Finding Your Equal In A Good Man Is Hard When You’re In Your Masculine Energy


The Question:

Rori, These thoughts have been inside of me for a while now and I have finally had a chance to put finger to keyboard.

What I want is my sexual equal who gives me the right amount of communication. Too much and I feel smothered and icky; too little and I feel forgotten and undesired. It’s a delicate balance – lol.

I have met my sexual equal.

We were random partners for 2 years.  He is the BEST I have ever been with. In the way that a woman means “The Best”.

He just naturally did EVERYTHING that I needed him to without me having to tell him ANYTHING; he gave and gave and gave.

I was cherished and adored in the bedroom.

He recently told me that I am the best he has ever been with.

This ripped my soul in two only because my woman mind thinks “Then give me what I want so we can be together, you dummy!!!”

I have not been physical with him in 7.5 years. Much has transpired between us.

And yes, he is younger than me, by 4 years.

He is not willing to give me the communication I ask for, thus I do not sleep with him.

My body ACHES for him, however I know that I need more, and a couple of hours of pleasure here and there just isn’t enough for me.

So, perhaps, in response to your question about wanting a real relationship, the answer would be “yes”.

I have not had “fun” sex for a very long time and I feel a certain death in my soul (I work as an erotic masseuse and professional companion to a select few clients who treat me with the respect and dignity I know I deserve. And who can afford me.)

I have dated here and there and end up feeling emotionally nauseated. (I just made that up however it fits exactly how I feel).

I attract needy, clingy men. Men who are opposite of me.

Men that would give me everything I ask for, and more – except for the sex that I need (they are incapable) I have tried having sex with some of them and end up unsatisfied as their neediness/clingyness is a huge turn-off.

The men I am attracted to… crickets.

Sending love, Dee

My Answer:

Dee – You’re awesome!

And, for me, the reason you’re attracting all these feminine energy men is that you’re exuding masculine, super-competent energy.

It makes sense then, that super-sensitive men who want to be dominated are going to flock to you.

None of those sensitive men feel like they could ever satisfy you (and finding a man these days over 40 who doesn’t have ED to begin with is a challenge…as I’m sure you know).

Note: Dee sent a video over, that I can’t publish here…

In your video, you look like a sexy dominatrix,  and yet, when you talk, you feel VERY feminine to me, just as you say!

If I were you – I’d run an experiment.

And I’d video and write about it.

I’d put on a very real-looking shoulder-length at least blonde wig (or dye your hair or put heavy blonde streaks in it) with bangs and soft curls around your face, wear pink lipstick and lighter eye makeup, get lip “plumper” temporary, wear pink, wear a skirt, don’t accentuate your fabulous body, and learn to use ONLY Modern Siren Feeling Messages..

( I believe you use only supportive and feminine language with your professional clients? Or are they hiring you to be firm, dominating and masculine as well as the men you meet? So do that. You know: “You big, strong, man….”).

See what happens.

Show ’em the sweat-pants-and-tie-your-hair-back-girl occasionally if you feel like it – and I know it feels wretched to go out into the world looking not how you feel best…so try it this different way, with a completely different “outside.”

See if you attract a more masculine man by hitting all the “girl” marks – inside and outside.

You’re SO beautiful – this should be a slam dunk for you.

Being competent brings you many things.

And it ALWAYS brings less competent men.

SO – we have to find other ways to express vulnerability.

Men cannot see it unless they feel it – so they’re just going by what they experience on the outside.

I also think nearly any one of my coaches might be a good match for you. Here’s the link to Siren Circle->

Love, Rori


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