The Difference Between Passive Aggression and Feminine Scripts!

By Rori Raye | August 1, 2020

The Question:

Rori, Will you please be more explicit with your examples.. about what’s the true feminine way & what’s passive aggression?

My Answer:

– I know this cannot possibly feel clear for every situation – because each situation might require a completely different “Script” for you to use!

This is because it’s all about your “vibe,” and what’s underneath your words, that counts! Sometimes, … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Are You An Onion Or A Pearl? From Coach Courtney Schand

By Rori Raye | July 24, 2020

Note from Rori: Courtney Schand is an awesome coach – and this is one of the best, most helpful articles I’ve ever read…! 

From Courtney:

“I was speaking with a friend, who is also a coach, the other day.

She mentioned that the challenges in life are the sand in the oyster that create the pearl.

It made me realize, how often I’ve heard our life experiences are like revealing the layers of an onion.

I was the queen of the onions, wanting to cut through all of the layers of every onion.

It felt like that, a smelly job- layers and layers of dirty work.

Truthfully it felt so tiring and I was weary of looking for the core of this smelly onion.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may be able to relate.

I want to offer a flip that has been really powerful for me.

What if I were a pearl instead of an onion.

What if I saw each layer that was added as a beautiful, shimmery feature… increasing my value as it … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

When He Just…Walks Away…

By Rori Raye | July 16, 2020

The Question:

Hi Rori – bought Modern Siren program, and it is brilliant insight.

My situation is that my live-in boyfriend of 2 yrs, who was always so and more into me than him, barely argue, easy going – suddenly needed space with little indication why but he just “wasn’t into it and treating me how he normally would” so he took most of his belongings and went to stay with friends.

His issue is not communicating. So – how do I implement these Rori Raye guidelines with his not being around and distant – but physically distant (barely even texting) and also if HE is the non-communicator of the relationship?

I will implement these techniques into this relationship, but long term if he has trouble communicating, how does that work?

I genuinely believe we were brought together by divine intervention and are made for each other. We are known as “that” couple. How do I get him moved back home when we aren’t talking a lot and on this path to better communication? Shocked…”

Natalina Love’s Answer:

Hi, “Shocked,” this is Natalina, I’m so glad you found Rori and her amazing Modern Siren tools, and I’m so sorry you are experiencing such a disconnect with your man.

You say he just up and left without much to say about  where he is coming from, or what he needs and communication has never been an especially strong point for him ….

…this communication patterning has likely not been helping your relationship…I’m sorry to hear that…

Poor communication skills, I hear you,  are not ideal, yet skills are learnable and I would say this is fixable. 

Regarding the modern siren tools that you are working with – GOOD!

I’m so glad you have already started practicing working with the tools and concepts in Rori’s programs, as you work with the tools and start seeing results for yourself, I know you’ll be amazed…

…one reason why Rori’s tools work so beautifully to restoring and elevating relationship bliss is that the tools focus on YOU and an awareness of the energy exchange that naturally occurs in all relationships.

From this perspective, it wouldn’t matter if your man were to be  on the moon, Mars, or Jupiter…. The energy exchange that happens between a modern siren and her man is irresistibly magnetic, compelling and transformative. 

While no one can guarantee this man is ready for a relationship, or any other life changes he may find himself being asked to make for the sake of relationship, Sticking with your practice of the tools will ensure that you get to experience the relationship you deeply desire with a great man who is ready. 

This is by far the surest path to seeing if this man can and wants to meet you in this relationship in a deeper way, so please don’t get discouraged….

Seeing you say that you feel this relationship is a divine intervention itself – I have every faith in you.  

When I’ve had impressions like this, and I’m more inclined now than ever before to believe that every relationship, and every person who walks into our life for a moment or any amount of time longer than that… is a divine gift. 

For you, I hope it allows you to surrender to the love in the unknown, the tools certainly help though, and if you’d like additional support working with the tools – Check out The Siren Circle Private coaching Program.  
here’s the link:

The first week dives into understanding the energy exchange and how the flow of energy has been moving to and through you. 

You’ll have 3 full hour coaching sessions with Siren Coaches, Siren School Worksheets for each session,  program manual, and additional Siren Coach Support Via voxer and email.

It sounds like your relationships are ready for an elevated sense of connection, verbally and emotionally and in every way… the communication skills are simple enough to learn…It takes practice and patience…but it’s more than doable, and I think you may like working on this with us in Siren Circle. 

Do You Want a Man Who “Reacts” To You, Or A Man Who LOVES You?

By Rori Raye | July 8, 2020

When it comes to being in our feminine energy most of the time, and yet sliding into our masculine some of the time – what I’ve experienced is this:

Some men are very sensitive.

They react.

They react with shame (Enneagrams 3-4, often) and take offense and feel corrected very easily and quickly.

With them, we walk a fine line, and that can feel exhausting.

Other men feel good enough about themselves, they’ve different personality traits, and they actually don’t feel sliced by a knife every time we enter masculine energy space.

They don’t react, don’t take offense – in fact – they think it’s “cute” and smile.

Even sexy.

So – the question is, knowing that, if we’re choosing a man from scratch, do we want a man who reacts all… Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Love Coach Jeanie Wilder Shares How To Make Every “Meeting” With A Man A GREAT DATE!

By Rori Raye | June 27, 2020

The Question:

From Carol Ann: “Rori, I discovered your work and approaches very recently and they really speak to me. I feel like your work and the work of coaches you have trained has shed light on many many blindspots I have had over the years.

An umpteenth bumble/tinder date, post confinement, led me to you and other energy coaches.

This time is was one of the rare ones with a good guy (at least that is the impression I had). I went to the meetup (notice, I don’t use the term’ date’..!) with zero expectations, I had the impression hisease establishing rapport on audio messages could be the sign that he was a player (…).

…with hindsight see that I was missing a certain lightness, sense of fun, and reacted with masculine energy when he was acting in his masculine energy.

I think that while he was very interested leading to meeting me and at the start of the date, he probably felt that the date did not make him feel good enough.

I debriefed with a male friend of mine and he asked me if I let this guy play his ‘male’ role. This stuck with me (it’s not the first time he tells me that). What sticks with me from Rori and other coaches’ work, is that I wasn’t sufficiently warm during the date.

I was rather neutral, thinking “this is a stranger and I am meeting him for the first time and can’t go on … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Are You A Terrier For Love – Video!

By Rori Raye | June 20, 2020

Are you chasing a man – not even by your own choosing – but because something in you feels compelled to “get him?

My dog Zeke is all about the chase – yet, he only chases one animal: squirrels.

He barely notices rabbits, considers cats thoughtfully, and watches dogs that cross his path.

Yet, at the mere movement of a squirrel from the corner of his eye – he becomes transfixed.

Almost as if he’s been “taken over” by a compulsion.

And terriers, like Zeke, never let go.

If you’ve ever found yourself chasing after a man, body and soul, for reasons you can’t describe or explain – except for how he feels to you, and what he sparks in you – you can work with a Rori Raye coach privately, over Zoom, to get to the bottom of it all.

You’ll be able to shift that feeling of “compulsion” just enough to let a TRUE prince into your life: one who’ll be a terrier for YOU!

Go here to learn more about the Siren Circle Private Coaching program:

Love, Rori

When You’re Afraid Of What Will Happen If You Do Or Say…Anything At All

By Rori Raye | June 3, 2020

Thank you for your comments about this video – about “feeling afraid of other people becoming mad at us, or thinking less of us….”and sharing how this particular “fear” is spreading out in your life…

…it’s amazing how – when the thing I fear doesn’t come “true” – I relax.

It’s as though a huge iron rock has been lifted from me.

The trick is, then, to allow that “rock” to just float up, without ANY changes in the outer world.

Regardless of what happens out there, what anyone says or thinks.

This is how very successful people – in any area – work.

They trust themselves, forgive themselves, believe in themselves – believe they are good and trustworthy…all we need to do is get a LITTLE, TINY bit of that going inside ourselves.

To get specific help, to have a Rori Raye coach beside you 24/7 and working with you privately over video Zoom – get a month of private coaching with the Siren School Private Coaching program, here->

Love, Rori


Painting My Mother…

By Rori Raye | May 29, 2020

I just painted my mother… oh my goodness…

I was in the middle of three other paintings, and I felt nothing for working on them…then, all of a sudden I saw a black-and-white photo of my mother I’ve been saving…

I quickly clipped it up on my sketchpad and within ten minutes I had a nearly erase-free drawing I could begin with…

I transferred it (very old-fashioned lightbox method), to a piece of watercolor paper, and just started painting. I just wanted to…just felt it. It was on my wall in a frame by the next day… in colors I’d made up.

Way more delicate than my usual style… –

So… How are you living your life?

I wish to live mine moment-by-moment like this every single day.

Not just about painting, but about everything!

I feel like walking my dog, I walk my dog. I feel like eating, I eat. I feel like going to a movie, I suggest we … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

From Criticizing To Magic From Brenda Brewer

By Rori Raye | May 28, 2020

Here’s a great guest post by Coach Brenda Brewer:

It’s so easy to want all that love, attention, adoration, and ultimately for your man to take care of you…

Because, that’s what you as a woman want, deep down, right?

And when you’re not getting it…well, it’s all too obvious to you!

So…you do all kinds of things and hope that he will reciprocate…

~ Cook nice dinners

~ Compliment him

~ Send him flirty texts letting him know we are thinking about him

~ Offer to “help” him with something he’s dealing with

~ Give him advice (you’re just being helpful, right?!!)

So when this doesn’t work…and you know it’s not because of how you FEEL…

You feel resentful!

So, when you see these things that he is not doing that you want him to do so it seems intuitive ~

You have to tell him what he’s doing wrong and how he should be doing it or what should be happening… Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »

Are You Pushing The Right Man Away?

By Rori Raye | May 15, 2020

All by ourselves, mask in pocket, wondering, when I look in Zeke’s eyes how I got so lucky he chose me (and from the moment I saw him in the big cage at Bichons and Buddies surrounded by small fluffy white dogs that were the only dogs supposed to be in the shelter where I was a volunteer – he knew I was his).

He’d literally stared at me for minute upon minute, across the room from where I stood, paralyzed, even though there were tons of people wandering around and working, even though there was a lot going on … Read more and leave a comment or question for Rori »