Attraction Tip!

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The Question:

“Rori, Can you make a video teaching women how to use eye contact to attract, over the shoulder glances, eye gazing at warmth or sexy eye contact,  body language… ‘G’…?”

My Answer:

‘G’ – what a great question, and here’s where I’m at:

Everything has to come from inside you.

If you start thinking “strategy” and “techniques” you end up in your masculine energy, and the whole moment goes away.

Eye contact is something all my coaches and I teach – not because it makes such an impact with a man (though it does) – but because it completely changes your energy!

All of a sudden, you feel what’s going on inside, you feel “the feelings” – and that translates and radiates out to him.

What that looks like, a coach would be able to work with you on that in Siren Circle Private Coaching – she can see you over Zoom, and let you know what she’s seeing and feeling from you. ->

Combined with you letting her know what YOU’RE feeling – it’s a powerful piece of “work”.

Example: You’re at a gathering, and you see a man across the room.

You feel lit up inside.

You notice that you feel lit up, and instead of trying to quell that feeling (as a “strategy”, so he “won’t think you’re over-interested”…) – you just let it leak out of your face and your body.

You can’t help but smile, and look at him.

Then, drawn by your energy, he looks back at you, and you feel…embarrassed, let’s say.

So your body does something else – unless you stop it.

What it does, all by itself, shrugging shoulders, shaking head and hair, wrinkling nose – is likely adorable.

What you might do to STOP that natural reaction, and instead try to “do” something you “think” would be attractive – would likely not be so adorable.

He’d pick up on the vibe of artificiality about your reaction, and possibly lose interest.

Then – that would trigger you again!

So – this is how it MUST go!

In the moment, moment-by-moment.

True to you, true to your feelings.

If you’d like private help, take a look at private coaching with my truly brilliant team of coaches in the Siren Circle Private Coaching program…

Love, Rori

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