Embraceable Me

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Self-Love is a mouthful.

When you’re feeling crappy – it feels like a huge chasm to leap over just to get “okay” with yourself.

We’ve all been there, and all we need is some Tool, to use within seconds to simply “Shift The View.”

Embraceable Me is a simple concept – basically just hugging ourselves.

In this time of confusion, loneliness and perhaps a rude confrontation with uncomfortable close quarters if we’re already in a live-in relationship – we need quick ways to turn things upside down and around!

In other posts, and all over the web, you’ll see all kinds of help for online dating in this Corona time – where you can actually see some ADVANTAGES for you!

The new, forced rules of life and romance are now “courtship, friendship, talking, getting-to-know, building trust…” all the things we most value, and that get us into a REAL relationship in the fastest and best way.

So – the main concept I want to share today is this one:

To feel better, when we don’t feel good – we believe, subconsciously, that we have to make someone else wrong.

Because – if we blame ourselves, we can get depressed, sad, upset, mired in guilt and self-loathing.

And – if we turn toward someone else to “finger with blame” – especially to a man we’re with, or even a man we’ve just met, or begun to talk to online! – we immediately start to feel guilty, and then get angry.

The guilt is inside us, directed at us, yet the anger gets spewed around at everyone and everything, as we try to keep from directing the anger at ourselves – yet totally cannot.

What we’re feeling toward others is ALWAYS a version of what we’re feeling toward ourselves.

Even anger at circumstances beyond our control are fed by feelings of fear, anger, guilt, helplessness that we feel – and aim – toward ourselves.

So – when you have a feeling of anger – Catch it!

Look at it, and see that, most actually, you’re angry with yourself.

Talk to those parts of you that’re feeling angry, guilty and doing “blaming.”

  • If you say “Embraceable Me” to yourself – see what your inner reaction is.
  • If you hug yourself, see what that reaction is.

Start there – with simply saying and doing something loving toward yourself, and experience your reaction.

  • You might be surprised how deeply and quickly you reject the love from yourself.

We all experience this – so – this is your homework:

Just keep doing and saying it.  Say “I’m embraceable. Embraceable Me.”

Sing to yourself.  Dance yourself around the room.  Make love to yourself.

See how you react.

This is a simple, basic meditative process – come to life!

This is your feminine energy, supported by your Inner Boy, “becoming” the action of self-love.

If you want some help with any of this, let me know – and just visit Siren School at https://www.coachrori.com/ to see the many ways you can get support and coaching to strengthen your feminine energy.

Love, Rori