A Lovely New Tool From A Siren Islander

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A great, powerful, lovely new Tool from Princy:

Hello beautiful Sirens! Thought I’d share an exhilarating exquisite experience that I had today! And… Nope; it’s got nothing to do with no man …

Now I understand what Rori means when she says Sirens dance, play sing and generally have fun in their own island!

I was practicing the Siren tools at my spa today in the hot bath…

I had just listened to few sections in the modern siren program… I got totally relaxed soo in my body and in my senses the music and the environment was glorious!

I started noticing the light playing on the gentle ripples on the water… The reflection of this on the ceiling… The ceiling reflected in the water… Everything moving…

Then I noticed the light being reflected from the stones on my ring! Different colours green, red, blue, yellow! I dulled my eyes out and looked deeper at the glittering colours…

They were like colorful snow flakes all dancing and glowing! I was enthralled… In rapture felt pure bliss and glee in that moment!

I felt like a child discovering magic in the world around! That feeling soo filled me up and is lasting for hours!

I am still smiling… I am soo thankful to Rori coz now I have discovered a game I can play in my Island that can fill me up with utter glee laughter and light!

Love, Princy

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