For The Love Of Joy: How To Turn Pain Around From Coach Jacqueline Rozette

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Here’s a lovely, one-of-a-kind Tool – almost a powerful meditation – based on Faith that you can tailor to yourself, and use right now, from brilliant coach Jacqueline Rozette:

“Yesterday, someone said to me, about me, that through all my pain and painful experiences – I still insist on being happy.

That is it exactly.

Like a light bulb moment for me.

So much of my life, I heard things (not necessarily in relation to me) like: It’s not good to mask your feelings.

And that is true.

But I remember fearing at times, between the ages of 28 and 50 that if I started crying, I might never stop crying.

Really, truly feeling that way.

So apparently, what I did is: I chose joy over fear.

Or, maybe joy in spite of fear.

This is a simple change in perspective.

Instead of beating myself up for “masking” all those feelings all those years, I chose joy. (I realize this is simplistic, but it’s pretty right on.)

And now I realize that Oh how some people tried to beat it out of me.

I refused to let go of believing in the goodness around me, for me, in spite of me.

My God kept showing up. (People have different experiences with the God of the Universe, so when I refer to My God, it is The God that I have experienced in my life and my relationship with Him.)

But it didn’t come naturally.

I had to absolutely and completely put my hand in the hand of Him who I trusted completely to pull me/guide me through whatever situation I was in.

And He has rewarded me greatly for that trust. Because all my trust is in Him now.

That is the greatest gift.

Now I get to work on recognizing the feelings.

Now is the time.

He has guided me in this direction.

People, places, things.

I don’t know the plan, I can’t see the weaving, but I know that I am dressed in beautiful robes of grace, granted by Him.

I am humbled.


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Love, Rori

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