Do You Really Want Him If He’s Nonchalant About You? How To Find Out – VideoCast!

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When a man is showing up as more nonchalant about something that has you feeling unsafe…what do you do?

When you’ve brought the subject up again and again and again – and that doesn’t work, and you’re feeling the trust kind of erode in your relationship…perhaps a situation where there’s an “ex” from the past involved…

Well, not only do I have perspective, I have experience. I was with a guy, in my idiot phase, for two years, who was still so tied to his ex wife…he was happy when she dropped by for any reason (which she did, often, for help with all kinds of things) – or asked him to drop by to fix things…

…she had many boyfriends and serious relationships, but the guy I was dating was there for her a thousand percent.

She called, he ran. But he was chill. He never gave off that he ever expected to be with her again, or that, there was anything other than this feeling he had for her as a friend and protector…

It’s a long story, with lots of Tools, advice and fresh insights for you no matter what your situation – and especially if you’re finding yourself “stuck” on a man who isn’t really “doing the job” for you.

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Love, Rori

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