Controlling Isn’t Where It’s At

neckingcoupleThe Question:

“Rori, I was inspired by just your newsletter about surrendering. I have been raised to be strong and in control and seems that that has rolled into my relationships and ultimately destroyed many of them.

I even have people tell me I am to controlling in relationships as well.

My question is, I have fallen madly in love with really who I believe is the man of my dreams..finally.

This was a fast paced relationship with all the right things going for it. Communication was our strongest suit. Anyway, one day he just didn’t call or tell me why he needed
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A New Tool To Instantly Feel Better & Draw Him In

angerIf you’re urgently struggling with issues with a man, and it’s making it hard for you to get everything you want, know that you can solve this – step-by-baby-step.

When things get huge, and a man is acting – maybe even suddenly – in a way that’s painful and frustrating, it’s tough to see how to start chipping away at the problem so things will work out the way you want – but you can do it.

All you need is a place to get started, some new skills and support.

Have you ever felt at the absolute end of your “rope”?

Like things can’t get any worse and you don’t know what to do first to set your
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Dating Dilemma

rosestemThe Question:

“Rori, It would be fantastic if you could help me with my small dating dilemma: how to get a man’s attention?

How can I make him notice me considering that there are loads of women in the same room. I don’t know if I could make the first move as I’m more of a shy person. What would you recommend?
Best Regards, Allison”

My Answer:

Dear Allison, Great question! First, Don’t make any moves. Let him do it. It’s okay to be shy.

There may be loads of women in the room, and he’s noticing you all. If you’re not his
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If You’re Going To Play BIG – You’re Going To Meet Haters – What To Do…

321 white teethwhite croppedI get about three “hate mails” a day – have since the beginning of “Rori Raye.”

This is about how to not have to READ it, not have to deal with it, how to embrace it instead of fight it, and how to lessen the stress and impact of it on your life – WITHOUT turning down your wattage, dialing down your power and boldness, or silencing your strong voice for yourself and other women.

It’s about how to go fearlessly into “Going BIG!

First – I’ve been there, I’m there now, I’ll always be there.

It’s part of the deal I accept as a public person, and part of my personal self-development in becoming an increasingly bold, plain-speaking, straight-shooting,
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Is He Just A Friend?

newThe Question:

“Rori, I need some major advice. I’ve been seeing this guy since July, we go out together we go to eat, we talk everyday – all day while he at work – but now all the sudden he says he looks at as if I was just a friend and not someone to be in a relationship with.

So what do I do after putting all this time and effort into him. He knows that I’m in love with him.
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Get Free Coaching From My Amazing New Coaches NOW!

IMG_0618closerHi, This is Rori,

Get great coaching from my new, amazing RRRCT Trainees Right NOW!

These new coaches are available to you right now because they’re in the Business Siren-BIZ Module of RRRCT. There are another 10 new coaches who’ve graduated from the RRRCT – Fundamentals Module, and they’ll be available to you in August – when they take “BIZ.”

After they graduate from Training as Rori Raye Trained Coaches  they’ll be free to charge regular fees for coaching – but right now – you can get coached for FREE!

You can try every one of these amazing new coaches (they all use my Tools and techniques, they’ve practiced extensively coaching me and the RRRCT Master Coach Teachers during live class hours, so I KNOW they’re good) for one free session each!

And, if you quickly fall for one of them (I know you will) – you’ll be able to continue with that coach at a hugely discounted rate.

Here’s the list – go to their websites and contact them each to schedule your free appointment (they each have a “Contact” page, or give you their email addresses so you can write them).

Many have Subscriber boxes already – with Newsletters and Freebie reports – so if you see one – be sure to sign up and pick up the “Freebie”!

Heather Allison:

Andrada Dan:

Korina Fleur:

Christine Rich Hanson:

Lygia Lisi:

Nina Mercie:

Michelle Manley:

Megan Prentiss:

Sami Wunder:

And here are a couple of Business Siren-BIZ trainees in other fields – who also do private consultations via phone and Skype:

Jenny Dufton:

is a yoga teacher in Cornwall, England.

Dr. Aimee Johnson: is a veterinarian in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Have fun discovering these great new coaches and Business Sirens who can help you, personally and amazingly, anytime you need – or want – to talk to an excellent, qualified, Rori Raye trained coach.

* Also, I would love your feedback! Please consider writing me after you’ve checked out the coaches websites, and worked with them in sessions, and let me know:

1. How their website, photos and writing appealed to you. What made you call some first, and others later?

2. How did the session scheduling go for you? Were they responsive and available?

3. How did the coaching go? Did you feel cared for, non-judged and, most important – helped?

Oh – and if these women inspire you to become a Rori Raye trained coach, too – let me know!

I know any coach who’s been trained by me in RRRCT can give you faster results than any other coach out there…so if you’d like to become a coach yourself and join this elite, very special group of powerful coaches, go here to check RRRCT out (we start Fundamentals on July 6th!):

Try these coaches out for free – ALL of them if you like! – and be helped and inspired…

Love, Rori

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Do I Just “Go” With Whatever He Says?

other womenThe Question:

Sophia asks, “If I let go of the boy energy, does that mean I just accept and go with whatever the man I’m with decides?”

My Answer:


Isn’t that amazing?

I just said yes to what seems like a distinctly anti-feminist suggestion. And we all know I’m a staunch feminist.

That’s because “going along” with this answer is not being a doormat.

It’s being a girl.

Notice: The question doesn’t ask “Do I go along with whatever he decides, even if he never asks me what I’d like?”
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8 Steps To Turn Your Feminine Energy Into ACTION!

IMG_0577croppedblurHi, This is Rori, and right now – you’re going to be Channeling energy, power, and FUN:

1. Write down all the things in the world that matter to you – that have NOTHING to do with a man.

It can be World Peace, it can be growing your business, it can be moving, it can be finishing a project – and relate any “smaller” ideas you get to a BIGGER end goal – a bigger DREAM that makes you feel happy.

2. Now make a list of anything you could do to help CHANNEL your energy, the power of your thoughts and feelings, into accomplishing any one of those things.

Yes – I’m talking here about Masculine Energy. This is total “BOY.”

3. Now look out a window (or imagine you’re looking out one) and write down things that are FUN.

Things that FEEL like fun.

I don’t want to hear a “have-to” in the bunch.


We’re simply funneling and channeling the energy you’re using now to figure things out, to Problem-Solve into the happy, fun, ACTION, goal-oriented things on your list.

4. Now, purposefully schedule ways to keep that energy moving “out the window.”

Make an actual list.

5. Now – as you practice doing this, you’ll notice a lot of resistance from inside you. You’ll notice the desire to turn from this action work into thinking about a problem, a concern, or about your man – in your head.

You’ll notice yourself wanting to create action around the “thing” that’s bothering you – or around HIM.

Really catch that. Now…

6. Sink into the feelings – all of them.

Whatever they are…let them “roil” through you without judgment or comment…

…and the moment you feel ANY feeling that feels more about power than about defeat or concern or worry…

7. Then immediately go to your action list and TAKE AN ACTION.

DO SOMETHING from your list.

I really want you to associate your first feeling of power with action.

I want you to DO something from the list you have – whether it’s moving furniture, straightening your desk, walking outside, writing a letter to someone, redoing your resume, writing a business plan, starting the outline for your next book…whatever.

*It can’t be random with this step. It has to be something you thought up and wrote down.

If you read over your long list enough, you’ll remember a lot of steps, and so you can spontaneously do something from the list – but at some point I want you to:

8. Cross The Thing You Do OFF THE LIST.

I want you to associate the good, powerful feeling with a goal, with an action step, and with accomplishing it.

And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with HIM or “The Problem”!

To Get More Help Accessing Both Your Feminine “Be” Energy AND Your Masculine “Do” Energy –

…And get them BOTH expanding so far from where they are right now that you can FEEL the power they create – try my new “Have It All – Walking The Feminine Trail” Teleclass Membership program.

The next live Have It All teleclass is this Wednesday, April 15th, at 11am PDT!

Your investment in Have It All! is good for forever – and the first 7 scheduled live Have It All teleclasses (plus the hours of my studio recordings that are already available to you the moment you sign up!) are detailed on this page:

Hope to see you and answer your questions on the Have It All calls..and please let me know how this Channeling Tool works for you…

Love, Rori

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3 Options If You’re With A Man Who Doesn’t Love Love You

angerThe Question:

“Rori, I have been dating Don for seven months. He makes me feel like the focus of his life. In fact he says he thinks of little else but me all day long. He takes me out often, pays for dates, and we have a lot of passionate cuddles.

We haven’t had sex, although there is a strong attraction between us. I told him it felt right to get to know each other first and he has respected
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A Devastating Breakup Out Of Nowhere…

traintracksThe Question:

Marlene said, “I just broke up from a four year relationship. He became angry one morning and said the relationship was not working for him.

No fights. No arguments.

I moved out. He will not see me or talk to me.

Says I hurt him. He still loves me, but is moving on. What now?”

This is devastating. Four years.

It ends just because he gets angry one morning.

My Answer:

Marlene, I believe you believe this happened suddenly.
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