Does With Who You Attract Have Anything To Do With “Mirrors”?


The Question:

“Rori, I’ve heard some coaches say we attract people as a mirror of us, I’m feeling a little confused as to what that means? Joan…”

My Answer:

Dear Joan, Hi, this is Rori, and forget about “mirrors”!

Essentially, there are so many fuzzy ways to say these things, like “you attract who you’re being…”

So, whatever does THAT mean in a helpful way?!

Most of us have no idea who we’re “being” much of the time – and even if we are – we’re all always being in different ways!

Stick with the Falling in Love with your inner voices, your Inner Boy, and loving him and allowing him to take you places and serve you.

Then – that’s who you’ll attract!

If you’re just on the edge of experiencing how you can “Fall In Love With It” so much more of the time – yet it still feels unnatural…

…If you still feel yourself wanting to shut down, find yourself feeling angry and resentful, and not inspired to either “get out there” and, just by being yourself, effortlessly attract a new man –  or settle into your current relationship’s dynamic and fix whatever’s going on with the man you’re with:

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Forget the concept of “mirrors” – and let’s just slide into a simple set of possibilities:

*If we’re constantly criticizing ourselves, we’ll attract and be attracted to men who criticize us.


*We’ll attract and be attracted to men who want to rescue us from our self-criticalness in any number of ways:
….wanting to control our thoughts, our words, our actions, our feelings…

….criticizing us for criticizing ourselves

…feeling so sensitive and self-critical themselves that they’ll take every single thing you say as a “slight” and gaslight you at every turn…

….Being fully appreciative of our tenderness and softness, and loving us even more wonderfully….


*We’ll attract and be attracted to men who completely ignore us, are bound up in themselves, who have no idea how to love, who can perhaps be trained to love – or perhaps not….


*We’ll attract and be attracted to men who find us charming, irresistible, and totally wonderful to be with forever…!

So – there are no “rules” about it!

If you’re judgmental with yourself and others, angry with yourself and others, filled with all kinds of conflict and drama – same thing! No rules!

The thing is, when you find yourself feeling bad about yourself, and can still get into the practice of literally falling in love with that voice inside you – you’ll have such a much wider range of men to be attracted to and to attract!

You’re so much less likely to attract and be attracted to a man who feels so bad about himself so much of the time that he becomes a bad bet for a romantic partnership with you!

It’s all about being aware of all these different voices and pouring love on them, so that they don’t “run” you in an underground sort of way.

That’s the secret….

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Love, Rori

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