites and sign in to get the info to call:

Love, Rori

Get The Guy!!

Two Rori Raye Master Coaches reveal their secrets!


Valarie O’Ryan (Find Fairytale Love In A Modern World)


Carrie Stanfield (The Secret Allure Of The Type B Woman)

Join us Today! Monday October 27th, 2014 at 6 PM (Pacific)


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My New Best Friend Forever

2014-10-15 08.35.16This is Zeke. Sir Zeke, Ezekial The Prophet, Z, Mr. Z.

He’s the absolutely last dog I would have thought I’d have in my life.

As you likely know, I volunteer at an amazing dog shelter – Bichons and Buddies – in Culver City.

I’ve seen so many dogs in the last year I’ve been there, helping myself heal from the loss of two beloved family dogs, and walking and cuddling the dogs to help them feel better.

I’ve taken some home to foster when they were sick or needed more attention.

I’ve fallen for so many – nearly one or two every week.

I’ve decided to adopt one or another and changed my mind out of “fear.”

And then I saw “Rocky.”

Only – I DIDN’T see him! Not Really.

Bichons and Buddies shelters and places (every dog gets a home, usually within weeks or a month!) small, fluffy white dogs. Poodle and maltese mixes, little fluffys (“Fluffy” is one of the names we
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Get The Guy – Free Teleclass With Rori Raye Master Coaches

Get The Guy!!

Two Rori Raye Master Coaches reveal their secrets to Happily-Ever-After!


Valarie O’Ryan (Find Fairytale Love In A Modern World)


Carrie Stanfield (The Secret Allure Of The Type B Woman)

Join us Monday October 27th, 2014 at 6 PM (Pacific)

In this powerful, magical FREE teleseminar, you’ll discover:

  • How to be completely irresistible to any man
  • How to communicate with a man in a way that will leave him wanting more
  • How to attract men just by loving yourself
  • How to “turn up your sexy” to make him crave you
  • What to do if he pulls away
  • What to do to inspire his commitment
  • How to “cheat-proof” your relationship
  • What inspires a man’s life long commitment
  • How to dissolve arguments quickly
  • How to Become a master flirt!
  • The Secrets To Never be in the “friend zone” again
  • How To Date in a different way – one that changes everything!
  • Tools to Feel confident, happy, secure & sexy

PLUS – get YOUR questions answered! Hit us with your toughest love questions. We have the answers.

We are so excited to be offering this very exclusive one-time event FREE!

We hope you will take advantage of this very special opportunity to get answers to all of your love questions.We will be sharing our secrets for how we both found the love of our lives and are now living our “happily ever after”!

To join us for this event, you can simply register on either of our websites…

Go to the scheduler and select the event from there. You will receive instructions on how to call in.

See you then!

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