You Don’t Have To DO Anything To Get Your Man

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I went to dinner the other night with a family who’s raised 5 sons and daughters – all in college now. Since my daughter is that age now, I had a lot of questions to ask – mostly about relationships when you’re that young. I wanted to know how times have changed and get a little insight into what my daughter is dealing with out there. (I met her sons and daughter that night, and the sons were fantastic, and her daughter had a nice boyfriend.)

It seems to me that the men around my daughter now are so much more passive than what I remember – or at least that’s what my daughter and her friends say, but this woman, who’d seen WAY more than I, put me straight.

She said – “Girls don’t have to do ANYTHING! Girls are MAGNETS!”

And she was so confident, so sure about herself and her mothering and how her kids had turned out – and I realized she’d seen things not only from her daughter’s view, but from her sons’ – she’d seen their, and their friends’, and whole bunches of boys’ points of view.

So I took away that my Rori Raye methods work for ALL ages, and that boys and men are pretty much exactly as they always were. Men still want to feel like men and act like men in the most old-fashioned way. And girls – all girls, are magnets.

So how can I give you something to DO that’s about NOT doing ANYTHING?

Try this:

  1. Picture yourself as a Magnet for men. See yourself that way from the outside.
  2. Picture men running toward you from everywhere, pushing and shoving each other aside to get to you…
  3. Now go INSIDE your picture and IMAGINE yourself DRAWING in men from everywhere – like a magnet you hold on the beach draws in thousands of little pieces of iron from the sand.
  4. Now imagine that all you have to do is SMILE, and men will drop from the skies, fly at you from everywhere, and STICK to you like glue.
  5. The next step is to simply EXPERIENCE how it FEELS to be a magnet (If you’re doing it full-out, it might feel uncomfortable and downright scary…)

I want you to do this small baby-step 24/7 – wherever you are, however you feel. KNOW that you already ARE a magnet -just because you’re a girl! (It doesn’t matter what age you think you are – you’re a girl, and you don’t have to do anything but BE what you already are!

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  1.  #1Uschi on September 8, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Could I just do this with one guy – my guy – cause I want him back

  2.  #2Suzanne on August 5, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I have been living with a man for 2 yrs. I have a ring, but that’s all for now. 5 months ago, I lost my job and my boyfriend hasn’t had sex with me since then.. I have unemployment, its not really a money issue, but he acts like it is. This has me heartbroken, its like I’m not enough for him anymore. I’m sure he’s not cheating, because we are together most of the time-I don’t know if he’s playing games or if I truly turn him off (I never have before) I’m 40 yrs old- I want to make love to him so bad-I can hardly think straight!!!!! When I try to even make a move, he turns away,,,,, Please help me- I love this man, but rejection can cut like a knife and when he does that-it makes me feel like i’m bothering him..and that turns me off……What do I do?? Help Please- I dont know what to do…..

  3.  #3Rori Raye on August 5, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Suzanne (I took off your last name, so please just post as your first name next time) – this is weird. 5 months without sex is totally weird. If your self-esteem has plummeted due to losing your job – I hope you’re focusing your entire attention on getting a new job…if a man wants to turn away from you because of that – why would you want him? You must talk with him and find out what’s going on. If he’s mad at you for not making an effort to get a job – the anger he’s stuffing is getting expressed by this withdrawal…but it’s a long time for a man to go without sex. If he’s trying to break up with you – to get you to break up – that would make sense. You’ll have to find out. Love, Rori

  4.  #4Skylar on June 30, 2011 at 12:13 am

    I have a man interested in asking me out. He asked my friend if I would be interested in going out with him sometime. She said, ‘I’m sure she would. Maybe we can double.’ (She dates my brother who is also friends with this guy.) Now she is telling me to send him a PM on FB. I don’t know what to say! Isn’t it his move? What do I do?


  5.  #5roxy on July 29, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Wooww. I never thought of this until now. You definitely have great point. I have been reading your book during these couple of days and I have to say it has been a great eye opener for me. My actions and thoughts are changing every time I read a chapter or article. I thank you and hope you can continue giving us woman advice on how to have to the relationship we want.

  6.  #6Yvette on January 20, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I think I may have been given a second chance and I want to make sure I use it to my advantage. My guy and I have been living together for almost 3 years. This last couple of months we have been fighting a lot. He says he is unhappy, that we are not emotionally connected, he wants some space and misses his freedom. He loves me but is not in love with me. We had marriage on the table last summer than all of a sudden he was wiping me out of his life. I have no idea what happened.

    We broke up and he moved into a motel for a week. Obviously you now know we live together. I can not afford a place of my own. During the week he was gone he told me he has very deep feelings for me but he will not tell me he loves me. He even came by twice to check on me to make sure I had gas and money for whatever. I recently have just lost my job. He even called. I called him and said I was sorry to bother him and he said I wasn’t. He was gentle and kind. He came back today and asked me if I wanted to stay with him at the house until I could find a place of my own. I had been staying at my girlfriends house on the couch.

    Is this truly a second chance to win him back. I saw this post do nothing but lean back and he will lean forward. But what else…there has to be something I can do to get him emotionally attracted to me again? Please help. I really love him and want him back but I have noticed that I have lost myself in this relationship and have been gradually trying to find myself again. I am coming back but I dont want progress to stop and I really want him back. What can I do quickly to get him back emotionally…everything physically has always been awesome between us. Thanks