Fall In Love With Your Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

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If you ever find yourself in tears, when just moments before you’d felt at such a high point – that’s EXACTLY how this fast change in your love life will go – Up and down, a rollercoaster.

Emotions galore.


AND – If you stay on the rollercoaster ride, learn to LOVE it, and not try to get yourself back up when you’re down – that will change everything for you!

Also – remember “The Catch” – the Awareness I want you to be vigilant about: knowing where your body is, what it’s dong, what feelings and sensations are going on and where they’re going on – ALL while STILL being present to what’s going on around you and what your man is saying.

The only thing there isn’t room for then – is thoughts!

We don’t want your thoughts and memories to yank you away from THE PRESENT.

Asking “why,” trying to figure stuff out and understand stuff just takes you back into the OLD neural pathways of your brain.

Instead, we want to carve and build and decorate NEW neural pathways, so your instinctive reactions will automatically be different!

It’s muscle memory, cell memory – all of those we can reprogram with practice.

That’s exactly what we’re doing with Scripts, etc…everything we work  on here on Siren Island.

Love, Rori

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