Do You Trust Him? Podcast!

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Trust is complicated.

And one of you in a romantic relationship has to go first, be brave, demonstrate what opening up and being vulnerable looks like, even without absolute certainty that the person you’re opening up to is trustworthy.

So – complicated.

Not only does Trust involve handing over some of what most of us have come to call “autonomy” by agreeing to literally depend on someone else for many different forms of life sustenance: the easy ones seemingly being love, romance, relationship, sex…the harder ones being location, responsibility, choices, decisions….

In this Podcast, Natalina Love and I talk about: not only “Can you trust a man’s loyalty and fidelity”…but, “Can you trust him with your most real, basic, deepest, most vulnerable self. With your feelings and needs as they truly are…?”

And my answer is so straightforward – and possibly controversial – I look forward to reading your comments, or hearing from you in my email inbox at

My answer is that your ONLY option is to begin. To begin opening up, to begin being “present” with him, to begin honest, true, deep conversations from the start.

The How-To is in the Podcast!

Love, Rori

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