Find Your Feminine Energy, And Have Your Relationship Dream!

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Having the love and relationship you want doesn’t take a miracle, or concentration.

Not even focus and determination and hard work.

What it does take is utter, total belief in and commitment to your Feminine Energy, your Desires and Wants, and what will make you happy.

What will truly make us happy isn’t always what we think it is…because

…The “Relationship Dream” we’re all so familiar with, the one we live with, day in and day out, isn’t always OUR dream –

 – So much of the time, for so much of our lives, we feel bound to a “dream” that may not even be ours.  It may have been handed down to us, absorbed by us just by exposure and practice and time.

Even the Feelings we feel may not be “ours.”  They may be feelings we pick up from others, coming from ideas others have, and thoughts others speak.

Finding our OWN Dream is what The Feminine Energy Workshop is all about, and then helping you get to your Dream.

When you think of it this way, it’s so much more helpful than focusing on the details of a moment, the ups and downs of a relationship, even the things we experience, which may not feel even remotely like our Dream.

If you’re going through a moment where you’re questioning your Dream, questioning even the existence of your Dream Man, feeling way too much pain and frustration and stuckness – or perhaps just want to hang with other Sirens, get an emotional boost, and feel the joy of dropping into your Feminine Energy and staying there – join us this Sunday, March 26th at the Feminine Energy Workshop! It’s only $17, for 90 minutes of community and awesomeness->

Master Coach Teachers Beth Ellen, Naomie Thompson and Natalina Love will be working with you, along with brilliant coaches in small break-out zoom rooms (you’ll get a Worksheet to download when you sign up that’ll help you learn the new Tools you’ll be getting and experiencing on Sunday) – so you can take off your many masculine, guarding armors and live emotionally mask-free!

You don’t have to wait on a man – or anything else!

If you’ve ever felt like me, when I was (for most of my life), waiting on a man – this ability to wait for a man can come way too naturally.

It’s sort of the opposite of any “Feminine Mystique” you can imagine.

Waiting for him to commit. Waiting for a call. Waiting for a text.

Waiting for a kiss or a hug or a touch.

Waiting for an invitation.

Waiting for something.

Feeling pain, loneliness, misery, bad feelings about myself, longing, and the constant making of excuses to myself about why he wasn’t chasing after me was just – normal.

It actually felt like love.

It felt like love – only it was just me feeling it.

Yet – that was enough for me.

It felt like enough, because that was all I’d understood and experienced: One-way love. From me to him.

I stayed with men for a very very very long time – even though they pretty much gave me the clue they weren’t interested in anything long-term – or even said, straight-out, that we were “just friends”.

It was like I was on my own planet of belief.

Once I began actually feeling what I was feeling, and then getting brave enough to say those feelings out loud, my thinking, my beliefs, and my life changed.

And – it turned out to be so much easier than the other dreadful options I was always considering: “Letting a man go” – or just keeping going as things were.

Way easier than keeping hoping without any evidence that anything would ever change.

The bonus of discovering so much about yourself you never knew can be kind of exhilarating.

You might learn how to be incredibly transparent, vulnerable, and always in your Feminine Energy – and that alone might make all the difference in the relationship you’re already in.

The Feminine Energy Workshop is this coming Sunday, March 26th, and I’ll be there, as always, in the “bleachers”, soaking up the party atmosphere and total Sirenity, right along side you…! ->

Love, Rori


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