As A Coach, You Can Do So Much More For Someone Than You Think

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You can do lots of things as a coach that might seem, right now, only in the “lane” of a long-experienced, long-schooled and degreed therapist.

Yes, and it’s pretty shocking and amazing when it happens.

Here’s a true story of a woman named Susan that I tell all the time…

Susan was a client I had super early in my career as a coach, and I felt completely overwhelmed and out of my league because she was so heavily into depression.

She’d been to so many therapists and had absolutely no luck, she was just at the bottom of the barrel emotionally.

I was really frightened about my abilities to help (and didn’t want to hurt!) – and just kept wanting to send her away to therapist.

But I started.  I did my best.

At that time, I was starting to use a lot of work around “vibration” from the work of “Seth”, from the book “Ask And It Is Given”, and also Byron Katie’s Work with “Is it true”…and Susan completely grabbed onto the “vibration” concept.

It was he first time she’d ever heard of it, and the first time she’d ever felt even a tiny bit in control of her emotional ups and downs (mostly downs).

Her depression literally disappeared.

Not only that, we’ve been in touch over the many years, and she’s STILL not feeling depressed!

In fact, she’s feeling good.

Her life is going well, and even when it doesn’t, she feels pretty darn good.

I think she would have felt better no matter what I did just because of the methodology I was using (which everyone learns and practices in Rori Raye Coach Training/RRCT), so the story is just that a coach can handle anything.

You can handle anything.

…And in RRCT, you’ll quickly feel the confidence to believe that you can handle any situation – even a situation you “think” may be way over your head.

If you’re feeling a bit internally teased (or bombarded!) with the feeling that being a professional coach (and getting paid to do what you naturally do…) might be for you – go here to watch a free webinar with cool new Tools you can use in your life, coach or not: 

Love, Rori

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