Entrancement – Keep Him Under Your Spell

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I like this word: entrancement.

It sounds like a trap. It sounds like you’ve got someone bound and gagged.

It sounds magical.

And – here’s the actual definition:

Definitions of entrancement
  1. noun

     a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment


    type of:

    delectation, delight

    a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction

In other words: He feels GOOD when he’s around you.

It’s HIS feeling, not something YOU “do”.

What strikes me most powerfully in this word, and the definition is that: no one’s tying him up, surrounding him…

It’s as though we instinctively define the word in our heads – and perhaps ALL words having to do with romance, love, entanglement, engagement, involvement, devotion…- as somethig we DO – when that’s not at all what any of these words are about.

They seem to describe an action. An action we create.

When, in fact, they all describe a state of being of the person entangled, engaged, involved, devoted…

It’s so hard sometimes to realize that the other person – him – is actually another person.

Not us.

Not even LIKE us, or similar to us.

It’s hard to accept that all we can truly “do” that has a real, lasting “impact” on a man (or anyone!) is to be whoever our unique self IS, while HE chooses to become entangled, involved, devoted…engaged, married…

It’s hard to accept that if we try to establish and implement control, or strategy with a man, a friend, anyone…they instantly recoil.

They move backward, run.

And if we do…nothing…they come toward us of their own volition, their own sense of Attraction.

This makes Attraction feel difficult.

A hard thing to grasp, to accomplish, to “do” – and yet, nearly everything sold to women is about Attraction!

Makeup, hair, perfume, clothes, grooming, everything!

So it’s so easily mistaken for something we need to “do” – when we’ve already discovered that doing ANYTHING pretty much drives a man away!

So – the tip in this post is this:

When hair, makeup, clothes, perfume become about HIM, instead of about YOU (and what makes you feel good, sexy….) you might as well forget about it.

He picks up on where you’re going, what you want, and it completely disables his Attraction.

He doesn’t even get close to entanglement or devotion.

YET – if you can get past the hair and makeup, etc., part, to where it’s all about YOU, then you can so much more easily make your conversation, your thoughts, your yeses and no’s about you instead of him, too.

And once you leave him OUT of it (out of your head, too!) – THAT’S when he decides “the coast is clear” and he allows himself to tumble into entanglement, love, devotion – and becomes entranced!

Happily entranced with you!

Love, Rori









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