Are You Following Someone Else’s Patterns – Or Your Own Heart? Video

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We’re all so trained to follow in someone else’s footprints.

To walk someone else’s walk, to learn from someone, and then follow that someone.

We’re not really taught to be ‘kind” – we’re taught to be “perceived” as kind.

We’re not ever really congratulated for exploring our own paths – it might be tolerated, and wistfully accepted, but most of the people we know in our lives have expectations for us.

And that main expectation is that we find love and settle down.

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 Love, Rori

This is now one of my favorite of my videos, of all time.

It clarifies the Feeling of being in your own self, rather than following the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences of OTHER people – the seeds that have grown inside us all that don’t belong, truly, to our own hearts.

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Love, Rori

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