Do This Instead of Pushing Away Your Icky Feelings – And Draw Him In! Video

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It’s beautiful… not so hot…and I can feel things moving.

I can hear the wind.

My dog doesn’t want to go outside in the rain, and so he’s sitting here quietly…and –

 – all of a sudden everything that worries me is coming up.

Does that happen to you?

It’s like there’s a moment that should feel peaceful, but instead it feels stressful – because it feels like all of a sudden I have to sit with my thoughts

All of a sudden I have to sit with my worries.

All of a sudden I look at my calendar, and see what I haven’t done…what I need to do.

There’s a hummingbird! … oh it just flew away in a moment.

A moment that was lovely, beautiful, quick, unique, special – I feel like it should have relieved this sense of weight.

But it doesn’t do that, unless you create it that way.

So let’s talk about creating moments that will relieve your stress and get you out of the heavy, weighted thoughts about what you need to do, and what isn’t being done, and what went wrong…and really relax into the flow of just being alive.

*First thing you want to do is not push away the crappy stuff.

…And that’s the first thing we all want to do, right?

We want to push it away, and not feel sad, and not feel tired, and not feel lonely – and not feel just completely bereft of inspiration and uncomfortable.

We don’t want to feel that way, and we don’t want to let those feelings come up because we’re afraid horrible, terrible, even worse feelings are sitting below those slightly icky feelings.

So – what I want you to do is let them happen.

Befriend them.

More than befriend them – because you are them…!

You are the keeper of those feelings.

You are, in a sense, the lover, and the guardian, and the mother, and the best friend, and
the originator of those feelings.

The birther of all of your feelings, whether they feel icky or not.

Whether they are sad and painful or not.

And so you get to nurture them.

You get to love them.

Love, Rori

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