Do You Want A Man To Be A “Stallion” You Have To Break In?

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The Video:

The Comment:

“We are attracted to the testosterone-based men over the family-oriented one is, the former is like a wild stallion we want to break him in, while the latter won’t be as challenging and fun. We get pumped by the drama effect…”

My Answer:

…ahhhh…what a lovely metaphor!

For me, it’s so totally for us to have adventure, thrills, experience a stallion, whatever makes us feel excited and happy in those times of our lives where the incredible responsibility of relationship – really, it’s creating a kind of Relationship Sanctuary for both partners, and both partners have to commit 100% to creating that Sanctuary – isn’t what we’re truly wanting.

And – when what we want is a genuine Relationship Sanctuary with all the responsibility it calls for, a genuine Life-Partnership – then we need to look deeper and choose something that might actually rattle and trigger us.

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Love, Rori

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