Do You Want Him To Be Loyal – Or Exciting? How To Get Both! Video

Rori SRC

The truth is, we crave a lot of things about a man that actually conflict with each other.

We want excitment, thrills and chemistry – and men who “feel” like that often are also not ready for a committed relationship, not emotionally mature, not financially stable, and don’t have communication and partnership skills…

So – perhaps you’ve been thinking of avoiding the exciting narcissists, sexy players, and charming little boys by “settling”.

By going for a “nice guy” and tolerating a lack of chemistry.

You don’t have to do that!

It might “feel” like that at first, because you’ll be going against your automatic instincts – but a lot of nice guys don’t make good partners, either!

The secret…

…is in learning to trust your “feelings”.

This is totally different from trusting your instincts (we all know what it feels like to trust our instincts – and then discover those instincts were really old patterns that were completely at odds with our genuine INTUITION, based on the “feelings” we had about things…)

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Love, Rori

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