What’s The Difference Between Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy, and What Does “Bitch” Have To Do With It?

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If you’ve caught yourself feeling one way and then saying or acting another – sometimes the complete OPPOSITE from the way you actually feel – that’s the PRETENDING TRAP.

It’s when you really feel like a girl, but you act like a man. Either because you don’t want to appear weak, or because there’s just no MODEL for you out there on how to be STRONG and “girl” at the same time!

The TRUTH is – the very definition of “girl” is STRONG!

We women are totally amazing – we can endure pain, we can multi-task, we can take over anyone and anything – and yet we’ve been told that’s not true. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been told that Feminine qualities – like intuition, feeling, empathy, sensuality and emotional connectedness have no place in the “real” world.

But that’s all changing. Now we see business books out there called “How To Do Business Like A Girl,” and all kinds of books on leadership that take a totally Feminine approach!

To get the full scope of what Masculine and Feminine Energy is, you’ll want to look at my Have The Relationship You Want ebook – you can take a look at it – for now, think of it this way: Masculine Energy is about DOING and Feminine Energy is about BEING. Masculine Energy is about THINKING and Feminine Energy is about FEELING. You can pretty much categorize most things – what you do and say, how you react and what you think and feel – as either Masculine Energy or Feminine Energy just by noticing if it’s Doing or Being, Thinking or Feeling.

It’s not that we have to stop using our Masculine Energy – it’s that we have to learn to use our Feminine Energy, too – and we have to learn when and where and how to use both energies to get the best results in life and in love.

So, I’d like you to do this: As you walk through your everyday life, check in with yourself. Start noticing when you’re doing and thinking, and know you’re in your masculine energy. Then notice when you’re simply feeling a sensation (without thinking about it, naming it, or judging it) or just Being Present, and you’ll know you’re in your Feminine Energy. Let me know what your is like – is it balanced between the two – Masculine and Feminine? Or are you lopsided to the Masculine? Let me know.


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  1.  #1Uschi on September 6, 2009 at 6:20 am

    what about if I am all feminine and feeling like and emotional and he doesn’t like all that emotion and feeling or at least that is what he is saying – cause to him it is always what you do not what you say or feel or the emotions cause to him they get in the way of doing – like if I promised to get rid of all the extra stuff he feels I don’t need and then my emotions get in the way cause I am attached to something