A Quick Way To Soften Yourself To His Love – And Bring Him Close

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What if you could say what you feel without getting nervous, anxious, and all tied up in knots?

And what if everyone – your man, your boss, your client, your potential customer, your friend, your coworker, your employee – could hear your feelings without shutting off and ignoring you or belittling you?

You can and they can, and it all starts with knowing WHAT YOU feel.

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Here’s a simple Tool to get you started: ROLL YOUR SHOULDERS

1. Wherever you are right now, stop for a second, put your arms down by your sides, and notice where your shoulders are.

Usually, the tightness in our shoulders is the easiest place to notice and release tension and resistance, so first, just notice if your shoulders are up high, if there’s stiffness in your arm – just NOTICE.

2. Now, instead of putting your shoulders back, military style, ROLL them outward, so that the palms of your hands follow along and end up facing forward.

Be sure you roll from your shoulders, and not by just turning your hands or your arms (if you’re very tense, you’ll naturally try to do this from your hands and arms instead of from your shoulders – so stay aware).

3. Notice how your shoulders now naturally soften down?

This is a great first start towards feeling your feelings.

4. If you notice a stray feeling creeping up from your stomach as you roll your arms – GREAT!

5. Try to identify the feeling as either “sad, mad, glad” or “afraid.” (When I do this, the first thing I feel is usually sadness – we’ll talk more about where these feelings come from and what they’re about, but for now – just notice and try to put a simple description to the feeling.)

And that’s it!

Let me know how Rolling Your Arms works for you – it’s such a simple thing to do, and very often, our shoulders are the key to unwinding all the tension in our bodies and clearing up our “vibe.”

Everything in life is our “experience.” how we resonate with that experience, feel it, experience it, share it, react to it – is all up to us.

Only – it’s very often not our “choice.” That’s because we have so much inner programming and patterning – and the world has told us women how to be and how to behave for so long – it’s practically in our DNA.

So – what makes us able to “Have It All” is not some kind of “transformation” that comes from outside – but a simple, methodical way to go about “being” in new ways – little by little, baby-step-by-baby-step.

To go about creating a new “philosophy” for yourself that allows you to go bigger and feel better.

All of this can happen for you so fast.  Sometimes all it takes is ONE Tool that works for you, just one you can practice throughout each day that makes you feel better

And then that one gets you a RESULT that’s different than the results you’ve gotten before.

A man looks at you differently. He moves toward you more than he did before. He does something different, acts more assertively, and disconnects from you less.

Then these tiny results get bigger. The phone and text and live in person happen more – and YOU are “working” at it LESS.

This is how private coaching – live! – where you’re working with a Rori Raye coach using The Rori Raye Method™ changes your life baby-step-by-baby-step.

Even at the beginning, the baby-step “shifts” can feel huge, and have dramatic results. Less arguing, more affection. Less tension and more easy fun. Less “friend-like” and more “romantic.”

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Getting what you want has nothing to do with “thinking” or “figuring out.”

It’s something you “feel” your way through – and it becomes natural as you simply begin. Step by step.

Love, Rori


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