Are You A Terrier For Love – Video!

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Are you chasing a man – not even by your own choosing – but because something in you feels compelled to “get him?

My dog Zeke is all about the chase – yet, he only chases one animal: squirrels.

He barely notices rabbits, considers cats thoughtfully, and watches dogs that cross his path.

Yet, at the mere movement of a squirrel from the corner of his eye – he becomes transfixed.

Almost as if he’s been “taken over” by a compulsion.

And terriers, like Zeke, never let go.

If you’ve ever found yourself chasing after a man, body and soul, for reasons you can’t describe or explain – except for how he feels to you, and what he sparks in you – you can work with a Rori Raye coach privately, over Zoom, to get to the bottom of it all.

You’ll be able to shift that feeling of “compulsion” just enough to let a TRUE prince into your life: one who’ll be a terrier for YOU!

Go here to learn more about the Siren Circle Private Coaching program:

Love, Rori

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