A Platonic Sleepover Is The Worst!

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A “platonic sleepover” is a terrible thing.

If it’s you setting that bar – then don’t let him sleep over!!!!!! (If he lives far away – and please don’t ever invite a man over who lives far away again! – he can have the couch.)

Here’s how it goes: You date as many men as you can fit in your sc

You have sex with whomever you please – you are beholding to NO ONE!

You don’t make “relationship” a requirement for sex.

That’s something unconfident women do, and then they get lied to.

You have sex when YOU feel right. You make no excuses, and you don’t spell out any “rules.”

You just say “I’m not ready yet.”

He says “When will you be ready?”

You say: “I don’t know. When I feel right…”

If he wants to keep talking about that (no problem – he’s entitled to try to convince you!) – you simply say. “I want to feel loved. I want to feel important and attended to and genuinely serious. I’m just a girl here, and I like you and I don’t want to feel attached to you before I feel ready…”

And then you just keep on Circular Dating until he steps up in a convincing way, or he disappears!

This is being a Siren!

You can DO IT!!! Love, R

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  1.  #1Angela on July 30, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    Yay to sexual freedom!
    I love this Rori.
    I wish it were possible for me to not get attached, feels like there’s a battle within me.
    Out of a relationship I want to go out and have amazing sex – and I have, I want to be a free spirit about it but after having amazing sex, I find myself fantasizing about this man, when he has made it clear he is not into commitment.
    Maybe I should have amazing sex with men who want a relationship so I can have the option of doing what is best for me?
    I totally wish I could be a free spirit about sex – because sex is a magical experience to me, but the girl in me wants to be loved always. before and after te sex.