Circular Dating Great Tips From Coach Debra Darlen

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The Question:

“…How do I Circular Date without actually going on dates?

Answer From Siren Island Coach Debra Darlen:

…Oh and this is ‘easy’ for me…cause I do it all the time!!

CDING has several..’flavors’ to it….in a sense…

One flavor..for me… is..simply ….being consciously aware….of….your surroundings…like engaging ‘all five senses’….each one of them..consciously…every time you engage with another or woman…

So,when I meet someone for coffee..or at the grocery store…I ‘engage fully’ with my senses and theirs…so I look..gaze..with warm soft eyes…into their eyes…and I smile…I the sound of their voice…I notice what I am touching…or if I hug or shake hands..I am super aware of how their touch it feels to touch them..I wonder how .’they taste’…I notice the taste on my the time…so all five of them..

The other flavor is specific ‘dates’ for me with me doing things I truly enjoy! So, I have a ‘list’ of these things and I make sure that I am out any night that I would in any way feel…’lonely’…if I stayed home. I know what nights those are and I CD myself on those nights always..and sometimes on other nights as well. These things for me are open dance night with my dance studio (not a bar scene); Comedy Club; Book Club; live concerts…and many others.

The other flavor is specific ‘dates’ with my dearest of friends which are planned..usually over a longer period of time. I travel to visit or they to me- as I have many friends from all over the world.

The next flavor of CD is with …family. I plan a monthly one on one date with each of my children- so each week- I have a ‘lunch date’ with one of my grown children (I started this practice when they were smaller- and I would actually pick them up from school and take them out to lunch as a treat- and it gave me one on one time with just them)
I also plan ‘play dates’ with my grandchildren once a month.

Fill your ‘calendar up’…with ‘your stuff’….so that you feel ..fed..fully you…and yourself….

How does this sound…? Does this help…?

Love, Debra

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  1.  #1Femininewoman on October 30, 2018 at 11:24 am

    Interesting concept and twist on “flavors”