What A Man Really Wants – Your Modern Siren Hotness

sexyguybackSo what does a man want in a woman more than anything else?

As a man over 40 recently said to me “A man wants a woman who can give him a boner.”

Sounds so crass. So basic. So what we’ve always thought and feared about man, doesn’t it?

And yet I believe him.

So what exactly does this mean for you?

If you’re in your 20s and he’s in his 20s that means that almost any woman he sees can give him a Boner.

He’s free to roam about the country. He’s free to roam about women-kind. And what he needs from you
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Good Man vs. Sexy One

maninredHere’s a great letter re: A Good Man vs. A Sexy One” from Gina with a terrific outcome:

Hi and I have an answer for this one!

YES and yes….well, a maybe!

I was also attracted to the bad boy vibes and as it turned out, also that he was so very good at sending these out to so many OTHER women, at the same time!!! No discretion and no discerning one from another, it seemed at the end.

Ever wonder what it feels like to see another woman’s hair in his hairbrush?…tampons under the sink?…car in his driveway?…

Well, enough drama. After a brief mourning, I said YES to dating a really nice man who was interested
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Last Chance – Siren Mom Live Teleclass Tomorrow

10-6 love yourselfHi Sirens,

Today is the last day you can sign up to ask me specific questions about love and relationships in my live teleclass “Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom” – and thank you SO much for your help and input addressing one of the key, crucial issues.

I’ll be focusing on the specific logistical, emotional and psychological high-stakes challenges of dating and relationships when you have kids.

If you join me on Wednesday, you’ll learn:

  • How to heal your anger, frustration and hurt from past relationships using my “Two Trains” Tool
  • The best way to manage your time that reduces stress and makes you feel like you’ve “Got all the time in the world…”
  • How to create your “New Love Story” with my new Circular Dating Tool: Stir The Pot
  • Easy ways to create the family environment that invites the right man IN, instead of pushing him away
  • How to stop the Mom “Quicksand of Overfunctioning” with your kids so you’ll never again overfunction with a man

Yes! Sign Me Up!

I truly hope you’ll join me on June 25th at either 11am or 5:30 pm PST (you can choose which call once you sign up), and learn how to reconnect to your irresistible, feminine, magnetic self again.

It’s time you took care of yourself the way you take care of others, and get the loving, connected, romantic relationship you deserve.

Love, Rori

Note: Remember, if you come to the teleclass, you’ll get a discount to the full audio program once it’s completed this fall. 

Yes! Sign Me Up!

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What To Tell A Man About Your Feelings

locked heartHere’s a great question from “Sunshine” about sharing some deep feelings of hurt:

The Question:

“Hello everyone, I am new to this blog and I hope not to be intrusive. I just have a question… must a man know you have cried for him if you’re trying to be sincere and open up to him? Is it ok if you tell him you have shed tears for him?

Or should you only say you have felt deeply hurt – Sunshine”

My Answer:

Sunshine – great question – and here’s the short answer – there is no reason to “tell” or “share” with a man ANYTHING in terms of “rules” or “right answers.”

Where you must ALWAYS be coming from is “Where am I coming from?”

In other words – if there’s a REASON you want to share this information with him other than just wanting to have a deep, meaningful, profound, honest and open communication and going “first” – then that’s where your work is.
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Live Teleclass Next Week For Siren Moms!

desertmomI’m in the process of creating a new program – my first in over 2 years – and I’m doing a teleclass next week to preview its contents and get your feedback.

My program will be called “Dating Secrets For The Siren Mom,” and it’s in response to your letters and questions about how to manage your family as a single mom – and STILL Circular Date and bring in a new, romantic, gorgeous relationship to your life and your family.

There are limited spaces available, so reserve your spot now–>>

Dating when you have kids has much higher stakes. Logistically, it’s so much tougher – finding the time, not “nurturing” your dates and instead being your glorious, feminine self, healing your heart from your earlier heartbreak, what to do differently the second time around, and how to know if this man is worthy of your love, and of your children.

In my teleclass, I’m going to give you a sneak peak of the program content, AND (here’s the best part!) answer your questions about this topic directly.

There are so many nuts-and-bolts involved here – a true “juggling” of so many needs from work, children, and often ex-husband or partner – it’s often YOUR needs that get short-shrift.

In this teleclass, I’ll give you many new Tools to help you create a harmonious, romantic and inviting family environment that will be so alluring as a “package” – you’ll attract the right man for you simply, effortlessly and as permanently (or fling-y) as you want.

This teleclass is not only to answer your questions and help you on-the-spot to get the most out your life, as it is right now – it will help me to listen to your needs and add them to the Siren Mom program.

Here’s how it will work:

The teleclass will be only $69, and I’m holding two separate classes on June 25th to give you options for your busy schedules. I know you may live anywhere in the world – and so I’ll hold one call at 11am PDT (Pacific Time) – and one at 5:30pm PDT. (Plus, there will be a recording available after the call is finished, in case you miss anything.)

Once you sign up, you’ll receive the call in information via email. From there, you’ll select which call (11am or 5:30 pm PDT) you want to attend.

Anyone who comes to the teleclass will get a discount to the full program once it’s completed (I’ll probably be releasing it sometime in September – October), so you can consider this teleclass a “downpayment” on the future program.

SPACES ARE LIMITED – The phone lines only accommodate a small number of attendees, so you’ll need to act soon to make sure you get a spot before I sell out. You are one of the first to hear about this opportunity, but I’ll be telling my blog audience and Facebook community over the next few days.

Dating Secrets for the Siren Mom” will NOT be included in My Complete Collection for at least a year, so if you are a single mom who wants to make sure you get it right this time around, you’ll want to sign up for this teleclass asap.

I know you may have suffered real heartbreak, and I want to do everything I can to help you heal your heart and create an even better relationship this time around. Moms in particular often forget about their own needs, and this program will help you reconnect to your wonderful feminine self, and give the tools to feel irresistible once again.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the June 25th call. The button below will take you directly to the shopping cart to sign up for this new event.

Love, Rori



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Are You Doing What You WANT To Do?

rori with seals nycSo much about love depends on how you feel about yourself.

If you can’t love yourself through anything and everything – it’s hard to convince a man you can love HIM through anything and everything.

And he needs to know you’ll love him no matter what.

So – YOU need to know that YOU will love YOU no matter what.

Sounds basic, simple, duh…

And yet – the activity know as “beating yourself up” is generally our very favorite one.

It seems to chase away the demons that gather whenever we feel we’ve made a mistake.

Confession and punishment seems to be the tried-and-true way most of us deal with “mistakes” and
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Is It Busy Out There – Or Busy In My Mind?

tightropeSome thoughts about New York City and the lessons I’m learning here – about me:

1. Wanting groceries makes me feel fragile – and I’m not.

The Question that got me started on that is this: How does anyone get their groceries home in NYC?

They’re heavy. You have to do it one meal at a time.

I KNOW people cook – the places I’ve stayed in (my airbnb rental apartments) have cookbooks.

I would feel foolish getting a cab to go a few blocks…just because I have a bag or two of groceries. And yet – walking home with heavy bags seems impossible.

And I haven’t seen one person rolling a grocery shopping cart of any kind. (Perhaps they do – I just
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I Need Your Help On My New Program for Moms

desertmomIf you’re a single mom, please comment for me here (or email me privately) and let me know how you manage to Circular Date – or even to date the traditional,  one-man-at-a-time way.

How you handle baby-sitting, when and how you let a man interact with your children, how you manage your time, what’s the best kind of date – time, place, activity, etc. …

I have many ideas about unusual and non-traditional ways things can go – one is about the possibility of a much more casual kind of Circular Dating, where you let a man meet your kids not necessarily because he’s a “keeper,” but because he might be “fun” – and I want
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A Safe Man vs. A Dangerous/Sexy Man

closedeyemanA man who is by nature emotionally safe to be with can LEARN to become more dangerous and sexy if we’re willing to go there and “teach” and “inspire” by example.

His hormonal makeup is different from the high-testosterone “dangerous/sexy” man – so it’s not instinctive.

And a dangerous/sexy man can learn to be “safe” – through healing his “trust” mechanism.

Though hormones may make that more difficult than it is for the “nice” man to develop an “edge.”

The level of a man’s ability to see you as “not about HIM” (I’m not talking about the healing, spiritual concept of “we’re all one”), and desire, instinctively, to make you feel good and happy, is what makes it possible for him to learn.

Basically, it’s about the “size” of a man’s heart, and the “depth” of his character…

Love, Rori


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Be On My Private List….

navigating loveOops! If you tried to sign up to my Private List here on this post before 4:45 pm PDT – the brilliant new tech wasn’t working – so you didn’t actually get signed up, and you didn’t get to download “Navigating Love” – so please try again:

I’m about to create some new programs, interviews, reports – all FREE to my Private List – so be sure to get on it and pick up “Navigating Love” to start–>>

To Get Free Teleclasses, Live Events, Special Programs, Bonuses, New Love Tools, AND – Instantly start reading my “Navigating Love” ebook for free

Love, Rori

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