From Chaos To Inner Peace – Video

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The Question:

Why are you talking so much about chaos lately Rori? Feeling chaotic doesn’t feel peaceful to me. You used to say peacefulness was a sign of being on the right track. I don’t generally feel chaotic, and I feel drained by chaotic people. Can I give myself permission to get away from people’s chaotic emotions if they feel exhausting to me? Stephanie

My Answer:

Stephanie, Oh my gosh! Very absolutely yes!  Whenever you don’t feel comfortable, step back!!!!
These videos are about solving chaos by not fighting it, by diving into it, by accepting it as a crucial step in gathering information and accepting emotions, by sinking into it.

EXPRESSING chaos is completely different from FEELING the chaos swirling around.

You do not need or want to express the chaotic emotions in old patterns and ways (this is what the Tool “Riffing” is about solving, and how it solves everything using The WANT Process)

Once you accept all the emotions swirling, once you love the chaos, it turns into peace!

So sorry if the steps don’t feel complete, it’s an “inner work” process that works fast for me!

And the first step is always to Fall In Love with the emotional chaos you may be experiencing.

Otherwise, you end up always in masculine energy, damping down or rejecting some of your emotions, and trying to lay order on everything.

And – the people spewing chaos….this is interesting.

See if what throws you off is your reaction to what they say and do, rather than their energy and the words themselves.

And then, if you’re stuck with them at an event, or at work – just step away from them when you want to – go to the bathroom, find a little nook at your desk, etc….

And – are you plagued by the “nice girl” thing of being afraid you’ll be rude to them?

I know that feeling.

And the more stress you put on yourself trying to fend off what you feel in reaction to other people spewing, the more likely you are to accidentally spew back on them!

Love, Rori

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