Circular Dating Is Your Healing – He May Not Like It, But He Gets It

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Circular Dating is the cure for everything.

Start slow, with NOT “dating” – CDing is NOT about “dating” – it’s about interacting with other men. Period.

And the easiest way to do that, to get in front of many men, is through online dating, going to parties, going where there are men, learning to flirt, learning to use Feeling Messages, learning to stay UNATTACHED to any one man.

A relationship that is both long distance and “Uncommitted” is just that – a man in your dating “rotation.”

A “relationship” denotes many things, and we don’t have to label what you have going on.

We can call it a “love connection” to be general.

A woman who ‘waits” for a man has an “energy” that ANYONE can feel – most of all the man.

What this creates inside him is GUILT.

This guilt for wobbling around you and making you ‘”wait” makes him LESS able to feel anything for you!

And yes, at the same time, he’s grumpy and unhappy if you DO date other men, because he wants what he wants – still, he’s hyper aware that he SHOULDN’T want to “hold you back” if he’s not ready to commit.

It’s a confusion for him, for everyone.

Also – please know this – if a man has used the word “not ready to commit” then he absolutely KNOWS he has no claim on you, and that you SHOULD be dating other men. The fact that we don’t causes them to feel a “disconnect.”

This is, in many ways, a spiritual journey.

The belief has to reside in yourself, and the evolution of all things, in a way that serves everyone – and NOT in the idea that this or any man is “THE” man for us.

Instead, let the universe and your daily life bring you LOTS of men, and let us hep you through that process!

Love, Rori

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