by Lee Ann Lamar

Has your man pulled away …or left altogether?

Are you experiencing heartbreak?

I know how painful that can feel and how devastated you are.

When faced with a painful situation with a man, which way do you tend to go:

Do you go towards the onion or the pearl?

*The onion has layers and layers that can be peeled back, revealing more and more stinky layers underneath….

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to keep going down into all those layers of pungent stuff!

That feels icky…

It feels like dredging up my past failures and messes….

If you’re like I used to be, you’re likely to go inside yourself and try to find the areas in your life that you’ve failed and beat up on yourself.

That feels awful, I know!

What if you could turn it all around and create something beautiful out of the pain?

*What if you could see yourself as the pearl?

When the oyster has a piece of sand or some other intrusion causing irritation inside its shell, it produces a beautiful layer of iridescent pearl over the sand.

This smooth, soft layer is not only protective to the oyster, but creates a thing of beauty.

It takes the irritation and transforms it.

What if you could see the painful irritations and heartaches that you experience in your life as a means to create something truly magnificent and beautiful in your life?

How would that feel?

Each struggle and painful experience is the means to add another layer of gorgeous pearl to your life.

You’re adding layer upon layer of beautiful, precious material to your life….

I feel inspired by the thought of producing something priceless and lovely out of pain.

How does that feel for you?

Something beautiful and valuable out of the mire…

The bigger and rounder the pearl, the more valuable it is….

You have infinite, limitless value just by being you….

There is no one in all the world with your gifts, your beauty, your purpose in life…

No one else has your unique combination of all these things and no one else can be who you’re meant to be….

You are deep, not like an onion, uncovering the past and digging into old pain, but layer upon layer of precious experiences that are creating something truly magnificent in you.

Take these thoughts deep into your heart and feel all the feelings associated with these truths.

Is your nasty voice yelling at you or telling you that this isn’t true?

She’s just trying to protect you, so instead of trying to push her away or argue with her, embrace her gently and give her love.

Thank her for her protection and then tell her you’re in charge.

Sit with all your feelings and breathe.

Allow them to just flow, without trying to change them.

How does this image of the pearl or the onion feel to you?

Let me know below what comes up for you and I’ll get back to you with a response to your personal situation.

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