A Man (And My Dog Zeke) Do What Feels Good To Them

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

The sun hurts Zeke’s eyes, and the doctor laughingly said …”well he could wear goggles… Ha!”)

And I actually tried it…!

Zeke completely rejected the first pair I had, tried to paw them off – and then this pair – he just left them on!

He even met another dog and didn’t try to get them off!


Because he knows what feels good. He does what feels good.

The sun was bothering him and the sunglasses helped…

So … this is your key to a man!

He can adjust. He can learn how to communicate. He can learn to hear. He can learn to stop reacting. He can learn to think about your needs. He can learn to remember what you said you want.

It’s all in the way we present our feelings and our request.

And it’s not just the words… It’s the vibe. It’s the feeling behind the words.

You can do this!

Love, Rori.

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