Love Forever Live Today at 11am PDT!

rori lace1In just a few hours – get your personal questions answered by me, live, in the newest Love Forever teleseminar!

***If you have a personal relationship question or situation you’d like me to address, just sign up for “Love Forever” anytime before the class TODAY, Wednesday, August 20th, 11am PDT/2pm EST/7pm Europe - and you’ll get instant access to the Love Forever program (over 25 hours of recorded classes), and you can write to me today during the class from the Love Forever Teleclass webpage. I’ll answer you right then and there!

(Love Forever is an advanced program, where I work with you on deeper levels of using the Tools you may already have from my programs, and give you completely NEW ones.)

In addition to answering your personal questions, I’ll be talking about how to TALK to a man, and how to UNWIND any patterns that have developed between you and a man you’re with (or seem to always come up with men you date) – so the class is called: “Get Unwound!”

Love, Rori

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Circular Dating When Your Man’s Got Job Problems

targetingThe Question:

Have dated Brian for 14 months. He lost his job due to a take over (not his fault all upper management lost their jobs) and was unemployed for 5 months which caused havoc with his finances as he pays hefty child support. We survived this period and I did not lend him money, but helped him extensively (probably too much) to get another high paying job.

Unfortunately due to his type of position and high income needed the best job is in another state. We have continued long distance, speak several times a day and he either flies me to him or comes here
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Why Circular Dating Is Not A Risk

locketOkay – I’ve heard this SO many times: He does “all that” – the integrating of his life with yours, calling you his girlfriend, giving you a good amount of time and energy, the calling…and then at 8 to 10 months – or a year and 1/2 – he fades.

You discover he’s discovered he’s now not sure, his job has changed (or he’s lost it) – he wants to travel, the ex girlfriend or ex wife has re-contacted him.

This seems to be a pattern with some of us women – we miss the red flags.

We peg this as “our” insecurity. We feel like “we’re the problem.

The last thing we think is that: “Something’s wrong.”

I’ve heard of men fading out even after a woman’s pregnant or had a baby…
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Gluten,Thyroid And Energy – My Story

tiltheadFor me – after dealing holistically – impressively and mostly successfully with a painful auto-immune disease called Interstitial Cystitis and then GERD – I simply could not overcome my energy drain.

I’d considered it my “normal” for so many years, blamed Hashimotos and Adrenal Exhaustion, my age…and then, finally, took the Cyrex Array 4 – Gluten cross-reaction test.

There, I discovered my sensitivities to potato and corn. I had been eating potato instead of grains – so, I stopped potato – and felt only mildly better.

I eat NO corn, so couldn’t figure out why it was so high on the test results.

Then I realized – the Chinese herbals I’d been taking for years in my IC treatment with a Chinese
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Does Plenty Of Fish Work For Anyone? Or Is It All “Booty Calls”?

carvingHere’s a letter about – a dating site (free – and known often as POF) that some women I’ve spoken with have great personal stories around, and others see this way:

“Dear Rori,

I feel that I so so need to correct you on this Plenty Of Fish website, You are very seriously jeopardizing your Reputation on referring this website!!!!!

I have been on this website 2 separate times, I gave it enough time to literally hang itself….

I shall explain it to you briefly. I am a good and true Christian LADY, even with what my profile says, I still got men that only wanted a booty call.

Everyone knows this except for you.

I Love your emails you send me, and they are right on when it comes to meeting a GOOD and true
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More On Circular Dating

moviedateJust to clarify – Circular Dating is not about dating.

It doesn’t even need to INCLUDE “dating.”

Circular Dating is a therapeutic tool for interacting with men out in the world and using my tools.


That can look like an encounter with the butcher at the market. A short conversation with a man at Starbucks. Or an actual date.

It’s about learning to open your heart, feel steady when your heart is open, trust yourself and stay sane.

Targeting Mr. Right – my program on Circular Dating – explores ALL possibilities of CDing – from
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Strong On the Inside and Soft On the Outside – How it Works

flowerheartJust got this letter from Cami – who’s having a great experience:

“Hi Rori,
Just wanted to check in with you. So last night we had a very good night for the most part. But a lot of it I have to attribute to where I am right now. I feel more centered and strong.

I have also started doing yoga again more regularly and just taking care of ME more. I know I have a looong way to go to get to where I want to be, but I am working on it.

I am finding the leaning back tool to be very very helpful. We met after my yoga class at my favorite sushi restaurant and sat at the bar. It was so nice to just sit next to him and talk and enjoy. But there
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An Interview With Rori – Speaking From The Heart

rosestemHere are some bits and pieces from an interview I did years ago:

I was asked: “What about the words you say you teach people to use?”

Here was my answer:

The words and body language and all the other tools I developed and teach look very different on different sides of the relationship dynamic.

I talk about choosing to be the masculine energy partner or the feminine energy partner, and that there has to be one of each in a relationship – regardless of gender or who chooses which role, but that you have to choose.

Masculine energy is about thinking, about action – making decisions, being in charge, delegating tasks, just generally doing, and feminine energy is about feelings – about expressing
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The Theme Park Of YOU – EngineeringLand

navigating loveHere’s another installment on my “The Theme Park Of You” Concept (hopefully, it’ll eventually be made into a book or program…):


This is the fix-it part of you.

The part that does examining, analysis, doing, accomplishing, constructing, building, calculating…

This is the boy part.

This is the tinkering, the planning part.

Don’t be afraid of it!

It’s necessary.
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Some Basic Dating Tips…

intimacyIf you’re dating, practice being absolutely authentic from the moment you first speak.

This means listening, not trying to control your anxiety by talking so much, actually tolerating anxiety until you get used to the feeling of connecting with someone, and speaking in feeling terms.

Talk about how you feel about things – the food, the restaurant, the weather, your job, your dog – rather than stating the facts – or your opinions about them.

Instead of saying this is a nice restaurant – say how it makes you feel to be there – how the lighting
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