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Get The Guy!!

Two Rori Raye Master Coaches reveal their secrets to Happily-Ever-After!


Valarie O’Ryan (Find Fairytale Love In A Modern World)


Carrie Stanfield (The Secret Allure Of The Type B Woman)

Join us Monday October 27th, 2014 at 6 PM (Pacific)

In this powerful, magical FREE teleseminar, you’ll discover:

  • How to be completely irresistible to any man
  • How to communicate with a man in a way that will leave him wanting more
  • How to attract men just by loving yourself
  • How to “turn up your sexy” to make him crave you
  • What to do if he pulls away
  • What to do to inspire his commitment
  • How to “cheat-proof” your relationship
  • What inspires a man’s life long commitment
  • How to dissolve arguments quickly
  • How to Become a master flirt!
  • The Secrets To Never be in the “friend zone” again
  • How To Date in a different way – one that changes everything!
  • Tools to Feel confident, happy, secure & sexy

PLUS – get YOUR questions answered! Hit us with your toughest love questions. We have the answers.

We are so excited to be offering this very exclusive one-time event FREE!

We hope you will take advantage of this very special opportunity to get answers to all of your love questions.We will be sharing our secrets for how we both found the love of our lives and are now living our “happily ever after”!

To join us for this event, you can simply register on either of our websites…

Go to the scheduler and select the event from there. You will receive instructions on how to call in.

See you then!

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Get Instant Confidence – No Matter WHAT’S Going On Or Where You Are!

OMG – This is AWESOME!!! Try it! Two minutes of “Power Posing” in the bathroom before a date, two minutes before you make a work/business decision or meet with a potential client or employer….and on and on:

Love, Rori

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Did He Go Back To His Ex Because You Didn’t Pursue Him?

10-6 love yourselfThe Question:

“Rori, I had this great guy in my life, when we first met he said he is separated and likes to make a family.

We went out on few dates, in the last one he said I think you deserve a better man than me, then he started not to call so much then stopped calling. I used the Circular Dating advice.

Then I did not contact him for 5 weeks , then I called him and we started talking again, I felt he got better.
a two weeks later I found out that he got back to his old lady and he said I think we better become friends…
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More On Getting Triggered And Not “Fixing”

glass-ballThe response to my last post about “doing nothing” inspired a great question:

“Isn’t “doing” the Rori Raye Tools “doing” something?”

This question was beautifully answered by Indigo:

 “I think Rori means “do nothing” in the sense of, don’t try to fix things.”

Now – I wanted to write more:

Indigo – Yes, Thank You – “do nothing” is about not “fixing” or “creating” or “taking action” or “strategizing…”

The Tools are, for me, like breathing…if I find myself holding my breath, I remember to breathe, and just let the breathing happen.

If I find myself in my head, or leaning forward, or trying to fix or analyze, the awareness itself seems to
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Does Your Family Trigger You Intensely – And What To Do With It

intimacyThe answer of what do I do when I feel shaky, frustrated, and  compelled to “fix” the tension in the room is…nothing.

Do nothing.

Feel everything, do nothing.

Otherwise – we start to do, and then we trigger even more, and then we’re into a cycle of: do->trigger->do more->trigger more….

I was at a family “event.”

Conflict is a given. Tension is a given. People stuffing feelings, insult, outrage, all covered over with
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Emma Watson And Feminism At The United Nations

I loved this.

1. About Emma personally that is so helpful to see (for me): She’s totally, completely in her emotional self. She’s shaking, clearly nervous and anxious – and she doesn’t try to hide it. It adds power to her presentation. And credibility. Instead of making her look weak, it makes her feel strong to us.

 2. What she says about the world (again, for me): There can be no human justice or sense in the
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So Much Stuff On My Facebook Page

I’m generally not muchfb quote about Facebook (and hardly ever refer anyone there)…

…and, yet, I see that in this new world, getting “FB likes” and “shares” equals “getting heard…”

Messages come from everywhere…

Here are some beautiful photos to go with beautiful and helpful love, self-esteem, peace-inspiring quotes (mine and others)…Hope you like them, feel moved by them, and want to “like” and share them…:

This FB pix/quote from me above is so true – we overfunction, we “try hard,” we “work” at relationships because we’ve been trained, our whole lives, to believe that our “worth” depends upon what we “DO.”

And it’s not true.

We have worth just because we have worth. Because we are….Because we are women…

We are worthy.

We don’t have to push, don’t have to try, don’t have to think five steps ahead of what’s happening right now.

Love, Rori


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What Part Of “Housework” Is “Feminine”?

The Gatekeeper croppedHere’s a great letter from Sara about what constitutes “femininity” – is it in the “eye of the beholder…”?:

The Question:

“Hi Rori and everyone, I would love to hear from you Rori on this, I have got all your programs and think you are great.

I am in a relationship with a man, and have been for 4 years. We moved in 6 months ago. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other before moving in. My intention is not to get married, but to have a long term happy relationship if I can.

I have been previously divorced. My questions is around this:

Both my ex-husband and my current partner say that I don’t have feminine qualities, such as constantly cleaning up, and taking care of the kitchen, etc. I have grown up the exact same way that I am living
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Free Coaching With My New Rori Raye Coach Trainees!

celebrateHere’re the new RRRCT 2014 Coach Trainees – and you can get coached for free by any or all of them!

Check out their websites (all very new…), see who you’d like to try out – and contact them directly.

Some have scheduling software already, some don’t…and they are ALL excellent!

Feel free to try out ALL of them (that’s almost 20 hours of free coaching!) – and yet, my guess is that you’ll quickly get such great help and results from the first few ones you try – you’ll stick with them for very inexpensive coaching packages.

Here they are:


There are six more wonderful coach Trainees whose websites aren’t up yet – I’ll add them to this list as soon as they are!

Note: If you’d like to write me personally with feedback on any of my Trainees – or what you think of their websites as far as they’ve gotten – please email my assistant – and she’ll forward your feedback to me!

AND – Only some of their newsletters are working (sites are under construction) – most “subscriber boxes” are up as “tests” and aren’t really connected yet – so just email them to set up your free session….and if they have their free reports ready, they’ll email them to you!

*Also – I’ll be starting Rori Raye Coach Training for 2015 on January 19th – so if you’d like to talk about becoming a coach, the way these fabulous women have – let me know! The page with info is at:


Love, Rori

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Sexual Meditation Helps Everything

naked-torsoHere is what I see: As long as we are feeling separate from ourselves and others – no amount of talking about “opening up” will help.

We have to do the Tools…

Here’s how to use the Sensual Meditation from the Have The Relationship You Want ebook, NOW, to help everything inside and around you:

Schedule this at least twice a week – an hour with yourself when you’re alone. You’ll be working with yourself in a tender, physical, gentle, sensual and sexual way. Then, if you like, WRITE about your experience in a journal!

When you become comfortable, pliable, sensually open for extended periods of time, noticing what’s going on in your body, head and feelings, “in tune with yourself” – and start to feel more connected to yourself — that’s when it transfers to the outside world and
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