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If you'd like to contact me about a personal issue - write to me here, and I'll:

1.Answer you back briefly with a general tip to help you in your situation (I can't legally or ethically "coach you" over email - it wouldn't be fair to my clients and students), and...

2. If your letter is very wonderfully universal, and will help other women, I'll ask if I can use it for a blog post and answer it here!

I'll give you a brief idea of what I'll say in the post, let you know I'll change your name and delete any references to cities or schools..etc., and ask you to reply back to me to give me written permission.

3. I'll also refer you specifically to one of my Certified Coaches, who I think might be perfect for you.

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If you'd like help with any of my "programs" - Modern Siren, Commitment Blueprint, the Have The Relationship You Want ebook, Surrender To Love ebook, Toxic Men, Targeting Mr. Right,  Love Scripts,  Heart-To Heart, the Heart Connection Toolkit, or Reconnect Your Relationship - I have NO way to help you from here!

If you need a refund, or have a tech glitch - please write the publishing company - Amare, Inc - directly at

They'll have your purchase records by your email address, and can help you quickly. I can do nothing, as I have no records, and do not sell any programs except for Business Siren programs (you can find those at like RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training), BIZ, Have It All - Systems, Structures And Soul, and The Business Siren's Handbook - and also the Love Forever Membership and Live Events.

Other ways to contact Amare : Through the email they sent you after your purchase, on the website with FAQ's, Live Chat, and filling out a "Help Ticket."