Are You Stuck In Someone Else’s Old Patterns? Video!

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How much of what we think, do and say comes from US?

And how much was handed down to us – from what other people thought, said and did – and told US to do?

Finding your own self, and then fully BELIEVING in your own self starts with NOTICING what feels good and what doesn’t in a moment-by-moment way:

A way where we commit ourselves to simply NOTICING (without assessment, judgment, or the usual crap we lay on ourselves) how those moments FEEL.

Then, we can allow ourselves to experience the emotions that go along with those decisions and patterns – and discover if what we think, say and do comes from US.

The trick of making these discoveries is – yes, a bit of bravery – AND, noticing the moment when we can FEEL whether or not our decisions, our thoughts, our words, our actions are coming from our own, purely feminine energy – or from somewhere else.

Start here, with the NOTICING – and to get immediate and incredibly deep and feel-good coaching around ALL of this “noticing” – try a 4 week cycle of Siren Circle Private Coaching.

You’ll be treated like a Siren, you’ll have amazing, 24/7 support and coaching as well as three full-hour private sessions with a coach (or up to 4 different coaches!) I’ve personally trained.

It’s affordable, and awesome:

Here’s the video:

Love, Rori

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