A Tool To Make Your Romantic Desires Powerful – Register To Vote

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I’m going to use voting as a Tool to feel more powerful – so let’s look at it just from the personal perspective of your love life.

Let’s say that voting isn’t about politics – it’s about empowerment. It’s about believing that you count. Just you, one person, one woman.

We get so caught up in feeling like part of a “group” – where we have little influence on others, and yet the “culture” of the group infuences US.

And then we narrow that down even further, and feel as though a man has influence over us, but we have none over him.

Just the fact and the feeling that we love him or desire him makes us feel weak. And then we react to that in different ways. We can react to feeling weakened by our desire by running away from him. And if running away doesn’t work, because he feels actually even more inspired to chase us – then we push him away.

We push him away by closing our hearts, by treating him as if he’s an irresponsible, unworthy child who needs our guidance, and by unleashing all our stored up anger and fear on him.

Not registering to vote, and not showing up to vote are the same – on a huger scale. We feel powerless. We feel unimportant. We quote statistics to PROVE we’re powerless in the world, just as we can easily quote statistics to prove there are no good men out there and that most marriages fail. We can talk ourselves out of power.

There are lots of ways to reverse this.

Let’s talk ourselves INTO Power. Into believing we HAVE Power.

To feel empowered with a man, we have to believe in our own desires – that they are WORTHY, that they are GOOD. That, just because we’re a woman, we DESERVE and are entitled to HAVE our desires. And from there – when a man shows up who actually wants to help us have what we want in love and life – we can agree with him! We can RECEIVE the love he has to offer. We can TAKE what he gives. We can feel our power to influence HIS life – without even trying.

So start with small things to begin believing that you make a difference in your world.

See how when you water a plant and take care of it, it grows. See how – instead of following tragedy and pain in the news, you read about and watch things that inspire you, make you feel creative, and make you want to take ACTION for yourself (I love home-decorating shows because of this).

See how when you love an animal or a child, just from the overflowing radiance of your heart, and not from a desire to GET love back, it blossoms.

See how when you give love to YOURSELF, you bloom. And see how when YOU bloom, everyone around you blooms, too. Especially your man. Especially his love for you.

So, if you’re not registered to vote, go do it. Make a decision that you count, no matter what anyone says.

And then make your decision about who you want to vote for and what propositions on the ballot in your state you want to support and which you want to say No to based on feeling powerful – as if your vote would be the deciding vote.

You can register really easily online, you print out the form and mail it in. I googled a bunch of places, here’s one I thought was fun and easy: www.RockTheVote.com.

Don’t give up on ANYTHING. Keep your dreams of love alive, vote for yourself, and I’ll keep giving you Tools to make it all happen.

Love, Rori





  1.  #1Maggie on September 22, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    You go, Rori! This is such an important message and I’m glad you’re getting the word out any way you can about voting and registering to vote. I agree, it’s all about feeling like what you do makes a difference in the world.

    There are some big changes coming to our country and our world in the next decade, and we need strong leaders we can trust and believe in. So rock the vote, ladies!


  2.  #2Carmela on November 20, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    I feel like I don’t have any power to get what I want right now in this moment and it bothers me that I feel that way. I am working on my self-love but today, I just feel weak and needy and not good or worthy. Then I feel angry that I feel that way. I feel like I have no power over any man. I broke up with my ex and still talk with him often about our child and I try to remind myself that we are not a good match and be ok about that, but I don’t feel ok. I still feel so disappointed, hurt, angry, RAGE in fact that it didn’t work out and I have to raise our child mostly without him. I don’t think this qualifies as giving up, but I have been feeling like it is taking forever for me to feel better and even with the tools, the support group and therapy I am still feeling pretty crumby. I think I will go hug a tree now, I need to give in to something so I can feel something else. Thanks for listening.

  3.  #3Tina on December 24, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Rori,
    I am practicing the “power and self esteem” tools and I started with the “vote for yourself” tool. My bf is on vacation in a different country. Instead of focusing on him, I thought I’ll do the “voting tool”.

    I bought gifts for my family friend’s kid’s and I decorated them beautifully. I know they are going to open them tomorrow for christmas. I feel happy for what I’ve done.


  4.  #4Tina on September 25, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    I am back to feeling powerless. I feel like my heart has been broken to pieces with the person I was with. In short I had been with someone who has hard time making decisions about us being together and falling apart. Complicated being I should say. I dont want him anymore even though I think of him so much. My heart is broken into particles and not jus pieces.

    I will lift myself up, little by little. I am tired being a weak-ling in my life. I want to feel powerful, happy and peaceful. These are so huge things that r missing right now.