Can You Enhance Your Psychic Abilities to “Read” A Man?

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I say “Yes.”

I say there’s being “psychic,” being “intuitive,” being “empathic,” being “clair-audient” and many more states of being and consciousness that allow us to “feel” people in deep and different ways.

And I also say that just like with any gifts, some of us are more gifted than others from birth – but that we can ALL learn skills that will increase our abilities to be aware of things we may not believe we have the gifts to “see.”

My favorite “empath” will always be Deanna Troi from Star Trek – The Next Generation, who’s “Betazoid” and therefore a born empath.

It means that she can’t read “thoughts” – but she can read feelings. Even from very far away.

She can feel lying. She can feel love. She can feel kindness. She can feel anger.

And – so can you.

I’ve been told by many mediums that I’m “clair-audient” – which theoretically means I can pick up on people’s feelings.

But I would never, ever say that I “read” people well.

And I would definitely say that I resist following my intuition, no matter that I WANT to follow it, that I VALUE it highly, and WISH to BE a highly intuitive person.

I mean – what if I DO have these abilities? 

What if YOU do?

I feel absolutely certain that you do, that I do, that we all do.

We just don’t believe we do.

We don’t practice “hearing” what we pick up from our innate gifts, we instinctively do what we’ve all been trained to do: listen to our brains, our thinking, our masculine energy.

We’re taught to disbelieve in our own “mystery.”

What if I actually “am” able to “tune in” to another person and “read them” in a deeper way than my brain is able to?

And here’s where I’m going with this:  Almost ANYTHING is better than trying to figure things out with our brains.

It’s not because we’re not smart enough to figure things out, but because we believe we KNOW enough to figure things out.

And the truth is – we hardly EVER know much of ANYTHING!

In fact – we’re mostly always making stuff up.  And then we embroider what we make up and begin to believe it.

For me – ANYTHING that shakes up that habit is a good thing.

Love, Rori

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