From Anger To Love – Learn How to Use Your Rage, Frustration and Resentment To Inspire Him To Love You More Deeply

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Hi, It isn’t easy to feel loving towards a man when you want to hurt him.

Literally, throw him down a ravine, knock him over, beat on him. And worse.

If you’ve never been that angry at a man, I ask you to check inside yourself again.

This kind of murderous rage sits seething inside everyone of us (this is why we read thrillers where OTHER people – made-up characters – do violence).

And the moment we get even a whiff of that rage inside us bubbling up, we usually quickly judge it, instantly feel aghast that this has come from us, and squelch it as quickly as possible.

We stuff it down a long tube, deep into the ground of ourselves, hopefully never to be seen or heard again.

Only – it doesn’t work that way.

The rage comes up again anyway.

Over and over and over.

And here’s where you become a “Warrior Woman “-

– in the brand new, one-time-only From Anger to Love Masterclass – live with Rori Raye! Just go here to work with me on Sunday, June 2nd, learn a whole new way to deal with the amazing force of RAGE – and use it to motivate a man to WANT to get closer to you…

Every time we get triggered, we begin to think down the same rabbit hole, and end up in the same hurt, frustration, bewilderment and despair.

And, because, often, the only way out of that kind of hopeless, helpless feeling is anger – we end up blowing like a volcano, spewing hot lava all over the man we love, or want to love.

If we’re not spewing, we’re just getting better and better and faster and faster at stuffing the rage down, so we can truly believe those feelings don’t belong to us.

The thing is, when we’re feeling bad, often, rage is a grand power for getting us up! 

Waking us up. Getting us eating. Getting us walking around, getting us planning. Getting us moving again.

So – Rage is not your enemy.  It’s your friend.

It’s energy you can use – just in a different form – to get what you want.

If you shift the “form” of how you use it – to a totally feminine energy way – you’ll begin to feel most happily yourself, and, amazingly get what right now seems out of reach and impossible.

So – the big questions are around the “HOW???”

“How in the world can I do anything “good” with the anger I feel?” “He won’t even listen to me!” “He won’t change…” 

I’ve heard it all. I’ve even heard myself think all of those thoughts.

The problem we have starts with our “WANT.”

We think we want a man to DO something, or DO something differently, or just DO it more.

Really, we just want to feel something.

We just WANT something, and that thing is always a feeling  We may believe we want a thing, or an action, or an experience – yet,we only want those things because they seem like the most convenient, clear “package” of delivery to get us those FEELINGS we want to feel. Love, excitement, ecstasy, happy, proud, full of life…

… We don’t care how or why he does it, or how it gets delivered to us – we just WANT!!!!

And it’s this WANT that we need to focus on first.

Once we get clear on this WANT, and see how it’s connected to a really deep, core, basic, important NEED we have as a woman – then we can move to the next step.

To learn how to unravel this, and to present yourself and your FULL, fiery, completely uncomfortable and out-of-control feelings in a way a man can not only hear, but that will permanently change your relationship with all men, join me on Sunday, June 2nd, at 9am PDT (11am CDT, 12 noon EDT, 5pm England, 6pm Paris…) and learn how to change everything From Anger To Love.

When you want something, you’re not getting it, and you feel really, really angry – it feels like you’re slogging through a bad dream. The one where you can’t find your shoes, there’s no telephone, and you need to get a message through NOW to save yourself.

Anger feels so much better than sadness and despair – it’s a natural place “to go.” But if we don’t know what to do with all the anger – it just ends up making the bad dream worse. You get stuck even deeper.

What you want is to turn all that rage into love – and I don’t mean just love from YOU – I mean love from HIM!

This applies to ALL your interactions – with family, with a boss or co-worker, with a man you’ve just met (who’s already doing something “wrong” – or your husband of many years. You can change the entire dynamic of all your interactions with men (and masculine energy women, too) and simply be astounded.

It’ll feel like a completely new idea.

This is how the From Anger To Love Masterclass will go once we begin on June 2nd:

1. The moment you sign up and login, you’ll have the 10 Steps From Anger To Love Workbook and “Cheat Sheet” I’ll be leading you through.

2. We’ll meet by video Zoom, and I’ll begin by talking you through all the 10 Steps…

3. As I go, I’ll take your questions from the Zoom chat screen, and work my way through them, going deeper and deeper into this methodology.

4. I will then open the floor, and live coach 3 participants (if you’d like to be coached, please let me know as soon as you enter the Zoom call, or in the chat box) with real, scary, huge ANGER towards a man or ALL men.

5. After the class is over, you’ll have access to the video recording.

In August, we’ll do a follow-up Anger To Love class, so we can talk about how this methodology has worked for you personally, and add this video to the program.

All this for $97. By coming to the Masterclass live, on Sunday, June 2nd, you’ll get to ask your questions, tell me your situation, and get a personalized way to use the Steps. You may even be one of 3 women to work with me one-to-one.

I hope to see you and here’s the link:

See you there! Love, Rori


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  1.  #1Kim on June 17, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Your Love Scripts for Relationships is helping me and reminding me how to speak to him without judgment and without harsh words or making him feel defensive, so thank you. I am, however, still stuck that even though he says amazing things and when we are together it’s wonderful, but 4 times he’s made grand gestures (staying the weekend with him) , all of the sudden he never gets my texts and/or calls. It’s odd that that is the only time that our communication completely becomes non existent. Backstory: he lives/works out of town 4-5 days a week. We’ve previously made the deal to take time off the table as to relieve the pressure we both felt and to relieve the disappointment when it doesn’t happen. We text almost daily. We have both professed that we’ve fallen for each other and that we would never find anyone like each other. I guess I’m just stuck at what do do when he makes grand gestures and never follows through, yet can’t leave me alone either. He’s been the one driving this relationship. I’ve let him do all the work. I respond, but he’s the one initiating almost everything.