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rori pretty cropped1OMGoodness – I just found out about this and want you to know: Coach Helena Hart and Coach Leigha Lake are doing a group class – together! –  beginning next week, Tuesday!

Helena and Leigha each have full, wait-listed private practices with incredible results for their clients, they use all of my Rori Raye, Modern Siren tools, plus they’ve created all new, distinctive,  innovative and powerfully effective methods.

They’re not only my star coaches from RRRCT – Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training – they’re my Master Coach Teachers. They train other coaches, and stand out now as star coaches in their own right.

You can see them live streaming on Facebook, and read from their clients how amazing they each are, separately.

Now, in this program – you get to work with them together to completely shift your love life, incredibly quickly.  PLUS – I’ll be with them live, talking with you in one of the classes!

Go here to find out about the class and get one of the few spaces left–>>

The class is called “The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want”  – and no matter WHAT your love life looks like now, by the end of class, everything will be different.


I so look forward to hearing from you when class is over to let me know how completely things have transformed for you! I just found out about the program this week, and quickly agreed to be on a class call, so I don’t know how many spaces there are left. Go here to get one of the last ones–>>

Here’re the details of what you’ll get from this great class (I feel totally honored to be able to send you to Helena and Leigha – I know both their private coaching practices are overflowing and wait-listed, so this program is an awesome opportunity):

If you’re struggling and frustrated because your relationship doesn’t seem to be moving forward – or you keep attracting men who don’t seem interested in a real, committed relationship – you’re not alone!

Perhaps your man is “stalling” when it comes to giving you the commitment you want – or you’ve dated all types of men but for some reason they don’t seem to be able to take your relationship all the way to a lifelong commitment.

You know you’re a great catch and you have a lot to offer ANY man, so why does commitment feel so elusive?

When you learn how to uncover your feminine essence you’ll quickly be able to embody the Goddess inside of you, without going in and trying to remove the subconscious beliefs of not being good enough, or deserving enough, or that what you want may not be meant for you.

If you don’t learn how to let yourself open up and be your most authentic, vulnerable self (this is also your most magnetic and irresistible self) – you’ll attract men who can’t (or choose not to) consistently give you the time, love, attention and affection you desire.

What Are You Resisting?

  • What is it you’re afraid of? Are you afraid of having to settle – or of being alone?
  • Are you attracting men who withdraw and disappear just as you’re starting to have feelings for them?
  • Are you willing to stay in a relationship where you only “kind of” feel loved, safe and adored?
  • Are you willing to stay with a man who doesn’t claim you 100%?
  • What about your body? Do you despise parts of your body – do you wish you were different somehow?

The degree to which you love yourself, your body and your life EXACTLY as it is right now is directly related to the amount of love and intimacy you’ll allow yourself to receive from a man – just like that amount of love and energy we put into a relationship when a man is doing nothing is directly related to the amount of anger, frustration and resentment we feel.

Connect To The Goddess Inside You And Open Up To Receive The Love And Commitment You Desire

Here’s the truth: your love life right now – whether it’s what you want or it isn’t what you want – is showing you how much you’re willing to TRUST yourself (which allows you to attract a loving, trustworthy man who’s looking to be in a committed relationship).

Your body is the KEY to opening up the gateway to the love your heart desires.  It’s where all creation comes from – and all creation is intertwined with chaos (the process in never linear).

If you can be in your body AND in the “unknown” – and embrace feeling chaotic and out of control at the same time – you’ll become more powerful in your life and allow more expansion than you ever thought possible (especially when it comes to love!).

leigha new smallYou’ll no longer try and control what can never be controlled – such as how a man feels, or what he does or doesn’t do. You’ll be able to allow and receive the love that’s ALWAYS been yours!

When you learn to live from your Feminine Essence (your Inner Goddess), you’ll quickly start to see what’s actually been in front of you all along. You’ll have the awareness to “see” whether or not you’re with a man who can give you the commitment you want and deserve.

Connect Deeply With A Man’s Heart And Create A Love That Lasts Forever

In order for a man to TRULY commit to a woman, he needs to feel safe and accepted for who he is.

Where does this acceptance start? It all starts with you embracing, loving and accepting all the different parts of yourself (even the parts you don’t want to show to others). 

You must feel safe within YOURSELF for a man to ever feel safe with you. 

If you want to learn how to create a deep heart-to-heart connection that inspires a man’s love, devotion, and life-long commitment – click here to check out “The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want” – a brand new program from Leigha Lake and Helena Hart! –>>

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Helena Hart on October 3, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, Rori! We’re SO excited for this program to start tomorrow – and feel especially honored to have you on one of the calls to hear all of your brilliant insights on how women can get the commitment they want. We can’t wait!! 🙂

    Love, Helena

  2.  #2Femininewoman on October 3, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    So sorry I wont be able to make it on the call

  3.  #3Leela on October 4, 2016 at 7:21 am

    Rori, after applying your tools I’ve become so successful with men, I’m currently with a high quality man who is crazy about me and deeply cares too. He sees me as the most beautiful woman in the world. He does things he’d never do for anyone else before and I’m so attracted to him. In fact I’m crazy about him too but he’s the one rowing the boat, constantly. And gosh, it feels so good to be with him. And even if it doesn’t work out, I have no fear. I feel so grounded that whatever happens between us I know I’ll be fine. Thank you so much for all the tools!

    However, I have a problem. I feel connected to my feminine but I feel I’m TOO feminine. As in I lack masculine energy to go after my goals and achieve things. I can get men eat out of my hand but I can’t get a job I want. I feel like I lack this force inside me that would push me forward to set and achieve goals, do stuff, build a career, etc.
    So I’m doing great with my feminine energy, but how do I tap into my masculine out in the world?

    I will enormously appreciate any advice

  4.  #4Victoria on October 5, 2016 at 2:56 am

    Just like there are coaches for love, there are coaches for carrer planning and other important aspects of life, so you may wish to look into finding one. There are even coached who claim to be able to help you find you your life’s purpose, or how to set goals, etc. Also, there is plenty of free information on these coaches’ website, so if you are willing to spend some time reading, you will probably find something useful that resonates with you.
    Since you are lucky to have a loving man, you may also share with him what you would like to do in terms of (for example) getting a job, and, if he is like most men, he would feel delighted that you are seeking his help/advice.

  5.  #5Tee on October 10, 2016 at 4:52 am

    Good Morning Dear Sirens,

    I know that I haven’t been here for a bit. I’m just trying to get a handle on things.
    My relationship with E is at a stalemate. I almost don’t want to comment on it but why else am I here? I’m learning so much & changing so much that he, imo, feels increasing threatened.

    He goes back to his usual tactics to get me back on familiar ground and it’s not working.
    I’ve been experiencing so much anger and resentment that it’s been hard trying to have a civil conversation with him.

    I’m sad to say that during 3 conversations that I can recall…I’ve used as opportunities to just really lay into him. How unloved he’s caused me to feel, my every disappointment, my every fear & let down, etc. I’m not proud of this, but it’s been bubbling for a while….and I just got tired of pretending that I was ok & that he was “perfect”.

    In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the smartest of moves on my part but I felt justified. I felt he deserved it & I do feel less angry.

    I really can’t say where we’ll go from here. All I know is that I’ve basically stopped rowing this boat so now we’re just sitting here looking crazy. Lol

    Maybe I should have softened the blows with some “I love yous” or whatever but I just felt so disrespected & neglected up until that point that it wouldn’t make sense to throw that in there too.

    E said a few things & I did listen but ultimately it was overshadowed by everything that I had been holding in basically for years 🙁

    I think this new me is scary (no sh*t) ….and that’s fine. What ISN’T fine, is continuing on this way & I let him know that.

    I’ve been wearing my unhappiness like a neon sign & yelling it at the top of my lungs with a microphone these days. Not the best of ideas but when you’re tired, you’re tired.

    E has all but disappeared. Can’t say that I don’t understand. All of this is VERY new and it probably seems very sudden and he probably feels like he’s too far out of his comfort zone.

    I know that I wasn’t “supposed” to take it this far but change is needed at this point.

  6.  #6Elyse on October 30, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Hello all!
    Is there anyway this conference call was recorded and available online for those who have bought her packages and are therefore a member?

    Thanks 🙂 Elyse