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Hi, I wanted to let you know about this completely free “Attract The One You Want” video summit because TWO of my great Certified Coaches, Natalina Love and Megan Weks will be speaking!

You can see and hear Natalina and Megan’s free video interviews – and try out ALL the free video interviews here–>>

If you’re considering becoming a Rori Raye Relationship Coach, know that, like Natalina and Megan in this letter to you, you’ll be truly supported by me in following your dream…

Natalina Love  is a special person, and an amazing coach.

Her personal love story starts as everyone’s nightmare – where following your dream of love or career is so upsetting to your family, it threatens to cut you off from everything you know.

In Natalina’s case, her close-knit community raised the stakes astronomically – to where she actually had to choose between not only her family, but her entire world (THE entire world as far as she knew it) – and the man she loved.

Find out how Natalina found the strength to make her decision, how brilliantly happy she was and is…and how you can find the strength you already have to follow your own dream of love – and be happy.

Go here to listen to and watch the videos (it’s all free)–>>

Megan Weks is a great Rori Raye Certified Coach in NYC, who’s proving, every day, in her own life and the lives of her clients, that you CAN meet and marry a GREAT man – because SHE did it,  and her clients do it, in the hardest city of all – New York.

You can watch and hear her give you the inside track on how to actually have this happen for you – easily, gracefully, without stress, and with just amazing results.

Here’s some more info of the kinds of help you’ll get free at the Summit:

You’ll have access to a panel of over 25 top love coaches, authors and speakers in conversations that get to the core of what makes you TRULY confident and AUTHENTICALLY irresistible, to support you in attracting the love of your dreams!

These experts will be laying out for you:

  • what makes you irresistible to a man
  • how to source confidence on your journey to love
  • How to create opportunities for your man to find you
  • Radical self love practices
  • Love attraction tools
  • And so much more!

The best part is, the event is completely free to you, AND you get access to over two dozen free gifts when you join. (Be sure to pick up the “freebies”!)

Watch and listen here  (it’s all free)–>>

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Brenda on March 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    I have had a power struggle since thanksgiving the man I love had spent every min he could outside of work with me up until this day even last thanksgiving he was at my house this past particular yr he said he was going to stay in he feels sad about not having much family his mom dad and brother are not alive and most of his family is in Minnesota so I asked him to just come by and get food and he said maybe so later that day I called and no answer he called me back he said he had tried to call me but didn’t get thru to my line that he was put with his cousin I went to my mom and I asked did he want to stop by he said no I got home later that night I called him and no answer so I check fb and I see that the woman he has 3 kids with sister post that she is having a wonderful time with her family including him she tagged his name and that he brung her a nice bottle of wine and that she is really enjoying her family it hurt so bad to know he went to his kids mother house and did not come to my house on the holiday I blocked his number and the next day he called thru another line and asked me why am I ignoring and blocking his calls I told him I know he went to his kids mom house for the holiday why didn’t he tell me he said he was with his cousin from out of town and he wanted to see his kids it’s nothing going on with his kids mother and hasn’t for yrs that she has someone he went by for a sec and left he said he called me and couldn’t get thru my line that night anymore I was so hurt from then on I cut contact up until new yrs eve because he would constantly show up at my job or call me thru his friends number I decided maybe we can work things out also because in Christmas he had tool my son’s and I out to the movies and bought me Victoria secret clothes and perfume and 100 but I still would not talk to him he had to leave it at the door so that new yrs eve I picked him up from work at night and it seemed distant we had sex it was no feeling we got up I took him home because he has no car and working on his license and near paying to get then back I thought we’d spend new yrs eve together I called him around 5 no answer I called 5 times or more I was so hurt he finally called me back at 9 I was on my way to church he said that he had already made plans I was hurt that he didn’t include me and I blocked his number he called me at 12 am and I didn’t answer he text saying happy New yr and called more that night and I ignored that morn at 11 he called I didn’t answer I blocked him thru the phone company again

  2.  #2Brenda on March 9, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    He still continued to come by every sat and sun knocking on my door and calling from friends phone so one weekend I agreed to go out with him this was not jan the day we see set to go out he was 30 mins late and I told him I didn’t want o go I kept him on the block list I began to miss him and one weekend he came by on a sat and I let him in and he took me to buy shoes we got back to my house and he did not stay he left we didn’t have sex a hug or anything he said he wanted to hang with his friends that he only has sat and sun off he left and I was mad I still kept his number blocked he would still come by every sat and can every day once a day from someone’s number and is block those calls I kept trying to get over him and I’m Valentine’s day weekend he text and said if he can take me out Valentine’s day is on a weekday and we’d both be at work if I would go out with him and the weekend can and I did we had an ok time he said he wanted to play cards with friends that night and he come to my house and he didn’t and I was so hurt I called him that morn and he said he got drink and went to sleep and I again stop talking to him til just super bowl sun he wanted us to go to a friend house he called me at work I guess I didnt get ready quick enough he called me at 6 and said to just meet him there since I wasn’t ready I go there he was drinking a lot the game was near end and so I asked him what was he drinking so much he said he doesn’t have to drive his friend was gonna take him home means g he want leaving with me so I said ok I was gonna leave before with got late and he walked me out and I asked if he is always sating how he wants us back together why isn’t he leaving with me he said he wants to hang out longer and he would go to work early tomorrow instead of his regular shift and if he goes to mybhoise how would he get home he used to go to my house dats I work and days he work with no problem I just left and wouldn’t talk to go for a week or so up until this sat I agreed to go out with him and I asked him if we go out is he spending the night with me like he used to do and he said yes we are dinner and got to my place we had sex and he sat for a few and he called his friend to pick him up he said since I had to work in the am he wanted to hang with his friends and I just want to sleep sad the next day he called me at work and said that he wants to take me to the movies at 5 so 5 came he called and said if we can go to the next show that’s starts at 745 so I agreed at 730 didn’t hear anything from him and o called him no answer I sent a text is something going on and he then called and said he’s be home in 40 mins if I can meet him there I told him no it’s too late now he said that I was always so impatient with him we got off the phone and I just was curious because sat I asked him as I’ve been asking him if he had started a relationship with someone or was he back with his kids mother he said no and he hasn’t had sex with anyone and I asked did he want us to be just friends in an open relationship and he said no he wants us to be together and I said well u seem to now since u have been working 3 til 11 u don’t make anytime if that’s what u want it’s ok but I couldn’t handle a situation like that I want a man that commits to me and u seem to not be ready and I’m not mad at u I just have to find someone that wants what I want and he said he can give me commitment so this sun as I see that he broke an agreement with me I know that it’s something going in I even asked him was he gay he said no way so this sun I called him and I got to his house he said he decide since I didn’t want to go to the movies that he would go play poker and so I asked where he was he told me and he said that he would not leave with me but I could come by I went by and he opened the door for me he ran up the stairs and sat down by the time I got up I see it was nowhere for me to sit and the guys the speak and 1 guy that was not playing the game and was drunk he asked me if I wanted his seat and who was I with as I sat down he said hmmm and then the 3 guys that are replaying the game told him that he was disrespectful and they were a lol loud with him he for up and left out and M I would call him he didn’t say anything so we sat for a while and talked and he said he knows the I my reason I came is because I think he was with someone else we sat for a min a lady came from the back that was the wife of one if the guys playing the game and they left the guy who’s house or was wide asked me if I wanted water they both looked tired and the game was over I sat there with M and his friend B which is also married but his wife wasn’t with him and the guy who’s house it was and I said I was gonna go because it was late he began to walk me down and he said see I told u u would be mad if I didnt leave with u and he hugged me i hugged him back and he started to touch my backside I told him to stop he was laughing and drunk and I told him I’d hit him if he didn’t stop he kept saying your just mad and he said hit me and so I punched him in the eye and he held his eye and I ran to the car he got in my car and sat there in shock he said u never yelled at me but u just hit me in the eye and my eye is swelling he got out the car went back in the house I left I called him he didnr anser he caled ne back it was 1am I didn’t answer I just went to bed the next morning I called him a few times embarrassingly and at 12 he text and sent me a pic of his eye was swollen and black and he said he was so upset with me I apologized and I told him we should just stay away from each other he said he doesn’t want to do that that he loves me where was I so we can talk I was At dentist he said that he maybe wouldn’t go to work that day and he can come by so we cn talk I got home from getting my wisdom tooth pulled and he didn’t call me I text him at 7 and he said he was at work he called me almost 8 and I didn’t answer I keep going back and forth between letting it go and giving it a try I blocked his number the u the phone company that night the next day st 12 pm he had obviously just got off work I could hear the wind I got a call from a number and it was him he said why would I block his phone again he has to call me from someone else phone and I’m the one that got him what is wrong with me he can’t even contact me when he wants that he misses how we were he was able to talk to me about everything call me on his breaks at 730 and call me in my breaks a t 12 while I was at work he was screaming in the phone literraly I have text from him when I ask him does he want an open relationship and he says no he loves me he wants me but I don’t feel it I feel insecure and sad I don’t know what to do sorry this is so long I am so broken I am going to seek therapy I have blocked his calls today we had good conversation yesterday I unblocked him and I let hi know I would off today til mon this morn he called me and he said he was at the gym we talked for 2 hrs and we got into a disagreement about an x of mine he began to ask me questions about I feel it was just to make me angry so I asked hinabout thanksgiving and why he didn’t come to my house like he did the last thanksgiving and he said he was sick if talking about that and he’ll call me back and that was at 11am at 2 k blocked his number again thru the phone company it’s like we first start dating 2 yrs ago I want that I to him he wasn’t working he was around a lot but I still tried to be nice he got a job I took him to the interview and is pick him up some nights and then this is his 1 yr as if jan at the job and our sec yr of whatever this is now he just got distant and doesn’t have time in weekends but to take me to dinner in sat and I go home he goes out and sun he maybe come over or maybe not it’s mire to this like in the summer he did ask to move in but I had let my sis move in at the time it was no rm but this is a long story and again in sorry I just want a lil insight on what to do

  3.  #3Rori Raye on March 9, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Brenda, My heart goes out to you…I feel exhausted reading your letter because there’s just so much back-and-forth, so much drama.Have you ever dated a “simple” man? One who just shows up, is happy to be with you, doesn’t upset you…..

    If that’s not something you’ve encountered – now’s the time to learn to Circular Date. AND – please stop going back-and-forth with this man. Take him at face value! Believe he tried to call you to tell you where he was, believe he’s just “clueless” and has no emotional intelligence – and just don’t let him ruffle you! Believe he’s not trying to hurt you – he’s just not fluent in the language of how to treat a woman. SO – who gets the responsibility for teaching him? YOU! It’s not really all that hard.

    AND – you’ll have to stop reacting to his missteps with anger. There’s an article here about “getting off the anger train and on the love train” – find it! Once you’ve able to vulnerably share your feeling state, without locking him out and blocking him, and shutting down – everything will change.

    He’s clearly not instinctively great partnership material – and perhaps you, too, can learn a lot from this experience!

    AND – maybe not! Maybe he’s simply not able to do relationship at all – and then it’s back to Circular Dating and more learning! So many of my coaches have free Facebook groups, free weekly classes, low cost groups – go investigate them and show up at some of their groups – you’ll be able to get free coaching in a lot of ways, and then you’ll know who you want to work with if you decide to hire a coach to help you move faster. Love, Rori

  4.  #4Brenda on March 9, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Thank u so much I’m just lost he just called 5 times and left messages and text he says I’m ridiculous for not answering inhale gave him the girlfriend speech I have also gave him the no friends speech I have also tried to be agreeable with him when he wants spend an hr with me for dinner and stay out all night til the next morn saying he’s playing poker which was stupid of me we would have sex 2 if 3 times a week on his time only I could never initiate sex and I know I think I read I’m not suppose to but it would be nights he’s sleep in my bed or I’d be in his and no sex and I would be angry I thought he was gay I asked he said no he has been in my cell an do asked to look in his and he won’t I see that the pictures he had of me are home he held his phone to show me he k my has 3 pictures stored in his phone yesterday I asked him to cha he his status to say he is in a relationship with me on Facebook and he said he doesn’t like Facebook much and that’ll give everyone to come out of the woodworth to say negative things about us being together because fb is drama I agree to an extent but I just don’t k ow what to do it’s like he pulls me and when I embrace him he drops me to the ground today he is on reject on my cell and he’s called now 5 times and text twice he’s at work and it’s always this way if I don’t answer his calls it drama I do want a man that shows up and wants to be with me and not only when he thinks I’m done or mad at him things were eso good a yr and a few mths ago or maybe I was able to be more accommodating to his ways I know I’m not perfect and some days I feel i need to hold on to him but I keep his number blocked he gets to me when he comes by and sometime I and let him in sat he told me that he is not ha gung in to me just be passing time that I can’t take care of him financially and most guys would keep ha gung on to a woman if she’s useful money was or they need a place to stay he said he had his own place to stay which he does and he lives by himself it’s a studio apartment I have had no reason to feel as if he has an apartment and no ing somewhere else because he didn’t make right money to pay rent in 2 places and when I wasn’t at his house he was at mine or We were on the phone maybe in between time he maybe slipped out but I don’t think him li ing with someone slipped my radar but now I can not say those things and I feel we have been broken up since Nov despite me back tracking and going out for dinner with him a few times and the odd thing is I’ve been out with him more than we’ve had sex I my twice since Nov he didn’t seem too interested to say we stayed on the phone 2 hrs with him pretending to get frustrated because I bring up thanksgiving day I’m sorry this is long and I k ow it’s draining and exhausting to read I’m just having a hard time with this it’s like I felt like at some point we had something good and it’s over and we both are holding on me I’m trying to take a few steps to let go but I’m holding on in my own way too he told me he doesn’t new anything from me so he not just pretending to want to be back together with me that he loves me and he can’t let me go and he won’t and he told me that it’s better for me to have some kind of man I guess than not have one at all he didn’t say the last part but that’s what he meant I have never been able to get out of a relationship like this easy I have not had a normal guy and I’m sick if it I go to church I pray and I try to live my life right and be good to people I’m no angel but I try I don’t think I’m bad looking and I’m not overweight which nothing is wrong with a heavy person because I k so a lot of women with a lol more weight that have good relationships with men I just want to know what’s wrong with me or what did I do it stayed out good and I thought even If he and I ever decided to part ways it wouldn’t be this hard well thk u again Rori I will continue to read the blogs and educate myself in different things in life