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Every one of us has a unique journey that love takes us on.

A fabulous new class begins on January 8th, where you’ll learn a whole lot of new Tools and get personally coached through them by the great Mariah Grey!

It’s called Be His Everything, and it’s live coaching over video Zoom – this way, even if you turn your own camera off – you can see Mariah!

As you know, I’m “high” on all my Rori Raye Coaches, and only TWO of them have Siren School classes – Shahrzad’s is now closed and running and Mariah’s is just now opening – so be sure to check out Mariah’s “Be His Everything”! I’ll be there in the background, cheering you on, and if you and Mariah want to consult me – I’m here for for you!

Here’s what Mariah says:

“Your journey, no matter what it has been up to this point, has gotten you exactly where you need to be right now.

I don’t believe in failure. I believe in lessons.

I am twice divorced, and if I look back, I would not be here today if I had missed a single step on my way.

Those losses were what prompted me to search for the truth about love and develop this and my other programs to share with you.

You too have been on a path, and sometimes it has been a rough one, but here you are now, learning how to have the love you have been dreaming of.

I can’t guarantee the road will be smooth from here on out, but I can promise you that you can not make a mistake.

One of my favorite pieces of advice I ever got was “be surprised.”

* That means letting go of “control” in your love life. Every part of it: your online experience, your dates, your relationship, your marriage.

* It means letting go of our firm grip (just as we’ve bee taught!) on the “how” of a man’s behavior, reaction to us…

* It means doing the opposite of trying to push a relationship in a certain direction.

* It’s about seeing where a man takes you.”

Here’s a Tool from Mariah to help you let your “blocks to love” just drift away:

Tool: Let Your Armor Drift

Seeing what we normally think of as “self-protection from hurt” as “ARMOR” – the stuff that literally keeps love away from us – begins when we, early in our lives as women, learn the kind of isolating body language we’re “supposed” to adopt in situations where we feel uncomfortable.

Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant and seen women sitting with their backs to the room, arms across their chest, looking flat out “pissed?”

Perhaps even glaring at other women in the room?

I’ve seen women I didn’t know (and some I know well) roll their eyes at men – and I know I’ve done that myself! It’s like a natural defense mechanism that backfires.

It’s like: “I don’t want to get hurt, and so I mentally dismiss a man.”

And, then I hear these same women say, with disappointment and even complaint in their voice (and I’ve heard myself say it, too, before I learned what I know now) – that “men never approach me…”

Have you experienced this yourself, when you just KNOW you’re in “no mood” to put up with a man who’s less than stellar?

Or your girlfriends are almost nasty to the “nice guys” who even attempt to come close?

When we’re out there in the world with our defenses so high like this – we may as well build a moat around our heart.

No man is going to get in.

So, we have to become aware of our “Armor,” aware of the reason we have it on at all, and aware of what it looks like to the very men we want to attract.

Just being aware of our body language – the kind we use day-in-and-day-out without thinking or feeling – is a huge step.

Start here: Feel where your shoulders are.

Is your jaw clenched?

Imagine yourself talking directly to those tight areas, sweet-talking them onto softening, and then lean back against your chair.

Turn your body to face the room instead of the bar, or the girlfriend you came with.

When you do this, you’re literally opening yourself up to be approached – yes!

Tiny shifts like this can make a huge difference. They can open the door to attract a man you might have never met before (maybe one who’s been there all along but neither of you could “see” the other) – and that can powerfully shift your entire life.

Love, Mariah

Note from Rori: The thing is, and what makes the difference between a Siren School Live class and anything else out there – is that it’s easy to tell you to just DO things.

And yet, I and Mariah know that everything you do that’s new will create a new feeling inside you, and then lead to another new feeling.

What we DON’T want to do is scare your inner system into “defense mode” again.  We want you to feel GREAT with every baby-step of opening up.

This is what Mariah’s Be His Everything live coaching class will create for you – You’ll learn how to soften your armor, open up your blocks to love, learn exactly what to say and what to do in any situation with any man.

AND – you’ll be PRACTICING doing and saying these new things in a baby-step way that you’ll be able to take out into the world that very day, and get nearly instant changes in the way men relate to you.

Go here to learn more about how to Be His Everything:

Try Mariah’s Armor Drifting Tool – it’s simple and short, a quick, loving conversation with yourself followed by a “physical turnaround” so you’re facing “the room, the man, the co-worker…” and experiencing that with a tiny shift of “softening.”

In Be His Everything – you’ll get the words to say, the Scripting that’ll add to this new body language, and everything will be custom designed for you, your personality, your style, and your dream.

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Mae on December 28, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    I’ve been talking to a guy for a few months now and after about the third month he stopped calling me and the Texts got fewer and fewer. We had a date everything seemed great except he was texting his buddies at work when we were together. He kept telling me I’m sorry I just don’t talk much I’m sorry I just don’t talk much I just don’t text me much. I usually don’t text him during his lunch break because I wait for him to pursue me but sometimes when I don’t text him I don’t hear from him for a couple of days then I break down feel hurt and I ask him to give me affection and talk to me more in which he shows gives me attention but it’s not the same as it was when he did it on his own. My question or comment is what do I do when I’m waiting for him to pursue me and I don’t hear from him for days how can I get him to open up to me if you want to call me because I know when I’m texting him trying to get his attention I feel like I’m desperate and I feel vulnerable

  2.  #2Femininewoman on December 29, 2017 at 6:36 am

    Reading through it all feels good and inviting until I get to the words Be His Everything. Then I hear babble in my head, is it possible anyway. Or why would I want to be everything to anyone. Seems like an impossible feat, Talking myself out of even trying to believe.

  3.  #3Rori Raye on December 29, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    FW – thank you for the comment – it’s SO hard to come up with titles, and you know, in everything I do – nothing’s a “quick fix” or an “everything” – but I do know that people DO refer to people they’re in love with as “everything.” “She’s everything to me” is a pretty common phrase! So – pretty possible, even “usual!”