Free “Attract The Right Man” Online Event With RRRCT Coaches and Love Summit Superstars!

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Hi, I wanted to let you know about this completely freeAttract The Right Man” video “love summit,” because FOUR of my great Certified Coaches: Helena Hart, Megan Weks, Shahrzad and Mariah Grey will be speaking!

You can see and hear ALL the free video interviews here–>>

If you’re considering becoming a Rori Raye Relationship Coach, know that, like Helena, Megan, Shahrzad and Mariah in this letter to you, you’ll be truly supported by me in following your dream…

Helena Hart is my official “protege,” and she teaches several classes with me, including RRRCT Coach Training. She’s brilliant, and you’ll want to hear every word she says.

Megan Weks is a great Rori Raye Certified Coach in NYC, who’s proving, every day, in her own life and the lives of her clients, that you CAN meet and marry a GREAT man – because SHE did it,  and her clients do it, in the hardest city of all – New York.

Shahrzad is an amazing, smart, and gifted coach who’s also the sweetest person you’ll ever want to be around. Just by watching her, you’ll feel inspired to be confident AND “soft” all at the same time. Shahrzad’s gathered a huge personal coaching practice and Facebook following, only months after graduating Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training.

And Mariah Grey has captured everyone around her with warmth, emotional depth, completely non-judgmental and loving support, and new “Turnaround Tools.” From her own life experiences, she’s created a “Write Your Own Love Story” method that can change your love life quickly.

Here’s some more info about the kinds of help you’ll get free at the Summit – which is set up to help you STOP attracting and being attracted to “Unavailable Men”:

If you have a pattern of attracting men who:

DO NOT commit
DO NOT make you a priority
DO NOT connect with you emotionally or talk about feelings
DO NOT work out issues with you
DO NOT fulfill your wants and needs
DO NOT make you feel deeply loved, safe, secure, happy, or fulfilled
You’ll want to show up for Helena, Mariah, Shahrzad and Megan’s interviews – and some of the other Superstar guests like Arielle Ford! Watch and listen here  (it’s all free)–>>

Note From Rori: The event is completely free to you…AND – from me personally to you – I know there’ll be newsletters you’ll receive and things you can buy once you’re on the Summit, that’s how they work. I’m not about getting you into that, unless you find someone or something you love there.  So, please feel free to unsubscribe from the Summit list once you’ve gotten the information you need – and if it’s helpful to you – stay with it! I’m a huge fan of so many women on the panel, I’ll be tuning in myself, and there’ll be lots of bonuses and free things to download…

**AND ** If  you’d like to be a successful life and relationship coach like Helena, Megan, Shahrzad and Mariah, appearing on “Love Summits” and being mentored by me, go here to learn how you can be a professional coach, trained in RRRCT (Rori Raye Relationship Coach Training) by August, 2018:

Love, Rori

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