From Anger To Love With Wonder Woman’s Help

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You’re standing with a man you like, or love, or can’t stand at all – and you’re feeling angry.

We’re using the metaphor and imagery of Wonder Woman here, to make it more fun and easy – so let yourself imagine Wonder Woman’s choice’s, feelings, thoughts, if she were here experiencing what you’re experiencing right this moment.

She’s automatically processing (because it’s her nature to process this way) – and let’s say her first feelings, like yours, are rage…yet, they then go to a different place, to what she Wants, and the Love she feels in a powerful way:

“I’m just loving people, myself, who I need to protect, and everyone around me and everything, and life in general and power, and I’m going to “move” for that. I’m sorry, I have to fight you, I may have to kill you. That feels terrible and sad.  And yet, I can’t let you hurt this other person.”

Very different than, “How dare you? I’m just going to get rid of you…”

And if you’re anything like me, you have that “How dare you? I’m just going to get rid of you…” feeling all the time.

Bash, rash, get out of my life.

This is what is killing our lives and our relationship, and guess what: diminishing our power.

If you want power, you want to get on the Love train.

You want to imagine how Wonder Woman did it, and step into that frame of mind, where your “Want” for genuine, deep Love becomes the mental, emotional place you “go to” – after processing ALL your feelings.

And then your masculine energy “Action” comes from that Feminine Energy place of “Love”.

No matter what that looks like or sounds like.

You are Wonder Woman, and as you learn to put the Love You Want ahead of your genuine, totally righteous anger, judgment, frustration, disappointment, hurt and when you’re expressing your feelings and asking for what you Want

Love paints everything with Love.

Think of Love as a big brush.

It just paints everything.

From everything I’ve already described, if your man’s standing in front of you and he’s doing ridiculously dumb things and saying dumb things, your brain will tell you that you’ve judged his dumb.

If he’s saying things that make you feel this way, right?

That’s not a judgment.

He’s saying things and you’re feeling this way.

That’s part of being present!

You’re already on the Love train if you do that.

The next steps have to do with the words you use, once you arrive at your Want, instead of all the other feelings that crop up way before you start to dive down into and feel the Love.

When you start talking with a man by beginning with what you Want, rather than what’s just happened that you DON’T want – everything changes.

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Love, Rori


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