Emptying Your Head To Make Room For Love

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I’ve come to believe this:

…With all the stress and anxiety in us and around us, the desire to post everything about our lives on Instagram and Facebook is not so much about “look at me!” (though there is that…), but is more about emptying our heads of all of the stuff we think about all day long.

If you can’t sleep, if you find yourself jumpy, if you find yourself in your Head thinking about things –

Try this:

Write it down.

Hardly any of us walk around with a pencil and paper these days, but we all have phones!

We all have a little “Notes” app in our phones, and email, so – write to yourself!

If a list is rolling over and over in your mind for something… Talk into your phone!

Don’t worry about the grammar, you’ll understand what you wrote later… And maybe you’ll find a whole new way to make a list!


Stop what you’re doing,

Pick up your phone,

Turn on your Notes…

Turn on the voice recording icon, and

Start talking…

You can make a list by saying “Return,” or…

You can tell it to do periods and commas and dots and dashes and open and close parenthesis, and open and close quote…

…And you will be shocked at how much lighter your head feels…

What does a lighter head feel like?

Well, for one thing – you can start to feel your feet!

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Think of your brain as a circuit board, and sometimes it just gets overloaded (I do know this – men get overloaded way more quickly than we do!)

They overload and their circuit board shuts down…

This is what’s happening if you see a man close himself up right in front of you.

His brain circuit board is simply shutting down against the overload of input.

On the other hand – we women can just keep moving on!

We just keep going and going. We are the true energizer bunnies of the brain.

Which is, of course, why women should run the world!

Sometimes, when I’m out walking my dog, I feel the urge to pull out my phone and lighten up my brain.  I talk, then close up the phone, and lo and behold – more thinking about what I’ve just written comes up!

And here, in St. Louis in December, it is very cold. I have to take off at least one pair of my gloves to work my phone…

So I just stop, open my phone, takeoff my gloves if they’re not working with the phone, stick my hand in my pocket temporarily, and keep talking into my phone.

Think of what you want to do here as lightening your brain… Lightening the circuit board, letting some wires just stay not fired up.

And you will be shocked at how that will happen naturally if you simply speak it out loud.

This is possibly one reason why we women are said to talk so much… This is how we lighten our brains!

By sharing!

So talk to your phone!

Yes, take photos and share them on Instagram immediately! See if that feels lighter…

So how does lightening your brain feel?

It literally feels lighter! Your shoulders feel looser and softer, your jaw feels looser and softer.

Sitting and writing stuff down in journals and letters to your self work, yes, but nowhere near at the frequency that speaking aloud does!

So speak out loud into your phone… She is listening!

And just keep going until your brain stops ticking and pinging…

You’ll know when you can stop for a while…

And sometimes, if you’ve been storing up a lot of input and information in your brain, it will take a long time for the brain dump to get done!

Let it!

If you’re a writer, coach, entrepreneur… All of the content you spew into your phone can be used!

And if not… You can practice how you want to speak to a man this way!

Instead of just letting it roll around in your head… Try out your Scripts!

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Love, Rori

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