How To Shift Out Of Icky-Feeling Thoughts – From “Negative” To “Positive…”

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The Question:

“Hi Rori, so where is the oxygen mask…
how do i shift to something else?
When I think about being alone and just being me single for longer than a month, I think I’m a loser, a failure, unlovable, unsexy (is that a word) not a real woman…whatever that means?
How am I so entrenched in such negatives…?
Thank you for being so nice…J

My Answer:

J – you’re not “entrenched” in ANYTHING you can’t shift however you want.

It sounds like you’re NOTICING – which is THE important step, here (I call it “the Catch”in my Love Forever 6 Tools) – that you’re saying icky feeling things to yourself,s o- all my work is about Falling In Love with that voice inside you that’s SAYING those icky-feeling things!

In other words, don’t try to get rid of her or stuff her down – LOVE her, talk to her, find out what she needs and GIVE it to her!

You will be shocked at how quickly the voice turns to a purr. AND – you’l feel shocked at what happens to YOU once that “nasty voice” fades to a purr – all of a sudden, you won’t know what to do!

That nasty voice has been filling a void, keeping you stable, and keeping you comfortable.

Stepping out, and starting to put upbeat, good-feeling words to everything around you, to your thoughts, will feel weird at first.

And – if you’re not already on Siren Island – try it out! …this kind of “turning the voices around” in a very poetic and emotional way is Coach Natalina’s specialty!

And – how about: The oxygen mask is all around you.  All of life is the oxygen mask.  It’s always there…Love, Rori

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