The New “Girls” – One Step Forward And Two Steps Backward

bad boyOkay – forget that whole “role model” thing for Hannah of “Girls” that I talked about last post…

This last week on the show, she did stuff (I won’t “spoiler alert”)  that put her backwards two steps…

Adam did stuff and said stuff that made him even more the romantic hero…sigh…

It’s not about “being young.”

It’s about letting our insecurities get the better of us, narrow our vision down so we feel
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More About Marriage “Statistics” and “Girls”

woman in chairHere’s my comment on the “statistics” article I posted a few days ago:

Yes, I deliberately posted this article to be provocative…

No one wants to hear this kind of stuff.

It can inspire you – and, most likely, it makes you “resist” and feel crappy if you don’t have what the “data” suggests you’re “supposed” to have.

As for the “information” in this particular article: What “most” people think or do is not what I want MY life to be about – or what I want YOUR life to be about!

And yet, I think the article is an example that: We need to stare “What Is” in the face. (Even if
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Statistics On What Makes A Man Marry A Specific Woman…

fern on rockThis is gangbusters: Statistics:

Let me know your reaction…I read every word….

Love, Rori


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Free Love On Purpose Revolution

love adviceSo many of my friends are speaking on this fabulous “Love On Purpose Revolution” – and it’s all free!

Orna and Matthew Walters put this project together (you already know how much I respect and love their work, and just adore them as people  – kind, good, smart – truly great coaches), and I’m blown away by what they’ve accomplished in just a few short years.

They’ve figured out a way to bring together the best folks in the relationship “niche” to give you great, free interviews and talks, so you can get
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What If I Trusted Me?

sedona 077 200I’ve really noticed that the word Trust is so “loaded.”

To say: “I trust myself.”

That feels really hard sometimes.

Sometimes I don’t trust myself to drive. I don’t trust myself know where I am

So I’m putting some new words to that and here are my new words:

I feel unsafe.

I feel unsafe with myself.

I feel unsafe here in this place.

I feel unsafe with this man right at this moment.

So… What does safety have to do with it and how can I start to feel safe?
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Bobbi Palmer’s Free Webcast & Videos!

datingI just got this from Bobbi Palmer (I love her) – and started watching her free videos right away…take advantage:

“Are you ready to fall in love with a great guy? The one you have in mind is probably smart, charming, interesting, fun, hot!

But your challenge is where to meet him, right? This is one of the most common complaints from women: Where are all the quality men?! And that’s especially loud coming from women in their 40s, 50s and
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The Theme Park Of You

rollercoasterInside me I feel so much I can’t even keep it straight. Carousels and rollercoasters – an entire theme park of emotion. A carnival of feelings.

And – who cares what those feelings are!

I can say I feel mad at this, I feel sad from that, I feel glad because of this, I feel afraid of that….but it really doesn’t matter.

The only reason for discovering any of it is to become more aware of
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We Need A New Name For This:

Have Book 224A “Healthy” Relationship. A Non-Co-Dependent Relationship. A Non-Toxic Relationship…

Let’s come up with some NEW names for “what we want” that are inspiring!

Here are some I thought up – please add yours, and I’ll start writing about them…:

  • Interdependent Relationship
  • Evolving Relationship
  • Enlightened Relationship
  • Unbound Relationship
  • Untied Relationship
  • Moving Relationship
  • Journey Relationship
  • Heart-Centered Relationship(over-used…)
  • Open-Hearted Relationship
  • Two-Handed Relationship
  • Flowing Relationship
  • Transformational Relationship (overused…)
  • Expanding Relationship
  • Team Relationship
  • Awake Relationship
  • Conscious Relationship (WAY overused…)
  • Intentional Relationship
  • Expanded Relationship
  • Expansive Relationship
  • Pit-Crew Relationship (kinda like this…)
  • Inspired Relationship
  • Creative Relationship
  • Evolutional Relationship
  • Quality Relationship
  • Sack Race Relationship
  • Inventive Relationship
  • Empowered Relationship
  • Empowering Relationship
  • Evolutionary Relationship

Love, Rori

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Do You Have To Love Him To Date Him?

moviecoupleThe Question:

Hello Rori, It’s been six months and I’m still trying to get over the guy I love. Because we are friends, I still see him sometimes and talk to him as a “friend” and this makes me unable to let go of him, he thinks of me nothing more than a friend, or so he seems.

A new guy showed up and he’s giving me all the love, all the attention and all the care I could ever ask for, and he want me to be in a relationship with him. He has a great personality but physically very unattractive!

I don’t know whether I should give him a chance or not because I’m not in love with him, if I do give him a chance I might change my mind after a while and end up breaking his heart. I’m still
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How A Man Can Change So You Can Fall For HIM!

redgauzeheartsChristina was my client years ago – and she’s come from such a painful place and into such a brilliantly happy one – I asked HER for advice on how to fall in love with a “Good Guy” when you’re not attracted to him (especially if you’ve known him for awhile):

“Hi Rori,

You wanted to know how I changed Don … so here goes:

I had decided to give Don a fighting chance since we’d dated a couple of years back, and while he
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