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The Question:

Hi Rori, I have a situation that is taking over my mental health state now. I have been with this man for 3 years now. Sometimes we are on and off. What I mean by on and off is that most of the time I get into trouble with my choice of words which makes him go crazy and mad at me.

He will not talk to me for weeks or days and we resolve it. Distance is a barrier. He is in the States while I am in England. He visited me twice last year which I am thankful for.

I love this man so much I can climb the highest mountain for him. I love him that I don’t see any other men. Last week we discussed how he would feel if I journeyed into getting a BBL/ Liposuction. He gave his honest opinion that it’s my body and if I am okay with it nothing should stop me. If I am proud of it I should do it.

Then, I asked him this question “Do you care about me”?

That question was for the discussion we are having because I was expecting him to say oh don’t do it.

It’s dangerous, and he’s the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with.

I have never seen him so mad in my 3 years of relationship with him.

Instantly he told me he couldn’t look me in the eye and he couldn’t continue the discussion. He dropped the call and I was like, did I say something wrong?

Have been calling this man he is not picking up my calls. Dropped him a series of messages but his only reply is and I quote “ I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself and I don’t know what I have with my life and not doing right”

Rori, do you think I have lost him already? Because he won’t talk to him at all. His not talking to me is hurting me more and draining my emotional and mental state. I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna lose him. What is your take, please?

Do you think I still have a chance to get back to him. I need help. Lost”

The Answer, From Natalina Love:

Lost, lots here – and so much that we all can deeply relate with….

1. How a man cares for us…
2. Long Distance Connections
3. Expressing yourself AUTHENTICALLY
4. Body Image
5. When you’re in a tense ‘between’ space with a man

…Just to name some of what’s happening, all of which is more than enough to rattle our sense of mental and emotional health.

As far as getting him back goes, it’s between ultra rare and never that Rori ever says a situation is without a chance – though the bigger question typically lies nestled into “what do we really want?”what is it we’re getting from the situation, and the relationship?” and further into the tunnels of what we recognize as love, that can become a beautiful transformational journey into the relationship you want – and being surprised through the whole process.

No matter what, getting back together and starting again fresh from the ground up with this man or a brand new love connection – you’ll want to be Circular Dating.

Circular Dating never stops – though it does shift and change depending on what we want and where we are on our life path.

With a Long Distance sweetheart – it’s going to be even more important that you are getting out, being social – allowing yourself to be around men, to have conversations, have men open doors for you – be close enough in person situations where you can smell each other

Even if you don’t think these men are ‘for you’

Let it be part of flirting with the world, being an artist of life – feeling what it means to be a modern Siren for you personally.

It’s easy to get so tangled up in a man, what he thinks, what he’s doing, what he wants – what will it take for him to give to us more …. to show up for us more….to be more available, responsive, and engaged in our vision for love and relationship, that we can take ourselves completely out of feminine energy just in these moments where we’re in thought – wondering about him…

So Rori’s tools are all about gently reconnecting with our Feminine Energy.

Taking a look at how our Masculine Energy engages, disengages, thrives or falters in supporting and listening to our Feminine Expression.

So that’s some of the good news, when we surrender into ‘doing’ the tools – engaging our inner boy to be in full loving service to our feminine – the dynamic completely shifts.

This is where Rori talks about ‘vibe shifting’ and even though Rori’s not so much a ‘law of attraction’ guru these Feminine Energy processes embedded into everything Rori’s created in Siren School – the ‘effortless attraction’ devotion, intimacy, connection we want in romantic relationship “manifestation” (or Femini-festing 🙂 ) starts happening as our vibe shifts.

I’ve had my own personal ‘litmus tests’ for men – to try to see how a man loves me, so I’m smiling a little reading what you wrote – asking your guy what he thinks about you getting cosmetic work done… Right along with the disappointment in not feeling seen or cared about, oh my goodness – we could talk lots on all of these relationship themes.

Siren Island may be the place for you to unfold, explore, have Rori’s weigh in, as well as being in the heart of Siren School with Sirens who get exactly where you’re coming from.

There’s also lots of options for Private Coaching as well, where I’d love to work with you myself – or connect you with another wonderful Siren Coach.

Men and relationships can turn around surprisingly fast, and the best way to find out if a man is for you – ready, willing, and available to do what he needs to have and keep you in his life is with these vibe shifting tools.

Where no matter what – you learn about you, about what you want, and bit by bit find your way to the inner peace we all need as a foundation for the romance and thrills in the relationship we want.

Here’s the information page for Siren Island

Any questions that come up for you – let me know, I’d love to help you find what you need.

Love, Natalina

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