How You Can Change Your Love Life Like DeAnna The Bachelorette

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When DeAnna dumped Graham on The Bachelorette, we could all see how difficult it was for her to go against her natural, chemical connection to him – her DESIRE for him, and to GIVE UP on the idea that she could somehow MAKE HIM be the kind of man she wanted and needed for the “long haul.”

But she did – and she did it knowing that she was taking the chance of settling for one of the remaining 3 men that she DID NOT feel IN LOVE WITH yet.

Her feelings had been focused on Graham, and now all she could do was HOPE that one of the other men would somehow get her heart fired up.

So – how can this help YOU?

Well, if this were normal life, DeAnna would probably be dating Graham for months and months and months – maybe even years – before she felt forced to decide to keep him or not.

And so would almost all of us, with a man we really “felt” a lot for, like DeAnna so obviously did for Graham. In fact you may be finding yourself in that situation right now, where you’re HOPING your man will turn into the kind of man who can actually LOVE you, and not just have “feelings” for you.

In real life, as long as HE didn’t break it off, DeAnna probably would make excuses for Graham, and be understanding even while she was getting angry and telling him so.

But here – under the pressure of the TV show, knowing she had only weeks to either end up on the stage with the right man, or chance ending up onstage with a man who would reject her in front of the world, like Brad did the season before, she decided to UNDO all her old patterns of following “chemistry” and “infatuation,” and instead follow the road of what felt GOOD.

She decided to go with the men who made her feel GOOD and SECURE – and like they actually WANTED to offer her EXACTLY what she said she wanted – marriage and family.

Now, DeAnna is only 26.  She actually has PLENTY of time to find that right man.

But she said to the camera “I’m tired of dating men who don’t know what they want.”  And then she said – I don’t want to be spending my life begging Graham to fall in love with me.”

That is just about the most powerful statement I’ve ever heard a woman say – and then to back it up by eliminating him – DESPITE the powerful feelings she had for him – well that’s just amazing.

So, take a page from DeAnna’s new-found self-esteem.

Break your own patterns of following men who don’t know what they want, and who set it up so that it’s YOU who waits for them to fall in love.

To help you, try out my Toxic Men program.  It’s a truly amazing program – with exercises and interactive Tools that will help you change all your old patterns with men, teach you to speak to a man in a powerful way that will bring him close instead of pushing him away, and learn exactly where you actually are in your relationship right now.

DeAnna was able to see the truth, make a decision that what Graham was offering her was just more of the same heartache, and strike out on a new road that will lead to her Happy Ever After.

Take strength and hope from what DeAnna did – I know you can get the same clarity she got, and learning to say NO to what you don’t want is often the first HUGE step to getting what you DO want.

Love, Rori

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