Bring Joy Back Into Your Life! From Coach Sophie Drakkar

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When you begin to feel JOY in your life – that’s when your healing begins

by Sophie Drakkar Coaching

Do you remember the days when you were just a little more carefree?

When the weight of the world didn’t rest on your shoulders alone?

And do you remember when spontaneity was your middle name?

Do you recall your curious soul that use to find joy in trying out new things…?

I am calling on that side of YOU that still exists somewhere in there.

Sometimes you might feel as though the joy and sheer entertainment has escaped your life.

It might be because you are a busy parent or a single parent. Perhaps neither… maybe you’re single and no children. It could be that you’ve just experienced a hearth wrenching breakup or you’ve been single for a long stretch.

Whatever your story may be, your current experience of live is lacking the joy you once had experienced.

If you’re a parent, you still feel joy when you see your child(ren) among other things going on for you.

If you’re single, you still feel joy in the company of your family, friends, and work life.

But something just feels like it’s missing…

That something is this… your calendar is filled with obligations you have committed to with everyone, but yourself.

Can you think of the last time you signed up for an activity that purely gives you JOY?

From the moment we are conceived we are expanding into the person we are destined to become – our true path and calling!

We either live our lives keeping up with our own expansion OR we block ourselves with limiting beliefs and constrict our expansion.

Well, those were some big words, but what does that even mean…?

OK – think of the universe. It’s expanding – from the moment the Big Bang occurred. The universe is in constant expansion and within it are constant births and formations of stars and galaxies. AND after every death of a star comes the birth of a new star.

Now – think of when you were a baby learning and exploring. You were curious about EVERYTHING! That’s how you grew and developed into the next phase of your life. You continued to grow and keep up with your expansion as you went through your toddler phase, being a child, being a teen, and then a young adult.

Then after some time you noticed a shift in your rate of expansion.

You can’t quite put your finger on it…

You’ve started your career and you’re slowly progressing – that’s keeping up with your expansion right..?

I’m going to tell you something – it’s not quite the same!

Keeping up with your expansion means you are always developing your self to acquire new skills (or even expand to the next level on existing skills).

This includes engaging in activities that truly bring you joy… not just the courses you take to advance at work – but you’re even engaged in activities that are totally unrelated!

For example, if you work in a corporate setting, you take an acting class! OR if you’re an artist by profession you might pick up archery, or wall climbing, or cooking.

Be creative.

Feed your soul with the things that bring you JOY.


Because when you feel joy your body and soul can literally HEAL.

Yes – literally.

The human body actually emits an electromagnetic frequency – much like our cell phones.

To the left there’s a chart that identifies the hertz at which the human body emits when feeling certain emotions.

Joy is the third one from the top.

Any frequency above 500Hz allows for healing to occur in our body. Not only that, but we can heal others the higher we raise our frequency.

My advice to you is if you’re experiencing any kind of pain try to not dwell on them for too long because the lower the lower your emotional frequency the more adversely it will effect you.

Just in the same way that joy can heal you – your emotions of fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame can slowly eat away at you.

Vent if you have to release the pressure, but don’t remain in that emotional place of low frequency for an extended period of time.

Go out there and fill your calendar up with activities that bring you sheer joy. You’ll begin to heal and you’ll feel inspired towards creativity in your life.

I can literally go on about this, but I’ll spare you the details on this blog. But to learn more about this, I invite you to download my complimentary programExpand Your Magnetism And Attract His Everlasting Love‘ – as my gift to you!

Love, Sophie


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